Guardians of the Earth



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“I knew something was wrong because it was the second
time that day that someone had said they were thinking
something when I clearly heard them. I came home to talk
it over with mom and she told me to wait for when dad got
home so we could talk about it over dinner. After telling him
about what went on that day, he performed some test on me.”
“Right, so your dad is the one who put you to the test the
first time to see if you could really read minds?” Red asked.
“Yes, he and mom both did, but it was dad who ran the test,
mom just helped.”
“What kind of test did you do on her, Mr. Young?”
“I have these cards that have pictures on them; those are
the ones I started with. First, my wife would hold up a card
and Night would have to guess what was on that card and she
got them all right.  I sat down with her and asked her
questions about my day, like what I had for lunch, where I
ate, and who I ate with. She guessed tuna sandwich on wheat
with a side pickle and a small coke. It was 100 percent right
but that is what I always have so she had that one easy.
She said I ate out near the fountain on the right side facing
my office and again she was correct, then I asked again who I
ate with, and she told me lots of people but the main one who
was there with me was the head of the math department, Mr.
Jones, who she had only met once. So with all that, I came to
the conclusion that she can read minds, gentlemen.”
“Mr. Young, don’t take this the wrong way but do you or
your wife mind if I test her?” Red asked, looking straight at me
like he didn’t believe I could do what my father had just said.
“It’s really up to Night. I mean, she’s the one who you’re
going to test, is she not Mr. RedWings?” mom said.
“Yes, I guess she is. Okay, Night, is it all right with you if I
give you my own test?”
“I guess.”
“Okay, then, let’s start. What is in my car CD player?”
I wanted to laugh at him. But I thought better of it. “You
don’t have anything in your CD player, because you don’t have
one in your car. You don’t believe in them.”
Hawk burst out laughing. “You are so right about that. I
keep telling him to come into this era but he won’t. He says
that music in a car is just a car crash waiting to happen.”
“Can we get on with the test?” Red glared at Hawk.“Night,
that was correct but that doesn’t mean I’m convinced you can
read minds. So for this question, I’m going to ask everyone
to think of their favorite smell and we’ll go down the line
starting with Dr. Alex. Night, what is Dr. Alex’s favorite scent
or smell?”
I looked at Dr. Alex and the first thing that came to me
was his mom’s fresh-made bread but then it was his wife’s
perfume and then it was the smell of his baby son after he just
came out of the tub. So I said all three. “Well, his rst smell is
the smell of his mom’s fresh-baked bread, then he went to his
wife’s perfume, and the last thing he likes is his son when he
is fresh from his bath.” The look on Dr. Alex’s face said I had
gotten it right.
“She’s right. I couldn’t make up my mind.”
“Do you believe me now, Red?”
“What’s Hawk’s favorite smell?” was his answer back.
I rolled my eyes and looked at Hawk. It hit me like a punch
in the stomach, his favorite smell was raw meat, I decided to
look deeper and saw something, no, that wasn’t his favorite
smell he was trying to throw me off. I smiled at him and
turned to Red. “His favorite sent is that fresh car smell and
when it has leather seats that makes it oh so much better.” He
looked at Hawk to see if I got it right.
“Well, look at you, you saw right through what I was
thinking and went for the truth. Good job.” He smiled at me.
“I think we have a winner here, Red. She has guessed two out
of two right.”
“Last one, Night, then I’ll see if you can really read minds.
What is my sisters’ name?”
“You know, I’m getting a headache from all this.”
“Nightmare!” both my parents said at the same time.
“I have done all he’s’ asked and he still doesn’t believe me.”
They just looked at me with that face that all parents give their
kids when they have just been rude to company. “Fine, you
don’t have any sisters. You have one older brother whose name
is Dragon and a twin brother whose name is Quicksilver and
by the way you and your twin look nothing alike. Why, you
have gold eyes, he has silver and you are darker skinned then
he is.” That’s when I got up to get a glass of juice and to cool
my temper down.
