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This is a sci-fi story I've been working on. In talks to get it published. This is a rough draft.

‎03/‎15/‎16 S.P.A.Z. Secret Police Assassins of Zinn
So I was sitting at my computer one night. A dark and stormy night by the way. Lightning crashed and I could see a figure leaning against my window. All of a sudden the figure moved and I heard knocking. I got up and went to the door. I looked through the peephole and saw a man standing there in the shadows. Cautiously I cracked the door open.
"What can I help you with?" I said. The man leaned close to the door. "Can I come in out of this rain?" I hesitated for a moment, didn't recognize his voice. "Okay sure." I opened the door all the way and saw that the man was wearing a black duster and black boots with spurs.
"I don't want any trouble," I said. The man stepped inside the room and I could see as he moved that he wore a gun belt with two holstered silver pistols.
"Whoa... Ummm..." I muttered. The man looked up and flashed a grin. In that brief moment I could have sworn he had fangs.
"Mind if I take a load off?" He asked. "Ummm sure." I pointed to the chair beside the door. The guy was dripping wet. I didn't want him anywhere near the couch. The guy sat down and shook rain off of his duster. He huffed and leaned back in the chair eyeing the room.
"Mind if I have one of those?" He gestured to my cigarette still smoldering in the ashtray.
"Nah I don't mind." I went back to my computer desk and pulled the chair out and handed him my pack of Decades. "Menthol," I said. " t's all good" he said and retrieved one from the pack.
"Need a light?" I asked. "Nah got my own." He pulled out a shiny silver lighter and cupped his hand over the flame. "Thank ya." "No prob."
I sat down and picked up my own half-gone cigarette. I deeply took a drag and leaned back in my chair. "What you doing out in this kinda weather?"
"I'm on a mission from God." I chuckled. "Been watching the Blues Brothers? "
He looked at me, dead seriousness in his eyes.
"What is your name?" he asked.
"Sean," I answered.
"Surname?" He scowled.
"Miller," I said. The man spat. "Yer 'bout as ugly as homemade soap!" He said. He leapt out of the chair lightning quick and drew his pistols. "This is for Annabell!!!" He shouted and raised the guns to fire.
Just then the door flew open. A tall man in a tan trench coat and brown felt fedora burst into the room. This new guy was brandishing 4 pistols. One in each hand. The four-armed man shouted, "Get down Sean!!!"
I dropped to my knees. The man in the trench coat started shooting at the first man who ducked into the hallway for cover. After a barrage of bullets and echoing gunfire the four-armed man yanked me to my feet by my collar and said, "Outside now! Car's waiting!" I scrambled for the door and looked back at where the first man had went. He was reloading his guns. I ran through the door into bright headlights. The driver gunned the engine and I ran for it. I got to the car and the back door flew open. "Get in!" a voice came from inside the car. I got in. I didn't have to wait long till the four-armed man jumped into the passenger side.
The driver of the car peeled out in reverse and I noticed for the first time that the car's dashboard was lit up in neon lights of blue and red hues. We sped to the corner and turned down a side street. The car roared off into the night. I knew my landlord was going to kill me the next day.
"What the hell's going on?" I asked the four-armed man.
"You didn't recognize him? " He asked.
"N- n- no," I said, still in a state of shock.
The four-armed man turned to face me. He had a scar running up the side of his face and across one milky eye. "You should," he said. "You created him."
"That was David Kane. The vampire cowboy from your story, "Shadows in the Sunset."
"Aaaah," I said. "And that makes you Manley Stanowitz from my story, S.P.A.Z."
"In the flesh," Manley said. His beard stubbled, scarred face lit up.
"Okay, this is crazy. How did this happen?" I asked.
"Well, since you wrote me as a detective, I can tell you that it has something to do with a secret
government project and a haunted hard drive." Manley raised his hands and shook them as he said
"Whoa." "So that makes this — "
"That's right, Sean. The Dimension Hopper LX. Although I've made some improvements. Now it can go to alternate realities too."
"Dang," I said. "That's pretty nifty. What about David Kane? He will come after me."
"You wrote him in the old west. He doesn't know how to drive a car, " Manley said. "So we should be able to stay ahead of him."
"Why is he after me?" "You killed off his wife, Annabell, in the story you wrote."
"Oh that." I frowned. "Who's driving this thing?"
"Lori, the Bimbot. She teamed up with me to come save your ass." Manley patted her on the leg. "She's been a big help."
