Davey has one dream. To play football. But Dreams can be snatched away. A life can change irreversibly. Davey will need reserves of strength to overcome a life changing event.


Chapter One


Davey had just one last level of Smash Blocks before beating his all time record. His hair was plastered with sweat. He pushed a stray strand of brown hair from his forehead.

Wiping his free hand in his jeans, again, he flexed his fingers then curled them around the pad.

Unpausing, he tapped the pad as the ball rebounded way too fast. Davey almost mistimed the hit the paddle almost missed the shiny chrome ball but he recovered well. The ball flew into the coloured blocks. They disintegrated in glorious and noisy fashion.

"Yes!" Davey threw his arms up in the air.

The on screen message read:


Level 29 Complete


Davey wiped more sweat from his forehead. All he needed to do was complete the last level.
He wiped both hands on his jeans, took a sip of cola, and pressed the continue button.

"Davey, I need you a minute." Karyn said.

"Aw, mum," he said pausing the game. " I was just about to get top score."

"Mister Davey Barnes, you can top score after you've run an errand," his mum said appearing at the bedroom door.

"Errand," he said, "you mean go to the shop?"

"Obviously," she said. "Milk and a bottle of pop."
She held out a list and the cash.

"I suppose haughty knickers is far too busy," he said.

"Your sisters out so, that leaves you."

"Rose never runs errands," he sighed. "I'll be back in a minute."



For once the English summer didn't involve rain or damp or even a chill. It made Davey wish there was a match on. Sutter's Mill Rangers was his favourite team, Sutter's Mill Academy was who Davey played for. But he'd have to wait another week before the inter-school cup began.

He walked through the park. He saw Terry and couple of his friends having a kick around.

"Davey," Terry called out, "you up for a game?"

Davey jogged a little way over. "Yep, you know me, but errands first," Davey shrugged.

"Boring!" Terry said.

"Level 30 on Smash Blocks ain't," Davey smiled.

"You still on that game? You wanna join up with us lot on Rage Walkers."

"When I've got the top score on Smash Blocks I'll show you how to deal with zombies," Davey grinned.

"Modesty, it's always been your best quality."

"See you in a bit Terry."



Karyn was making ham and cheese toasty sandwiches when the smoke alarm rang out.

Beep..beep.. beep...

"You...little," her words were drowned out from the increasing pulse of the alarm as she frantically waved a tea towel at the circular device in the vain hope that the noise would stop.
It didn't.

"Rat bag...thing!"

On tiptoe she reached up for the stop button.
The pulse turned into a ringing. It was just as urgent sounding. She frowned at the smoke alarm then realised the sound was the doorbell.


"Hang on, hang on," she called out as she made her way to the front door. "It'll drop off."

She opened the door.

Terry, flushed red and gasping for breath, flapped his hands. Those hands said it all.


"It's...," Terry gasped, "Davey..."


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