Supernatural Anomalies



Explore the hidden unknown realm with me in my spell-binding short fictional stories, covering a vast topic of paranormal aspects in this supernatural domain. Among other things, some intriguing stories include murder and gypsy curses. Yes you will find all these mysteries and more in my 37 stories.

Short fictional stories about the vast mysteries of the unseen spiritual realm. The supernatural dimension is filled with unexplained enigmas and possesses many unravelled hidden secrets. Intrigued, mankind has always been drawn to the unknown… to this invisible world which displays both terrifying horrors and outrageous miracles. Curios, humanity delves deeper into the paranormal to explore it’s overwhelming super powers and abilities, which transcends our natural physical laws. It seems to have no boundaries or limitations. So join me in my journey as we investigate this mystical realm and try to unveil the surreptitious riddles, which it so often refuses to yield easily. Let us venture together and endeavour to find resolutions as I write my short stories about it’s many fascinating aspects.

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