We drove all night and finally came to a motel. "We'll stay here today, " Manley said. "Kane is a vampire and can't travel during the day.
Inside the motel Manley and Lori explained in greater detail.
Manley sat in the corner with his lower arms crossed and lit up a cigar. "David Kane won't stop," He said. " You wrote him as a relentless bounty hunter." "Your writing brought him to life thanks to the haunted hard drive. Anything you write will become real. So you can write him out of existence. Just need to get you back to your computer."
"Okay," I said. "But I may just have an idea that might work." Manley raised an eyebrow. "I'll explain on the way back to my apartment. We should go in during the day. Kane will probably be sleeping."
"Sounds good," Manley said. "But first let's get a couple hours of shut eye."
Manley tipped his hat down over his eyes and crossed his arms. Soon his snores filled the room.
I crawled onto the bed and closed my eyes. Next thing I knew Lori crawled up next to me and started kissing me.
"Whoa don't do that." I said. She looked at me questioningly.
"I'm not about that anymore." "Oh." Lori pouted. "SORRY!"
"It's okay." I rolled over and went to sleep.
A few hours later Manley woke me. "We're ready to go," He said.
On the way back to my apartment I told Manley what I planned to do.
"Instead of writing Kane out of existence I'll write his wife Annabell back into existence."
"Ahhhh," Manley said that would probably make sense. Then Kane won't have any reason to kill you. Good plan."
"Thanks." We pulled up in the parking lot of my apartment. It was still early and the sun had just come up. Manley checked the door. It was unlocked. We went in cautiously and waited for something, anything to happen. After several moments it appeared Kane had left. Luckily my computer hadn't been damaged in the gunplay of the previous night. I thanked my lucky stars that we wouldn't have to mess with getting another rig going.
I sat down and began the tedious task of writing Annabell Kane back into existence. I'd have her survive the childbirth that had caused her death in my previous work.
"There that should do it," I said getting up from my desk. Now just to somehow get this to Kane."
"Leave it to me," Manley said. "I'll track him down." Manley left me and Lori in my apartment and went in search of the vampire bounty hunter.
Lori the Bimbot and I sat in my apartment talking. "So, what's Manley like?" I asked her.
"He's tough. He's a member of S.P.A.Z." ""Yes" I said. "The Secret Police assassins of Zinn."
"That is correct." Lori tried to come onto me again and again I rejected her advances. She was. after all, a robot made for pleasure.
"No! I don't think that's appropriate, Lori. Not only is there a pissed off vampire bounty hunter trying to kill me but I'm not even like that anymore. Plus the plumbing doesn't work that well. So I'm going to have to decline." She finally settled down and accepted it.
"Manley can really use your help. You have that reality changing hard drive and Manley has the Hopper. You two could do a lot of good across the dimensions."
"I'll think about it," I said. Lori smiled.
That night Manley came back with David Kane in tow. They came in and plopped down on the couch. Kane seemed like a completely different person from what I remembered of the night before. He had a grin on his face and seemed happy.
"Thank you, " Kane said. "You brought my sweet Annabell back to me. " He sobbed and offered his hand. I took his hand and sat down beside him. "You're welcome," I told him. "Bless the four
houses of Ghoti." He said.

A month later things had pretty much gotten back to normal. Manley had explained to me that the reason the police hadn't gotten involved was because he had pulled rank and made some phone calls. Lori was sad that I had refused her advances, but she understood when I told her I was above that now. I had explained to her that when we overcome our basic needs that we have all the time in the world to spend on loftier ideas and goals. She was satisfied with that explanation.
Manley pulled some more strings and got me a spot in the Secret Police Assassin's Guild.
So I joined him on his crusade. Our first mission was to investigate Iguana Joe's Diner. Iguana Joe's was in another dimension so it gave us the opportunity to use the Dimension Hopper.
Igauna Joe's was a slop house on the edge of the universe. So we had to commandeer a space ship to get the rest of the way. Apparently the Secret Police Assassins had received intel that Iguana Joe was using more than cow meat in his recipes. The "long pork" Manley called it. The other white meat. I assumed he was talking about human flesh.
When we got to Iguana Joe's diner the parking lot was full. We had come on a busy night. Patrons were inside eating, drinking, and being merry. I followed Manley into the diner. I was immediately amazed by all the alien species gathered there. Some were short. Some were tall.
