Journals of a Psychopath



Clarkson and Smithson his son, the reapers, together they sacrifice and terrorise silvery blonde haired women.

The Homestead

     “Elaina is very sensual and she is pleasing.”
      “So that is her name!”
She freaked out and rushed upstairs, Rhea was frantic, and she wailed, it echoed around the farmstead.
      “Rheanna is threatening to commit suicide,” Caldwell said a little later.
I hastened into the hall.
      “Rhea it is me.”
She did not reply the homestead was silent and flaring with hatred, Caldwell's eyes scathed.
      “I cannot believe she expressed a whim to end it,” I said.
Looking for her and she was not in the breakfast room or the kitchen. Clambering upstairs, I found Rhea in the washroom, she was in the tub, and she gripped a glass of vodka.
      “Darling care to join me, or are you going to drink with your new woman?”
      “I assumed you were serious and where is Smithson?”
      “He is with the reliable and delectable tutor.”
      “Are you okay little girl?”
Caldwell was outside the door.
      “She is grown-up,” I shouted.
Caldwell was noiseless except for the sound of his carpet slippers, as he traversed the dense piled carpet. Treading from the tub and Rhea's body looked polished, she fumbled for the towel, I yanked it, and I crushed her body to mine, Rheanna snuggled into my chest. She took another gulp of vodka, the glass dropped, she ceded to my kisses.


 Smithson knocked on the door he woke me. Settling down he was animated, I was regarding some photographs, and he viewed avidly. Smithson was deferential, I allowed him to choose the following possible sacrifice. He indicated the tallest, she was full-figured, and her face was spotted with freckles. Her mammary glands perfect, I asked for permission, the answer affirmative. Smithson danced and his eyes were afire with the prospect of the forthcoming surrender.
      “Father I cannot wait,” Smithson said.
Embarking, the bus was crowded, I was cautious about drunk driving, and if caught it would jeopardize the calling that is the reason I utilized the passenger vehicle at times. Dropping us off, I guzzled from the bottle of bourbon, and I stuffed it in my pocket. Bailey was a woman of substance I knew her yield would prove our capability.
Battering the sidewalk and we arrived at Bailey’s house, we skulked in Bailey's yard.
Smithson peered through the pane.
      “Step from the glass.”
Smithson strode from it. I was worried involving the censure of the Trees, the Darkest-One and the Voice. Pondering on the sacrifice, I breathed fast. An antique timepiece was situated in Bailey’s spacious hall and the pendulum mechanically swung from left to right.
      “Now we have checked her accommodation we will leave.”
Sashaying off Smithson was unhappy and even more disenchanted when I walked from him.


Under the duvet, she was cute, and the amalgamation skin-to-skin was satisfying.
      “Shall we go to the Bistro?” I asked.
      “I am starving” Elaina replied.
Strolling to the Bistro and arranging food, I saw Perry and Gracelyn, our eyes locked. Perry signaled us to join them.
      “So you did go there!” Perry said.
      “This is Elaina, my girlfriend.”
      “What about Rheanna and Smithson?” Gracelyn asked.
      “My other girlfriend is Rheanna,” I said to Elaina.
Elaina pouted her bow-shaped lips and the beauty was lost for a moment.
      “It is not a surprise I guessed as much.”
      “You must be careful Clarkson is known for his cruel treatment and Rhea drinks, because of it, you do not want to wind up the same,” Gracelyn said.
      “You paint a bleak picture I am okay really.”
Perry stood up.
      “I am going to the restroom.”
He marched from us. Patting Elaina and in Gracelyn's eyes considerable worry.
      “Seriously I am very troubled concerning Rheanna she is ill.”
“I cannot believe it Clarkson is so good to me.”
Pep returned.
      “Please tell Elaina she is in danger?” Gracelyn said.
      “I have seen a lot of women ruined by him you should heed our warning,” Pep replied.

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