Untold Stories of Mr. Knot: Democracy 05 — Framework 03



Untold Stories of Mr. Knot: Democracy 05 — Framework 03 By: Khandker Habib Ahmed (All rights are reserved by the author)   (Consecutively after last section)               Mr. Kno...

Untold Stories of Mr. Knot: Democracy 05 — Framework 03

By: Khandker Habib Ahmed

(All rights are reserved by the author)


(Consecutively after last section)


            Mr. Knot, Kazi Habib, Gulshan and sister Simi came back to the living room from the balcony. Imrul had been sitting there all along gawking at the big TV screen. Obviously, he had to do so because of the breath-taking excitement stemming from the batting of the duet, Mahmudu and Ashfaque, when only two balls left and six runs are required. Right at that moment, Mahmudu, with his long extended hands hit a ‘six’ much coveted and with that ‘six’ Bangladesh won the game against incontestable Pakistanis.  Oh! What a jubilation it is, everybody is in a moment of rapture, as if the war of 1971 independence were happened here again. Fortunately, Mahmudu was there, the ultimate defender in this game of uncertainty, the Cricket. 

Mr. Knot: Kazi, please do not say those words, ‘war of independence in 1971’….Do not show

                 your excitement too much,…..know that ‘calm and composure put you in leadership’.

                Do you understand? Do not ignite the flame of anger in your contender, use skill to

                convince them.

Kazi: O. K., I will not tell it anymore….

Gulshan: Mr. Knot, you are right. We no longer need to talk about the war of independence

                in 1971. Rather we need to practice democratic principles and its values for any society

                to practice and raise the standard of living of the people. That is the real work, not it?

Mr. Knot: Yes, Gulshan, you’re right. We all have to practice democratic norms and values.

However, at the same time, we should know and let our next generations know the authentic history of the war of independence happened in 1971. This is because we achieved it in exchange for an enormous amount of blood and sacrifice.

(Brother Zakir and his wife, Mrs. Polinio, were overhearing our conversations from aside. Now, Polinio accosts us)

Polinio: Mr. Knot, what is ‘1971’?

  1. Knot: Ekattor, I mean ‘1971’ is “the year in which the people of Bangladesh fought against

               Pakistanis to press home their democratic rights….”

Polinio: Oh! O.K……..

Zakir: Mr. Knot, I will tell her in details later……

(In the meantime, Imrul and sister Simi has prepared their dining table with many items like fried rice, veggies, Hilsha fish fry with its eggs, fried bitter melon, Halim of old Dhaka, egg curry etc. for our lunch. It is an arrangement of about 20 people. Mr. Knot felt very happy in mind seeing his favorite item there, fried bitter melon and Hilsha egg). 

Mr. Knot: Oh my God! How did you do so many things sister…..? Can you tell me which item is

             my favorite?

Simi: I didn’t do too much, brother. I brought Halim from ‘Nirob’ hotel of Starling Avenue…and

            some Vorta (kneaded soft moist mass of veggies, fish etc.) with that.

Gulshan: Mr. Knot, I heard from your wife that you extremely like fried bitter melon. So, I told

            sister Simi about it so she could make it and she did. O.K., Mr. Knot, why do you like

            fried bitter melon so much? Is it not too bitter?

Mr. Knot: Oh Gulshan! Bitter has become sweet for me. All the bitters of my life have made

            over to sweets of my life! A great philosophy lies in here, as if something appears to be

            good when you say it ‘good’ repeatedly to yourself.

Kazi: Ah! Mr. Knot, why not you deliver your ‘sermons’ about democracy while we are eating?

Gulshan: Oh yes! Mr. Knot. You were telling then about some documents, attributes,

                        pillars…etc. in democracy, not you?

Mr. Knot: Yes, Gulshan, I’m gonna tell it, right now. I see that you are getting interest in it, not

                  you? You didn’t even think about these concepts when you were in position of State

                  Minister of the Government of Bangladesh, right?

Gulshan: I like your words…Mr. Knot. I told you……..

Mr. Knot: O. K., that’s good, Gulshan…. The ideal of democratic system is to pull out one good

leader out of many. However, it doesn’t happen always. For example, in American democracy, we see that leadership was in hostile treatment at times instead of tolerance, especially with the people of different color, religion and culture.

Gulshan: Then, how the good leadership will stand out?

Mr. Knot: I see that you are a ‘baby’, Gulshan. This is all about history; it is not the case now

                  there. First, they adopted a democratic system. They made some mistake and there

were struggles and movements by the opponents. They fixed or were bound to fix those loop holes. For instance, we could refer to the movements in the decade of 1960 Civil Rights Movements, in which Martin Luther King, Jr. played a gigantic role which is now an unforgettable part of history.

Gulshan: So, if we do not follow the real democratic system in our Bangladesh from now, the

same type of struggles and movements would start to cost probably many lives and properties.   

Mr. Knot: That’s what I told you, start practicing real democracy without delay. No engineering

will work. Power is not the great, great is human welfare for which practice of real democracy is essential. It can bring political stability, peace and security for the lives and properties of the people which are the pre-requisites for the overall development. Do you understand, Gulshan?

Gulshan: I understand, Mr. Knot. O.K., then, I will tell my party people about it. But….?

Mr. Knot: What is ‘but’ again…?

Gulshan: I along with my party people would no longer be able to practice dominance over

                others, right? Nobody will recognize us; they will recognize laws, rules and regulations

                 and that Mr. Democracy….

Mr. Knot: Oh! Do not weep, Gulshan. I told you earlier that your job will be to watch over them

if anyone violates the rules, punish them by the same rules. If needed, make arrangement of secret surveillance system. It doesn’t matter who recognizes or not. You have the power to arrest the violators under the same law. But please be aware of doing any wrong application of the law! Otherwise, you and your party people will not be spared. Is it clear to you, Gulshan?

Gulshan: Yes, Mr. Knot. I like you so much. No one told me so clearly like you in the past…..

Mr. Knot: Liking someone is not bad! I already told you it is not a sin, it’s a virtue….Let’s stop here today, long enough done....documents, attributes, pillars etc. of democracy will come up consecutively in our next conversations.  

 (To be continued)

[Disclaimer: A Few Words for the Esteemed Readers: The character(s)in this writing is (are) fictitious. They have no real existence. In addition, the main character, Mr. Knot, is merely an embodiment of a tough and complex knot whose scope of wandering is the entire world. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that whatever stems from the dialogues of these characters or their analytical breakdown is true for the most part and merits active reflection of the esteemed readers in light of the real situation. Again, either in the dialogues of the characters or in the events, at least an issue, petite or hefty, has been unfolded with its proper description, scope and in-depth analysis along with a signal for likely solution, if possible, to it. If any reader has a dissension, other opinion, comment or suggestion, he or she may please inform the writer by an e-mail message or on Face Book or skype. My skype ID is: Khandker.ahmed898. The e-mail address is: khandkera0565@gmail.com. Because the characters are fictitious, whatever the description or analysis thereto, there is no reason of contempt for any person or party.  Therefore, I request the valued readers to count all explanations or explorations herein as merely an academic pursuit or from a research perspective.   Thank you. Khandker Habib Ahmed, May 06, 2016, Bronx, New York]


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