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“Do unto Others”

We often have experiences in our life that can be a reflection of our interpretation through others. In other words, we are quick to judge at a glimpse of our reality and diminish what we see people go through in life each day. It can also be a sign of a change in our conscious behavior desperately needed to evolve as a whole conscious nation to, “Do unto Others”.

Recently as I worked one night, I casually went through my shift and noticed a man standing at the end of a parking lot holding up a cardboard sign. He was an older homeless man at first sight with a sign asking for something and within my assessment of his nature seemed to be healthy. I was ready to make a right turn into the intersection as he stood on my right side holding his sign which caused me to have caution and avoid acknowledgement. However, it was his nature which grasped my attention enough to look back and read his sign which read, “Please Share.” I immediately thought that this was clever and felt as if he wanted some money of the sort.

As soon as I was taken back by this moment, I had realized that I was inside a shopping center. There was a few fast food restaurants and also a grocery store across the street. I felt a particular kind of way as if these people would judge this man in passing not even considering the simplest gift of sharing and throw away whatever they didn’t finish or want themselves. 

I quickly acknowledge this now gentleman around to me and asked him if he was hungry. I had myself received some pastries for free at the time early and also had a burrito I didn’t eat and was ready to dispose of it yet. With the most passionately and eagerly desperate voice as if a child running around the playground out of breath needing water he replied, “YES!”.

This was a moment that I could have felt a hundred times as if it was the first in my life. Just knowing that this individual was so hungry that he only needed his fellow man to kindly “Please Share.” This made me satisfied beyond repair that such a gesture could I present have a dire impact on what the majority of us take for granted regularly.

This interpretation can be an act of kindness in the humanity of given to others from now on based off the simplest idea of the form of our asking in need. So when someone so kindly asked of you to share from now on, please do.

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