A recluse samples social media



Not sure about many things, but I know few are offended by "Thank you".

 Catfish aren't graceful, nor any too bright.

Whiskers, and a face full, sure scared me last night.

Again, wondering where I might find fresh fish insight,

and blundering some more, to deal with what's wrong and what's right.


 I have a good time but, I'm no kind of poet.

I just like to rhyme and think my fish show it.

To add my slimy grime to those here that know it,

I'll turn sublime on a dime and try not to blow it...

Kind, effervescent, iridescent, bubbling grins of "Thanks!" to Dmitry, the Scrigglers and the army of authors who ambushed my art on twitter.

Swim, SpLaSh! and grin! >-=^;>


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There's more where that came from!