The Sorceress's Secret. Part Five



Galen makes sure no one will find her, Kieran keeps her safe, Lylea goes on the run and Frisky helps out. In this part the kids finally get away or do they? Lylea leaves her life behind. Will Galen caught up? Will Lylea be safe and will Kieran be able to leave her behind?

Part Five

        That night while the prince and his people slept Lylea packed as Galen and Kieran made plans for her relocation.

        “She’ll have to take my horse and after they leave I’ll make my way to you with one of the ones outside.”

        “No we can’t let them know that there is someone else here and I won’t let you stay behind. No Kieran” Galen held up his hand stopping Kieran from arguing. “I’m going to stay here, she’ll have to ride with you and when time comes I’ll bring another horse for her.”

        Turning to Lylea Galen watched as she moved about the room in a nervous way, packing somethings she was going to need, and picking up others just to put them down again because he had told her she would have to leave many things behind.

        Kieran stayed in his corner scowling at the floor and thinking of a way he wouldn’t have to have her riding near him.

        Lylea picked up the picture of her and her parents standing in front of this house when they first moved in. Her mother had painted it wanting to give her a memory of the love she had for her daughter; now Lylea knew the truth.

        Abigail had painted many pictures for her but her favorite was the one of her, Frisky and his friend who had been killed so long ago. Putting both pictures in her bag she couldn’t help but to think that she would never see her home again.

        The tears she had been fighting all day came flooding out, she sat down, holding the picture to her chest, rocking herself in anger, sadness and so much pain.

        Galen took a step towards her to comfort her but before he reached her Kieran had already reached her. Shocked he watched as Kieran wrapped himself around her and she laid her head on his chest.

        Before he knew what he was doing Kieran was on the floor holding and rocking her trying to comfort her. Kieran heard the door and knew that Galen had left “sssshhhh everything will be alright.”

        Kieran waited until the tears had stopped and she had fallen asleep before picking her up and laying her in her bed. Moving her hair out of her eyes he said “only a couple of hours and then we have to get moving.”


        Galen gathered the things he knew they would need for the trip back, food, water skins, and a few things he had left behind to help with her training; which they hadn’t done.

        Hearing the door open he turned to see Kieran coming out with the girl’s bag. “She sleeping?”

        “Yes, I’ll wake her when it’s time to go.”

        “I’ve gathered what I can from the house, you’ll have to get the water from the stream we passed on our way here.”

        Kieran laid her bag on the table and sat down “is there any other way we can get her to the house without riding all the way there?”

        Galen rubbed his face, he was very tired and he knew what the boy was asking. Sitting down he looked at his apprentice “you and I both know that it takes a lot more power than we both have to send someone from one place to another. If I could I would’ve done it long ago and we’d have been here and gone before they showed up.”

        Nodding his head he asked the one thing that had been on his mind “are we going home?”

        “You’ll be going back after I catch up to you and I’ll be taking her to do some of her first training.” Kieran shook his head to show he wasn’t happy with this plan. “She’ll be dangerous and I can’t have you there while she tries to get herself under control.” Again he shook his head “Kieran I’m not telling you this as a master I’m telling you this as a man who loves you and needs to know you are safe. The power she holds is great but until she learns how to control it whoever is near her will be in danger.”

        Residing himself to knowing his master was right Kieran sighed “will you be taking her to the training house?”

        Galen relaxed happy knowing that he understood “yes, it is far enough away from any town but close enough that if we have to stay longer then I plan then I can go and get supplies.”

        Galen had a house on the west side of the continent in Weistrean where there was what people called witches and wizards. People who use wands (sticks of wood from old trees) to make magic.

        Unlike their kind who uses their minds and hands to draw symbols to make their magic.

        “If we stay there longer then I hope, I’ll send for you, you can come help and learn as well. But only if she is safe otherwise I’ll send you a letter telling you the situation.”

        “I understand” Kieran said in a low voice. His feelings were in turmoil, how can he have such feelings towards a girl he just met? ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

       Lylea woke and found herself in her own bed. Rising she could hear voices outside her door and wondered how long she had been out.

        Rising she went out “sorry for falling asleep on you like that, I didn’t realize how tired I was and crying takes a lot out of you.”

        Both men stood as she came to sit at the table with them “don’t worry about it, you’re going to need all the sleep you can get once we start on this trip you won’t get much.”

        “We’ve discussed everything and got what we’re going to need together. I’m going to check and make sure everyone is still asleep while you two go out the back door and make your way towards the woods. Once you’re far enough away and you’ve filled the water skins you’ll get on the horse and make your way towards my training home in the west. I’ll join you when I know they won’t follow and you both are safe.”

        “When are we leaving?”