Some had horns. And some had tentacles. There was about 30 beings gathered in the small diner. Manley made his way to the counter where Iguana Joe was working. Iguana Joe, true to his moniker, was a lizard-like man that stood about seven feet tall. Iguana Joe looked up and saw Manley making his way toward him. He rolled his eyes and flicked his tounge.
"What bring-s-s-s your s-s-s-sorry carcas-s-s back to my neighborhood," he said. Manley reached into his jacket and brought out his badge. He quickly showed it around and then put it back into his pocket.
"Official business," said Manley. He nodded to the kitchen.
"We need to talk to you in private." Iguana Joe walked nonchalantly through the door as Manley and I followed. In the kitchen a group of alien workers were prepping meals.
"S-s-s-scram," Iguana Joe said to them. They left out the back but waited in the parking lot.
Manley grabbed Iguana Joe's shirt collar and pushed him back against the wall.
"Now now," Iguana Joe said, "That's-s-s uncalled for." "Is it?" Manley said between clenched teeth. Manley tightened his grip on Iguana Joe. He frisked Iguana Joe with his free hands.
Manley relaxed his grip and stepped back. I walked up to them and stood next to Manley trying to look menacing even though Iguana Joe was a full foot taller than me.
"What this-s-s about?" "We've heard you've been serving human flesh in your diner." "Oh that," said Iguana Joe. "It was-s-s donated."
Manley started to take out his hand cuffs when Iguana Joe pushed him back a few steps and grabbed a meat clever off the counter. Iguana Joe raised the meat clever above his head. I instincively stepped between them and Iguana Joe brought the meat clever down full force cutting off my left arm at the elbow. The stub was spurting blood and I fell back into Manley. He caught me and Iguana Joe took off running for the back door. He disappeared in a flash of light.
"Damn, he's zoned!" Manley shouted. He then turned his attention to me. I was in a state of shock. "Don't worry buddy we'll get you fixed up." I blacked out.
The next thing I knew I woke up on a conveyor belt. A team of alien greys were attaching a new arm on me. The metal and flesh contraption slithered onto what was left of my arm and attached itself with sharp tiny hooks. I tried to move but straps held me down. I couldn't turn my head. Only look on in horror. After several minutes the procedure was over and the conveyor belt came to a stop. Manley stood at my side.
"How you feeling?" he said.
"Okay I guess."
"What is this thing on my arm?" I asked.
"A symbiotic entity. It's slightly longer than your old arm. It has heightened reflexes and a mind all it's own. After awhile of getting used to it you will be able to communicate with it verbally."
"You mean it will talk to me?!" "Yes," said Manley.
"Oh that's just great," I said sarcastically.
"You'll see," said Manley. "It will be a great asset." I flexed my hand getting a feel for the arm.
"So Iguana Joe escaped?"
"Yes. He skipped dimensions as he ran out the door. We have some men watching his diner though in case he comes back." Manley rubbed his beard stubble. "Maybe I should have dialed it back a little. You'd still have your arm." Manley tried his best to look humble.
"You think?!" I laughed. I finished unstrapping the rest of the straps and got off the conveyor belt.
"You know I had a dream like that one time. On a conveyor belt and they put my brain into a mechanical dog." I laughed. "That's not going to happen is it?" "Not anytime soon," Manley said laughing.
Later on we reconnected with Lori the Bimbot at the precinct. "Anything new on Iguana Joe? " I asked her.
"We think he escaped to his home demension," Lori said. "We're sending drones to look for him. That dimension's environment is harsh. Not some place you'd want to visit."
"Oh. Well keep us posted."
"I will." Lori returned to the stack of papers on her desk. She heaved a sigh.
"Oh, Manley wants you to meet him in the conference room."
When I got to the conference room I saw that Manley was already there. He sat with his arms crossed and feet up on the table in the middle of the room. The chief of the secret police assassins was also there. He stood against the wall and waited for me to take a seat. When I sat down and got comfortable the chief started talking as he paced back and forth.
"What were you ladies trying to prove out there? Thanks to your ineptitude Iguana Joe escaped. To which dimension God only knows. Now we have to use the good tax payers money to search for him. What do you have to say for yourselves?" Manley grunted. I leaned forward in my chair.
"We'll get him." Manley said.
"You'd better." The chief said stroking his graying mustache. "I don't want to use our precious resources chasing a petty criminal. So I suggest you two get back out there and do your damn jobs!"
"Yes, sir." Manley grumbled.
My left arm raised involuntarily with the help of the symbiot and flipped the chief the bird. I swatted my hand down.
"You have something to say, Miller?"
