Journals of a Psychopath



The second novel in the trilogy will be available soon.

Caldwell Enterprises

Smithson and I walked through the immense glass doors, the floors and ceilings marble. Priceless vases and antiques graced the foyer. It was quiet and the staff nervous. Walking past reception and the girl at the desk bustled around, as she eyed us. The plush elevator rode us to the top floor the carpets were deep piled and extravagant. Smithson marched into his office on the door a plaque with the words inscribed Smithson Samuel Chief Executive.

The Isolation Chamber

Lady Flarice struggled to perform her tasks with one hand the stump hurt her I withheld the painkillers.
      “I must find my Lady Flarice and I would be honored father if you would assist me in my choice.”
“The Wooden Forms and the Archangel will choose your Lady Flarice. Kim you must come here.”
She came to us.
      “You no longer merit the title of Lady Flarice you are grotesque and disfigured, you will be my slave, your name is only Kimberley, the Trees and the Darkest-One will choose a new Lady Flarice.”
Smithson went to her and stripped Kimberley from her bejeweled robe and he tossed a sack to her.
      “You must repair this and wear it you cannot attire in the exquisite gowns again.”
Kimberley began to weep and her green-eyes seemed paler. She softly padded to the sewing machine and luckily, for Kimberley it was treadle operated, if it was operated by a handle, I would be highly amused. Smithson began to sort through his journals.
      “Father it is time for my Journals to be published.”
      “Yes, son it is the correct era and we have countless events to narrate.”

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