When I sat back down, Hawk was smiling from ear to ear
and Red was talking to Dr. Alex. “I’m sorry, sir, I was out of
line and my parents didn’t raise me that way. I’m sorry for the
way I talked to you.”
“It is I who should apologize to you, young one. I did
believe you and your parents but it’s required of me to push
the person in question to see if they can handle themselves
and the situation. You did it well. At the end, it was touch and
go but you did very well. Thank you.”
“Can we tell them now what she’s going through?”
Hawk asked.
“Yes, but first one last question. Night, have you ever had a
special bond with animals, a bond that goes beyond just pets?”
“I have never had a pet in my life. My mom is allergic to
their hair and dander.”
“Well, have you ever been around any animals?” he asked.
“Yes, but I don’t get what you are asking.”
“I think I do,” dad said. “May I?” Red nodded.
“Well, we were at the Denver Zoo with our friends, the
Coopers, when you were about six years old to celebrate yours
and Cody’s birthdays. They were born just two days apart
and it became a tradition for us to take them out on their
birthdays some place special.The Coopers have four boys
ranging from two to six and they are a handful, so when Cody
started to run off in one direction and Chris, four, in another,
they asked us to watch the two in the stroller. I had you sitting
on a bench with me, Night, but I guess you decided that you
wanted to take off too, and the next thing we know, we hear
screaming and people yelling that there is a kid in the animal
cage. When I looked up to see what was going on I saw out of
the corner of my eye that Night was no longer sitting beside
me and that’s when I knew it was her in the cage. I jumped up
and ran over to where everyone was pointing and screaming.
It was a shock to see my little girl in a wild animal cage let
alone a wild cat cage.”
“What color was the cat, Mr. Young?” Hawk asked.
“Well, I guess it was black. Why?”
“Please, it’s very important, what was the color of the cat,
Dad looked at mom. “Mary, do you remember the color of
the cat?”
“Yes, it was black. I remember because she was so shiny and
sometimes she looked blue.”
“The cat was black could it have been a panther?”
“Yes that’s what it was it was a panther, very pretty and she
had a couple of brand new cubs.”
the two men looked at each other like they had just heard
the worse news they had ever heard.
“Is everything okay, gentlemen?” Dr. Alex asked. Up until
then, he had been really quiet, but he too had a strange look
on his face.
“Go on with your story, Mr. Young,” Red said as Hawk got
up to walk outside with his phone to his ear.
“Well, as I was saying, we had just heard the screaming
when I ran over to the cage that was in front of us to find my
daughter sitting in the middle of it playing with the panther
cubs. I really don’t remember much after that, not until we got
home and she was in bed. But the zookeepers told my wife
they had to sedate the mother panther to get my daughter out
because she wouldn’t let anyone in the cage with her and her
babies, but not once did she look at my daughter as a meal or a
threat.” Just as my father finished his story, Hawk walked back
in, nodded to Red, and sat back down.
“Well, that answers that question. We were going to see if you
could show us you’re other powers but because they only come
on when you are mad and can cause serious damage, we’ll have
to wait on that for now. Now, I have to talk to Hawk and the
Doc for a second so if you don’t mind, we’re going to step out.”
“Dad, what does he mean by ‘for now’?”
“I don’t know, hon, just wait and see.”
As we sat there waiting for them to come back, I thought
about the weird way they acted after they found out about
the color of the cat and why Hawk left to make that phone
call right then too. It was all going around in my head like a
spinning top that I didn’t even notice when the men came
back in the room until Red talked.
“Okay, first things first. Mr. and Mrs. Young, is there
anything you would like to ask us before we tell you what is
going on with your daughter?”
“Yes, there is one thing,” my mom said. “Do you two have
any powers or magic tricks like what my daughter has?”
“The three of us have powers but we only have two powers.”
“I have something to ask if it’s alright.”
“Go right ahead Nightmare” Hawk said.
“Why is it that we are so tall, I thought at first that it was
just me but you guys are way over being normal?”
“When the Light created us to protect the world it knew
that the things we were up against weren’t small and we would
need to be able to handle ourselves.”
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