"No, sir." It's just my hand has a mind of it's own. Symbiotic organism and all."
"Oh. Well, don't let it get out of hand."
Manley and I left the room. Manley stopped me in the hallway.
"You can fix all of this you know," he said.
"How's that?"
"The haunted harddrive. You can write Iguana Joe as captured and even get your arm back if you wanted to. You have that ability."
"I don't even know what that thing is capable of. What if it's a monkey's paw sort of thing where everything comes at a price?"
"You owe it to yourself to at least think about it."
"I will. No big rush. I like to play the hand I'm dealt."
"If it were up to me," said Manley, "I'd rewrite this whole stinking place."
"There has to be a downside to it." I scratched my head. "Surely there must be some sort of checks and balances."
"How about this... How about you test it on something?"
"Okay that sounds good."
I went home that night and did some heavy thinking. What could I write with the haunted hard drive that would test it's ability? I decided to write that Iguana Joe turned himself in. I got to work the next day and sure enough Iguana Joe had turned himself in. There was no downside to it that I could fathom. It was all cut and dried. The haunted hard drive had worked.
"That was your doing wasn't it?" Manley asked.
"Yes. I wrote that Iguana Joe turned himself in."
"Nice job!" Manley patted me on the shoulder.
"I'm still waiting on a downside to this. It can't be that easy."
"Not as easy as the bimbot!" Came a voice from my left arm.
Manley laughed. "I see that arm is talking to you now."
"Yeah. It started just the other day. How do you get it to shut up?"
Manley chuckled. "You can't. It has a mind of it's own. But maybe you can negotiate with it?"
Later, over a game of chess, I confronted my arm. "You need to tone it down a notch." I told the symbiot. "You're going to get me into some serious trouble."
"All in good fun," the symbiot said. "All work and no play makes Sean a dull boy."
"Yesterday when you pinched Lori was the last straw."
"She didn't seem to mind."
"It doesn't matter. One more inappropriate action from you and I'll write my old arm back."
"Okay. Fair enough. I'll behave."
I apologized to Lori. She wasn't mad.
Manley and I took on another mission. It seems that an alien grey named Zim was abducted near Area 51 by rednecks and had been thoroughly probed. He was very distraught. So we brought in a few suspects and let him pick them out from a lineup.
"Can you identify the men who abducted you?" Manley asked Zim.
"Yes. I believe so." Zim said. He had no problem pointing out the men who had abducted him.
"I'll never forget their faces Zim said, crying." We escorted Zim out of the room and turned him over to the precinct nurse.
Later Manley pulled me aside in the hallway.
"I have an idea." He said. "You know how you can create people and things with that haunted hard drive?"
"Yeah. What about it?"
"I think we should go to the interdimensional casino's and try it out there. We could become very very rich." Manley smiled.
"Good idea. Let's do it."
So we went to the interdimensional casino and I tried out the haunted hard drive. It worked like a charm. We came back several thousand creds richer.
Lori tagged along with us as a good luck token. She wore a lowcut silver dress and sparkled like a diamond. I could see what most men saw in her. She was absolutely gorgeous. She tried to get me drunk that night. But I had sworn off alcohol a long time ago. That's a Bimbot for you.
Manley and I showed up for work monday in new Italian suits. We were dressed to the nines. Manley of course had to get his suit tailored because of his extra arms. The symbiot actually played nice on the trip. I almost couldn't believe it.
Back at the precinct Manley and I talked about winning the interdimensional lottery. That's where the real creds were. So we decided to use the haunted hard drive again. We used the haunted hard drive and won billions of creds. Manley upgraded the Dimension Hopper LX and added a time machine function. The possibilities were endless now. So many opportunities were presenting themselves that I needed time alone to think. So I took an extended vacation from work. I still kept in touch with Manley and Lori via email. They were missing me. I assured them I would return after I straightened some things out.
Lying on the couch watching tv my arm spoke to me.
"What should I do?" My arm asked me. "I have the hots for the Bimbot." I laughed.
"Well have you tried telling her how you feel?"
"No. I haven't." My arm said looking limp and sad.
"Well when we go back I suggest you let her know how you feel."
"I will," my arm said and slapped me a high five.
Manley called me the next day.
"How you doing buddy?" He asked.
"Doing ok. How are you?"
"I'm ok. Just needing you here at work. We have some problems to iron out."
"Well, I'm taking a break. I'll be back next monday."
