Guardians of the Earth



This is about a girl who finds out that when her kind turns 16 they receive more then what they bargain for. After living in the human world for 16 years Nightmare finds out she's not a normal human or a normal Guardian.


There has been a war going on for millions of years, a war
that everyone knows about but chooses to ignore. A war that
which could determine whether the world could be plunged
into total darkness or stay in the light.
With Darkness winning, the Light knew it needed help
so with all that it had left, it created the Guardians—beings
with powers to keep the darkness at bay, and with help from
the animals, maybe win the war. But again, the Darkness grew
with power over the years and the Light again needed a new
being, one from both sides of the war, a Guardian that could
walk in both the light and darkness. I am that Guardian, born
to bring the world into the light, that is, if the darkness doesn’t
find me first.
Hi, my name is Nightmare. I didn’t know about my destiny
until I turned sixteen, because I was put up for adoption. My
birth parents died right after I was born. My adopted parents’
names are Bill and Mary Young. Bill is forty-two, works as a
college professor of art and Mary is thirty-eight and her job is
not only to keep the house but also to sell her computer skills
so she can stay at home. She works in her garden that she
has won multiple prizes for, she’s very smart but has always
wanted to stay home with her family. We live in Cheyenne,
Wyoming. I grew up in a four-bedroom, two-bath, three-story
home with a front and backyard, and my mom’s prize garden
on the side. My parents are average looking, Bill still has a full
head of sandy brown hair. He is about 6’1”, a little over 190.
He has a sharp nose with a pair of glasses that mom always
has to remind him to put on, the softest set of brown eyes, a
smile that could make anyone having a bad day smile back,
and the nicest guy you could ever meet. As for Mary, well,
she is 5’6” (can’t put her weight—even though she is small,
she would kill me), long hair that hits just below her bra line
and the color changes with the seasons, white blonde in the
summer and golden blonde in the winter, grey eyes with long
eyelashes (that I sometimes wish I had), and, well, Bill says
she is the model for Barbie and looking at her I could believe
it. She has it all but the legs. She didn’t get the legs.
Okay, now my turn. How to tell you what I look like?
I’m rather tall for my age. For a long time, kids would call
me names because I was quite a bit taller than them, but now
that the boys have caught up with me I’m not quite the freak
anymore. I’m 6’8”, long hair that is four colors, the main color
is black and the three others are purple, blue, and maroon. They
are like having my own personal highlights without getting
my hair done by a professional. I’m tan all the time, I have
black eyes, oh, and I was born with this weird birthmark on
my left hand just above my thumb—my initials, NM, in black.
I tell everyone it’s a tattoo just so I don’t have to tell them the
truth and be called a freak again. Some think it’s cool, others,
well, they still think I’m a freak. I go to high school just like
everyone else who is human. I’m an A or B student on my best
days and on my worst, just B. I don’t have any friends except
the nice old lady across the street that I’ve known my whole
life, and with all of that said, that’s where this story starts.
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