Car Completed, Ready to Drive



Second part of my cross stitching project.

It's not been an easy stitch because I chose too similar colours. But from experience I know that the more difficult it is to stitch, the more likely it will look good. I think it does, I'm pleased with it, considering, if you see my previous post, I went wrong several times.

Most of my charts I take from cross stitch magazines, scan and upload them to Dropbox. I have them divided into folders — cars, animals, household items, houses, etc. When I needed a car, I went to have a look to see what was in my stash. This one came from a magazine called Cross Stitch Cards and I uploaded it 4 years ago according to the folder information.

It's probably taken me a couple of weeks to stitch and that's just the odd evening. I'm about to start on a red car which will be on the same square of aida fabric. 

When I sort out the colours, I shall make sure I don't make the same mistake with the colours this time!



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