The Harsh Reality!



The day she understood what made her happy and brought hope to her life, was the last day of her life!

As she sat in the front seat of her car, she kept thinking how far have I come? What have I made of myself? I am the biggest, baddest fish in the sea and yet I am not at peace. What is happening to me? This is what I wanted all my life and now that I have it, I don’t seem to relish it anymore. Oh forget it Natalie, told Natalie herself, you are the best and very few can reach the dizzy heights you have achieved in your life. You are rich and famous, people want to interview you, read you, listen to you and know you and you are still thinking about what has happened to you! Come on; don’t think about Liam or Rogers, both of them were jerks who just wanted to use you so that they could be in limelight too. Look at yourself, you have won the Oscar second time in the last five years and there is no one who could beat you in the industry. Celebrate the big win my dear and let people go to hell.

She drove past the glittering lights, the flashes of cameras and the people and reporters who surrounded her Land Rover. While her mind was telling her that she should enjoy her win, her heart kept taking her back to the old days and the price she paid to achieve these heights. I was such a simple girl, I did not want all these things unless Liam left me for that crazy female who wanted to be an actress and played all her tricks on him. Why could not he see how much I loved him? Why could not he see the beauty in me? Why did he leave me for that female? Forget Liam, why did my parents force me to be someone else when I was so happy in my small world? Life has been a roller coaster ride since then. If Pa would have understood that I was not another Business deal; and did not force me to marry his Business Partner’s only son, I would have been so happy. I would have been with my family today and we all would have been celebrating this big win, mom would have been so proud. But what would she be proud of when I will tell her that I slept with the 70 year old producer to grab this opportunity? And what could I do; my career would have gone for a toss if I could not get a movie. To my luck, this one fetched me another award and people are going crazy now. These are the same tabloids and reporters who were claiming that I was the most irritable actress on the planet and that I should be banned from the industry and these are now saying that there is no better actress than me. What the hell is happening to the world and people? Why are they so lame? Why don’t they have any integrity left? What are they doing with their lives and forcing us to do with ours? Why am I doing all this? I will give up my career and live in country-side; I have enough money to live a peaceful life. I can even adopt a child, maybe I can make difference to atleast one life and maybe that can bring hope and happiness back to me.

Amidst the dark and solitary roads, Natalie took a right turn without even realising that she was driving at 140kmph and there was another heavy-load vehicle just ahead that she ended up banging. It was the last day of her life.


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