"Ok bud." Manley sounded a little upset. But I was sure he could handle things till I got back. I took the rest of the week to think about things. We had the Dimension Hopper LX, the haunted hard drive, and now according to Manley the ability to travel through time itself. The thought of it all was overwhelming. So many things from my past that I could change now. Like spending more time with my grandparents before they passed. Or fixing things that had been out of my control before. One thing I knew is that I didn't want it to change who I am. I've seen a lot and been through a lot and it made me the man I am today. So I decided I'd curtail things just a little bit and take it slow.
At work on monday the first thing I did was to go find Lori the bimbot. When I found her I told her there was someone wanting to talk to her in private. So I held out my left arm and turned my head so they could have a moment at least partly alone.
"Lori, " my arm said. "How are you?"
"I'm fine." Lori replied. "What you been up to?"
"Oh just hanging around," my arm said with a chuckle. Lori smiled.
"There's something I need to ask you." The symbiot bolstered it's composure and went on about how he would like to date her. Lori smiled and said, "I'll think about it." I think the two would make a cute couple. I smiled to myself wondering what their dates would be like.
Then Manley ran up to me and tugged me into a side office and closed the door. "The hard drive," he said. "Is it in a safe place?"
"It's in my computer."
"Where's that?"
"At my house."
"No, no, no that will never do. We need to get it to a more secure area. The interdimensional syndicate is looking for it."
"I'll just thwart them with my writing," I suggested.
"Won't work," Manley said. "They have a haunted hard drive of their own and can cancel anything you write."
"Oh wow. That's not good. Have you noticed them making any changes?"
"Small ones. Mostly in their own dimension."
"Okay, let's go secure our hard drive," I said. Manley and I took the Dimension Hopper LX and drove to my house. Halfway through the drive Manley noticed a black sedan following us. "We've got a tail, " He said. So we engaged the built in time machine and jumped back in time thirty minutes. We got to my house shortly after I had originally left to go to the precinct. We were able to grab my computer and we took it to the precinct for safe keeping. Once we had the hard drive secured we began working on another mission.
Manley briefed me on the new mission. It seems a pack of rogue werewolves had kidnapped bigfoot. "Bigfoot is an undercover operative for S.P.A.Z.," Manley said. "His last mission was to spy on campers and make sure they weren't doing anything illegal."
Lori was going to join us on this mission. I figured it would give her and my symbiotic arm some time together.
First I tried to solve the problem using the haunted hard drive. But it had no effect. We are going to have to do this mission on foot. Manley, Lori and I went through the precinct's arsenal of weapons. Manley grabbed four glock 9mm's and Lori picked up a Berretta 9mm. I grabbed a sniper rifle. We also filled our clips with silver bullets and took some silver daggers and smoke grenades. Then we headed out.
The werewolves were holed up in an abandoned cabin in the woods. They had Bigfoot in the cabin with them. There were five heat signatures on radar. Four werewolves and Bigfoot. We were going to try to take out the werewolves before they even knew we were there.
We parked the Dimension Hopper and went the last mile on foot. When we got within range for the sniper rifle I hit the dirt and crawled a couple of feet on my belly. I checked the scope and saw that I had a clear shot at the two guards outside. Just then one of the werewolves caught scent of us. He started looking around but we were concealed in the forrest.
I took a deep breath and steadied the rifle. Slowly I squeazed the trigger. I got a clean shot. The guard I had targeted slumped backwards as his head exploded in a fine mist of blood. The second werewolf jumped to the ground and pulled out a pistol. I took a another deep breath and squeazed the trigger again. The bullet zipped from the treeline and hit him in the right eye. He went limp. They had both been in human form.
We advanced toward the cabin. Manley tossed a smoke grenade through the window and the werewolves came running out coughing. These two were in full wolf form. They stood on their hindlegs and were about seven feet tall. The first one through the door knocked away my rifle.
Manley already had his four pistols drawn and opened fire. A hail of bullets struck the werewolf and it collapsed in a heap on the ground. The bullet wounds hissed and smoked in a reaction to the silver bullets. The next werewolf through the door threw his hands up in surrender. Manley shot him anyway.
"Only good werewolf is a dead werewolf," Manley said spitting on the werewolf's corpse. With the werewolves taken care of we went into the cabin to check on Bigfoot. He was tied up in the corner. Thankfully he was okay. We untied Bigfoot and then took him to the precinct for debriefing.
I told Manley about trying to use the haunted hard drive and it not working. "Must be the syndicate," Manley said.

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