A girl has trouble keeping her mind on one thing at a time

She could barely hold her thoughts in check, they always tended to scatter and run away, so far away that she could not reach them there. In these moments she lost all control, and the only solution was to do nothing and to let herself be taken away. Keeping her attention on one thing only was impossible at this stage, and she would fly on the wings of her imagination far away, and the weirdest thing about this flight would be that it felt so slow. They were moving fast that was out of the question but to her, it seemed that she was moving at the same speed at which honey is dripping from a spoon. Tring to recover her attention span she forced herself to look at one point and keep only one thought in her mind, but she could not chain down the monster that rushed her everywhere at the same time, ripping and tearing her apart like she was a page out of a copybook. This monster always came and killed her attention, but she fought, and she hoped, that one day it will go away, as eventually, everything goes away.

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