I saw Jesus, HE exists



He appeared in my bedroom when I was think about death.

Once, I was lying in bed, suffering with strong pains in the muscles of my body and my medical care center didn't want to give me the medicine to heal my sick, so I was down, very depressed and almost at the point of tears, I wanted to die, to disappear from this world, from the existence, those were my thoughts in that moment, however all of a sudden, something happened. I saw that one of the shadows that were being displayed in the wall of my bedroom by a lot of jackets that were hanging from a clothesline of wood that was there changed its figure that didn't match at all with the one of jackets.

It had turned to like the profile of a face that had like a long forehead, a pointed nose and a two small lips, immediately I realized that it looked like the Jesus face, however my feeling of sadness hasn’t come out yet of my mind, I turned my body right in the bed, to look at the wall that was right next to it and surprisingly in the shadow that was produced by my body that was also being reflected on these wall of my bedroom, it was the same single figure of the face of Jesus that I just have seen in the one that was right in front of me.

Then I kept at looking at it and I started taking a deep breath and began to relax myself.

Nowadays, I'm here standing in the platform of the world and I discovered that I was brave enough to fight against the injustices of my society with the help of our protector Jesus Christ  who inspired me to go further and achieve all my dreams.

Thank you Jesus, I will love you forever with every single cell of my body.

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