Sky in the Stars, Part 1



Follow Skylar as she goes from medical student, to one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy.

24 March 2930

Earth, North Americas

Sol System


In an Earth university, a young woman sat inside a sterile white classroom as everyone was nervously tending to their exam. They were in uniform, students pushing to make it out into the space frontier as part of the military and expeditions. White, and gray were colors permitted to the females, while black and gray to the men. The room was quiet. The long lines of lights were patterned around the ceiling, the professor’s desk, vacant for the time, was but a giant white block as far as the students could see from their angle. The windows, electronically tinted, were thick enough as to not hear the flying vehicles zooming by, and possibly roaring their horns.

And there, in the center of it all was Miss Skylar Connor, daughter of two doctors who lent their expertise in the military and civilian sector, and the sole reason why she was in this classroom to begin with. Skylar’s dark brown hair fell to the middle of her back, pristine and recently cut. She stared at her exam presented on a thin glass data pad. Most of the answers were blank. She rested her face, elegantly covered in natural cosmetics, on her palm as she looked down with a blank expression. She knew no answers… or rather she did and second guessed herself. One thing she was sure of was that she was going to fail. Her palms were beginning to sweat as she gripped her data pad tighter. She crossed her legs, covered by a white pencil skirt.

The pressure was tangible. Skylar Connor, daughter of two renowned medical professionals would not live up to her parent’s glory… something she never wanted to begin with.  Skylar had already been picked on for her failures, shown up by other relatives, and teased by other women in her class that were jealous of her beauty. She never wanted this, but out respect and love for her family… she would at least make the effort. But time was running out. Skylar’s grades were mediocre at best. Even with the aid of tutors and the professor, who was a family friend, Skylar couldn’t bring herself to do nearly as good as the average student.

Suddenly, a pop-up appeared on her datapad: 1 Minute Left.

The clock minimized to the far right corner of the screen, ticking down every second which only appeared to get faster. Skylar was hardly done with her test, trying her best rush through what she had already started on. Then she began to question her answers. Her breathing quickened, her heart raced.

I’m going to fail... again.  Mom and Dad are going to kill me.

She was near on the verge of tears; the clock in the corner enlarged just a bit before counting down from 10. She had no time to do anything. She went over the answers she put down just to ensure they were correct before the screen turned gray. The exam was locked. The program window minimized and flew into the icon of the university. With a gasp, she watched as her exam disappeared. She was overcome with dread, removing her fingers from beneath her data pad and letting it fall shortly to her desk.

The professor walked in, a well-manicured gentleman with a box-beard, and short grayed hair. He clapped his hands with a smile on his face as he looked around the room. “Well, well, well! How was the exam everyone? Did you have fun?!” He asked sarcastically. He only received a groan from the students. “That’s what I like to hear. Enthusiasm! Now…” He took up his own data pad and began clicking a few things on his screen. “Since you’ve all been great little boys and girls, I’m assigning no homework tonight, but I will ask you to watch the video I’ve placed in your data pads. I promise it won’t be as gross as last time! Now, get out of my classroom. I’ll see you runts next time.” The class quickly emptied. Skylar was taking her time, her head lowered, and her hair shadowing much of her face. She took deep breaths and put everything in her satchel.

“Skylar?” The professor said, approaching her from behind, “You all right?” There was no response.  The professor placed his hand on her shoulder, “How was the exam?” Skylar immediately turned and hurried out of the classroom with a sniffle.

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