Davos Seaworth & the Three Sisters



Just a fun story (Fanfiction) of a possible happier ending where Melisandre is given a chance to make up for a horrible wrong she committed.

                                                   Davos Seaworth and the Three Sisters

     Wreckage smoldered across the fleet leaving wisps of smoke curling up from their broken hulks.  The Pirate Queen Alannys ran aground another smuggler fleet bent on sneaking contraband past her ever watchful gaze. “Another victory for the Pirate Queen” she shouted at the top of her lungs while waving her sword over her head when she noticed once of the hulks wasn’t as damaged as it pretended. “First mate… Prepare a broadside there is sneakiness out there”

     “Aye aye.. Pillow broadside ready”

     Alannys Greyjoy sighed deeply at her eldest sister, Lyanna Targaryen, she just couldn’t get into the spirit of imagination. Across the room, her younger sister Shireen Targaryen was not much better but her problem wasn’t imagination but her direwolf pup brought by their Aunt Arya.  Nymeria, Aunt Arya’s long lost direwolf had brought them a pup out of nowhere and Shireen and Aya, the direpup, had already bonded before her sisters realized what was going on.

     Lyanna Targaryen threw one of the pillows they had been using for cannonball with all the strength a four-year-old could muster only for Aya the pup to leap up and headbutt it out of the way. “They have a strong hull.”  The girl ran after the pillow upon noticing it had hit uncle Davos’ leg.  Their uncle usually stayed with them during their playtime as of late and they loved the stories of sailing he would weave about them before sending them to sleep.  Of late he seemed to be sleeping a lot and Lyanna had worried the pillow woke him from his nap but Davos didn’t stir from his place.  Perhaps he was dreaming of when he used to sail like Alannys’ mommy.

     Davos could still feel the chill of the night.  Victory, none of them had expected to survive the winter and while the season still marched on the real winter, the white walkers had retreated far to the north.  It would be a long time before their number would threaten the southern lands again.  Davos feared that the white walkers would become like the seasons, or the tides, flowing and receding threatening mankind all the way.  Some people, however, survived who should not have, or at least they should have had the curtsey to die saving the world.  Davos Seaworth stood outside Melisandre’s door his grip on his knife tightening and loosening as he thought about how poor Shireen Baratheon left this world, screaming in fear and burning.  Curse the woman for surviving the cold dark night while such an innocent girl was lost.  Now she had the nerve to summon him, well it would be the last time.

     Davos pushed open the door to the red priestess’ room, where she had sequestered herself after using so much of her magic to help the new Queen destroy the white walker army.  The room itself was darker than he thought it would be.  He couldn’t see as well in these last years in such low light so finally found the outline of Melisandre sitting at a table by the window.  It took his eyes a moment to adjust but something seemed wrong with her.  She looked like she had aged decades since he last saw her on the ramparts doing something with magic he didn’t quite understand.

     “I know that you may not agree to what I will ask a favor no less, but please consider.  This will be the last time I can ask, or will.  I don’t have the energy any longer.  I asked too much of the lord of light as it is. On the table by the door… please take it to the Queen. It may bring back something that never should have been lost.”

     Davos was too stunned to speak.  He never really understood magic even after all the times he saw the red priestess use her magic.  On the table stood a stag carved from wood, its eyes faintly glowing an eerie blue.  He picked up the toy feeling energy in it and he turned to Melisandre but all thought of revenge left him.  She sat there looking far more peaceful than she had a right to be looking at him with eyes that would no longer see.  She looked well over a hundred, the last of her hair shedding around her as whatever life or energy that was in her dissipated.

     Davos still wasn’t completely certain what happened that night.  Something not known to many was the fact that Jon Snow spent the night with Daenerys with Yara Greyjoy there as well.  Some rumor about the Queen not being able to have children.  Her closest advisors seemed to be the only ones aware of it or the extent of it.  It was when the queen became sick that something miraculous happened.  It wasn’t an illness she was expecting after whatever a witch woman did to her on another continent. She was weeping for joy, morning sickness.  From death and destruction came the three little girls he came to treasure as their favorite uncle.  As he opened his eyes he could see those three little girls curled up on the sitting chair with him by the fireplace that kept the cold he kept feeling more and more at bay.  Shireen, named for a little girl lost too early held onto her direpup while she stirred at him waking up.   She reminded him so much of Shireen Baratheon he was certain that is what the red priestess meant.

     Alannys took after her mother, Yara Greyjoy.  Before he might have questioned the arrangement they were planning before the red priestess put her toe in it, like usual, but at this point, he didn’t care really.  It was humorous to watch Alannys walk around claiming to be her sister’s Admiral of the marine ships that Yara had built up for the Queen.  Ships that now protected the seas as fiercely as a wolf mother protected its pups.  The days of plunder might be long gone, but it didn’t seem to bother Yara so much.  Nobody dared hijack a ship anywhere that Yara’s Iron fleet would get hold of him.  Better to jump into the mouth of a dragon, and certainly less painful.

     Lyanna tried to be so proper as eldest sister and future Queen of the eight Kingdoms but she still wasn’t able to pull it off very much when she got into as much mischief as her younger sisters. It was said she had Jon Snow’s hair and Daenerys' eyes and already she had the entire staff at the castle wrapped around her tiny little finger.

     Yara crept up on Daenerys while quietly watched from the door to the nursery as Davos and their daughters napped peacefully.  She could see the remnants of Alannys pillow ship and was certain that before long Davos would have them completely versed in sailing before they even stepped onto a ship.  She nuzzled the back of Daenerys neck whispering into her ears plans that she could already tell was turning Daenerys pink with heat.  For now, they would let Uncle Davos enjoy the peace he earned fighting for the eight kingdoms, they had other matters to attend.

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