Test of Faith



Roots in a real life situation I went through.

She never thought that she would be in this situation. That her home, her security, her way of life and very identity would be hanging by a thread. Yet it was and a very threadbare one at that.

Chardonnay watches her husband pull away with the first load of their belongings. Watches and prays for the strength to make it through this. She starts to think about the new life they are headed into and how they got there.

It started about a year ago. Alex came home and had this look on his face; and she knew that he hadn’t been hired full time at the plant. Inside she went into panic mode, but she knew that on the outside she had to put on a strong front for Alex and the kids. It was time once again to put Char on the back burner, suck it up and pretend that their world wasn’t falling apart.

The decision to file Chapter 13 was a hard one to make. It wasn’t something that they wanted to do; but something they had to do. Chardonnay was leery at first because she knew people who had been through a rough one a few years earlier.

The Chapter 13 went smoothly at first then it started to go south. The fees started to pile up, the lawyer started to not return calls. The car companies started to call daily even though they weren’t supposed to; and then the letters came about the house.

The letter stated that they had two weeks to come up with the three months in back payments for the rent or the bank was going to foreclose. She knew that they couldn’t come up with the money; so while waiting for her oldest to get home from school, her husband to get home from work and the hamburgers to defrost for dinner; Chardonnay started looking through the Classifieds for apartments big enough to house her family and two pets.

Half-way through the first page her cell phone rang nearly causing her to have a heart attack as she scrambled to answer it. It was her OBGYN and he wanted her to come into the office to review her blood work. Her mind started racing trying to figure out what it could be; what could be wrong and why this came up now of all times. She had completely forgotten about the tests that she had taken over a month ago at a routine appointment. After taking down the information she needed for the office visit she tried to concentrate on the apartment ads again, but her mind started to wander in all different directions so she decided to call her mother to discuss the recent events.

She talked to her mom for hours about everything under the sun and when she hung up the phone she felt a little bit better. Her mom was going to pick her up in the morning and go with her to the doctor. She went to bed early worried about what was to come.

Her mom showed up bright and early and they drove the 20 minutes to the doctor’s office in silence. The wait was excruciating and the office smelled like stale potpourri and disinfectant. The doctor finally came out to take her back, which Chardonnay found odd. Why was he taking her back? Why not the nurse? Was it really that bad?

He showed her and her mother back into his office and they had a seat. There were no pretenses and he got straight to the point. The blood work had abnormalities that worried him and he wanted to do a biopsy to test for Cancer. He said it just like that. Chardonnay couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Not this, not now; with all that was going on.

Her mother grabbed her hand and listened to what the doctor had to say, knowing full well that Char was in her own world and not hearing anything that was coming out of his mouth at this point. She took down the information for the biopsy appointment, thanked him and gently pointed her daughter toward the door.

As Chardonnay got into the car she broke into tears as her future flashed before her eyes. Her children growing up, getting ready to go to college, getting married, having children. Was she going to miss all that; or was it all going to be ok. All she could do was wait and see.

Why was this happening now? Was god testing her faith or was this a cruel joke? Those two questions she did not have the answers to. All she knew at this point was that she had to go home and tell her husband that they were facing the two biggest battles of their lives. They were loosing their house and she was possibly fighting the biggest battle of her life.

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