        “Soon, as soon as I know you’ve everything you’re going to need and Frisky gets back.”

        “I brought your bag out and Frisky left for some reason or another. I was hoping we’d leave right after you got up but Galen said we’ve to wait for your pet fox before we go.”

        “He isn’t my pet he’s my friend and I won’t leave him behind even if that means waiting for hours” they didn’t have to Frisky came running in the hole George had made for him after she had saved him. Running up to Galen Frisky laid three more rabbits at his feet and ran back outside to come in with two fish. When Frisky had made his final run outside they had three rabbits, five fish, two fat wild birds and one small squirrel.

        “Well it seems Frisky knows we are going on a trip and wanted to add to the food supply” Galen laughed.

        “He thinks we’ll forget to feed him and he’ll go hungry” Lylea explained as she picked him up. “I would never leave you or forget to feed you” she said while rubbing Friskies belly.

        An hour later Galen made sure it was dark enough before he stepped out to check on the men.

        Kieran waited until he heard the front door shut and he grabbed Lylea and lead her towards his horse. Quickly he saddled and tied down everything that needed to be. Leading the horse away they made their way to the small stream, after filling the skins they walked another mile before they got on the horse and made a run for it.


       Galen walked over to the cook tent and found the man to still be awake.

        “They gone yet” he asked. “They just left and should be long gone before anyone wakes up.” Galen grabbed a cup and took a dip in the water, taking a big drink he watched as the cook cut up what he needed for that mornings breakfast. “I see you still have work to do. I’ll leave you to it” Galen set the cup down and turned to leave.

        “Don’t worry about it Sir I’m almost done and would enjoy the company.”

        They talked into the night and when Galen felt he needed sleep, he left him hoping the kids were miles away and that no one but the cook noticed.


        Riding into the night Kieran only stopped when the horse needed a rest or Lylea wanted to walk.

        Feeling they weren’t far enough away Kieran kept them at a steady pace “we have to keep going” he kept after her.

        “I know and I wish you’d stop reminding me, it’s not like I’ve stopped or complained.” Moving her bag to the other side to shift the weight she walked faster. Frisky who had been riding in the bag when they were on the horse choose to scurry around when they walked.

        And she hasn’t, she asked to walk when the horse was tired and not once did she say anything about the rough ride when they had to climb up hills or walked over rocky ground.

        “I’m sorry I just want to be away from here, it still feels like we’ve eyes on us.” She didn’t say anything, he looked back and saw she had her eyes down and was trying not to cry. “If life lets us we’ll come back here one day and you can see the house.”

        She sniffed and held back the tears “thank you”. Frisky wanted to comfort her but he stayed where he was because he also knew that she wouldn’t want it right now. She smiled at him knowing he was conflicted “I’ll be alright thank you.” Thinking she was talking to him Kieran smiled at her and nodded his head.

        Since the day she saved him she could always tell what he was feeling and she thought he could feel her as well. He was truly her best friend and she loved him so very much. 

        Midday they had found the spot where Galen had wanted them to wait for him. Making camp inside a cave was different then making one out in the open.

        “We won’t need the tent, but we’ll need water for washing and cooking. Why don’t you gather timber for the fire and I’ll search for the lake Galen told us about near here.”

        Splitting up they gathered what they would need for that night and the next morning.

        Making it back to the camp before Kieran, Lylea found rocks and she made the pit for the fire. After she put the timber in a tepee with dry grass inside and lit it, slowly building it up until it was the right size to cook with.

        Kieran returned to find her with the fire going and supper already on to cook. She also had some coffee going and was humming while she laid out their bedding.

        Dropping the fish he caught and gutted on the fire he thanked her for all the work she had done. “Oh it was nothing, I’m trying to stay busy and I love to cook so it just felt like the natural thing to do.”


       After having breakfast with the prince and his men Galen was in the house when someone knocked on the door.

        “Sorry but the prince would like to thank you and your son for allowing us to stay here and share your water.”

        “My son isn’t here I sent him ahead to make camp so we can hunt for our traveling food.”

        Galen followed the man to the where the prince was waiting beside his horse. “You’re leaving here?”

        “What did you say?” asked the prince.

        “He said that he sent the boy ahead so they could hunt for traveling food.”

        “Did he hear right?”

        “Yes your highness, we’ve been planning to go see my family in Sierean for a while now. We’ve just a couple more hunts and we’ll have enough food for travel.”

        “That’s too bad” said Logan. “I’d hope to see you again on our way back but I understand wanting to travel before the snow falls.” Reaching down he shook Galen’s hand “good and safe travels to you.”

        “And the same back to you and your men.” Waiting an hour after they left Galen got on his horse and put a protection spell around the house to divert people. No one but Lylea and him would be able to find it ever again.

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