The Fü King Parables: An Excerpt From Lightfoot's New Novel



Fü is an incarnated angel who sees into the lives of various people as he travels across the country offering healing in their romantic and sexual lives. Fu's story is not included in this section, just his response to the story of a young woman at the University of Kentucky.

The Wisdom of Sasha:  The French Soccer Team

Though my parents and extended family members are conservative and mostly evangelicals, I wanted nothing to do with any part of the Bible that said a woman had to serve or be submissive to her husband. I was smarter than any boy I knew in school, and there was no way I was going to serve any one of the men I observed walking around the world or acting like a buffoon on television or in politics.  I must’ve had thirty-thousand past lives spent serving or servicing men in one fashion or another, and I wanted no part of that in this life. 

It’s not easy being a rebel, a liberal, a scapegoat, a feminist, and a wild untamable child amidst those so ready to jump into judgmental scorn.  My family’s hatred is hair-trigger fast and feeling of disliked by your own kin, especially when you are nice and pleasant to them. They diminished my natural good spirit for a while, but now that I’m in college I don’t think about them often.  Since the first breath of air I took in this world, I was different from my family and destined for a life of greater freedom.  College is where I have come alive.  I seemed to know a secret at a very young age that the evangelicals didn’t know.  I knew I would have more fun than they ever dreamed of having, and I knew that wouldn’t suffer any great consequences. 

At college, I like to wear a tight fitting t-shirt that says, “No Limits for Women.”  This t-shirt lists women’s rights activists from Susan B. Anthony to Gloria Steinem. When I walked into one particular party wearing this favorite t-shirt of mine, I stumbled right into the middle of a beautiful group of Frenchmen in town for a soccer game.  They loved my shirt, and immediately picked me up and carried me around the party chanting, “No limits for American Women.”  One guy found an American flag and waved the flag at the end of the line of guys.

What started a playful flirtation around the keg, eventually turned into sexy banter between three of the sexist, tallest, most intense guys.  Looking at them made me a little weak in the knees.  However, being a feminist does not mean being a slut.  I could’ve had any number of the beautiful French soccer players.  I could’ve taken three of the loveliest ones up to one of the bedrooms and done things most of us have seen in pornography.  It would have been great to feel their hands all over my naked body and amazing to see their lovely bodies naked and completely into me.  I could’ve let them twist me around, portioning me in different angles, taking each of their cocks and enjoying the feel of so multiple hands all over my body.  

I could’ve had no limits in that way, but no limits sometimes means doing what you want in exactly the way you want to do it.  I kissed and made out with several of the guys in the darkness of the trees in the large back yard.  By the time, I found the one who was the perfect combination of a gentleman and an enthusiastic boy, I was already so turned on.  His deep brown eyes made him seem more than just a college athlete, deeper, more intellectual than the others.  His body was as close to perfect as a girl can imagine, and I rubbed myself against his strong thighs and touched his perfect abs.  He touched me exactly the way I like to be touched, gently fingering me and lightly rubbing my clit.  I came powerfully after only a few seconds.  My breath caught, and I could barely breathe for a moment.  He knew I came and smiled at me sweetly, though a little disappointed that he would not be able to see me naked later that night.  I didn’t fuck any of the gorgeous French soccer players, but I had a grand time at the party.  It was one of the best parties of my life.   I got what I wanted… an amazing, freeing orgasm, and just like men have been doing to women for centuries, I left the men unsatisfied and wanting more.

Fü’s Response:  I want Sasha to feel loved and not have this gaping hole in her soul from her parent’s and extended family member’s disapproval of her.  I sent her angelic guidance to show her how to nurture and mother herself.  I want her to feel safe and not feel the need to prove anything to anyone.  She is loved exactly the way she is whether she stays home and reads a book, studies hard, or goes to a party she is loved.  She is loved if she simply watches pigeons gather on the eaves of the library and makes up stories about these pigeons, lost in her thoughts.  She is loved if she falls for a boy and is safe enough to risk her heart in a real relationship.  

Instead of throwing herself into the fray and wildness of parties as a way to rebel against judgmental family members, I encouraged her to work for particular causes, possibly volunteering to help immigrants and displaced people from war torn areas find work and assimilate into the culture.  There are numerous causes that her family would roll their eyes at.  Meanwhile, she would be doing good deeds on the earth and rebelling in a helpful, nurturing way.  The rebel archetype is an important one and moves society forward, and that is the direction I see for Sasha. 

Fü’s Healing Statements:  May Sasha see beyond her image and test her strength to find her way in the world. May Sasha and all like her be instantly healed of all karmic wounds and all ancestral wounds.   May she be true to myself and experience the presence of God within herself.  May miracles be a natural part of her life.  May she accept her life purpose and allow her ultimate dreams and visions to come true.  May she and all others like her release the past and live in the now.

Take a moment to repeat statements in the “I” form:  May I see beyond the physical and be deeply in touch with my spiritual journey on this planet.  May I be instantly healed of all karmic wounds and all ancestral wounds.  I experience the presence of God within me.  Miracles are a natural part of my life.  I accept my life purpose, and I allow my ultimate dreams and visions to come true.  I release the past and live in the now.


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