Modern Freedom (part 2)



for a stranger on foreign soil and to add to that we had a stolen van parked right in front of the cafe you could smell trouble in the air

We drove to the nearest city which was a short distance away, as we parked outside a cafe my friend told me he wanted to meet a fixer to help us arrange for the next part of our journey. He had made a call to him while we were on our way into the city and everything seemed to be going well.

I was not settled in that cafe waiting for a stranger on foreign soil and to add to that we had a stolen van parked right in front of the cafe you could smell trouble in the air but my friend always found the right words to settle my nerves. It was after twenty to thirty minutes of waiting when the fixer showed up looking very suspicious and a bit rushed. He sat down and had a quick straight forward conversation with my friend, and then as he had arrived he left the cafe leaving behind two brown envelopes.  When my friend was about to open one of the envelopes l saw our van being towed away. I was worried but my friend whispered,

’’ It’s a good thing they took it away without the police otherwise we could be running right now.’’  

As we walked out of the cafe l asked him why he had two envelopes was l part of the plan all from the start? It would be strange if l was a part of it since l had not stayed in the camp for that long.  That’s when he told me about his friend who was suppose to run away with him,

 ‘’ we had planned this for a long time but my friend became impatient so he tried to jump on one of the England bound trucks, all l can say is that he did not make it so now don’t be impatient it is your chance make it count.’’

 I ran out of words after l heard the tragic story it felt like l had a million thoughts a once. When l switched back to reality we were going down some stairs at a train station, my friend took the envelopes he gave one to me and opened the other one.

There was about five hundred Euros in my envelope and a train ticket to the south coast of France that is where l would find my freedom. I was so happy but I tried not to show it off I still had fear inside, the thought of meeting the van driver was eating me up. The only comfort l had was that l would be out of this city soon and my friend would be with me he would know what to do if anything went wrong.

We approached the train platform and sat down since the train was a few minutes away. My friend then said

 ‘’The south coast is your new home if you use this money properly you will be able to survive until you get a job, when you get to the town market look for a guy called Beef and tell him where you came from he will help you with the rest of your travel.’’

 I was about to ask why l would be meeting Beef alone when my friend showed me his train ticket. The destination was Berlin or had l read the wrong part l was not sure so l took the ticket and yes he was going north while l was going south. My eyes popped out as my body froze for a moment. I looked up at him like a sailor on the open sea bracing for a giant wave to swallow his tiny boat. He smiled taking back his ticket my hands could no longer grasp.

 ‘’Don’t worry my friend Beef is just like me he always helps people like us since he came from the same position we are in, I will call you when l get across the border remember to switch on your phone.’’

I wanted to ask him so many questions at once but the words could not come out, all l could do was to watch him walk off up the stairs then across to the next platform.


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