Journals of a Psychopath



The pages of my novel are full of insanity, obssession, and violence.


She opened the back door let me in, Jodi decanted the liquor, Jodi and I drank. Outside the front, Josh was sitting behind the wheel his eyes perused the casement.
      “What happens if he grabs her?”
      “He will not.”
Watching, Josh wielded a piece of iron, he smashed the window, and then he was in the house. Overturning the furniture and a vase filled with roses crashed onto the floor, scattered over the carpet. He galloped the stairs at racehorse pace and Josh surged into the bedroom, Jodi stood still, he pushed her, and she plunged onto the bed.
Standing, in front of me Josh endeavored to intimidate me.
      “You are no match for me,” I said.
      “I am going to get Ellie back.”
Pouncing on me, we rolled over, he held the chunk of iron, his legs were on each side of me, struggling with me, Josh practically beat me, but the wedge skittered to the floor. Grabbing him and I was ready to deal with him, when Josh freed himself. He raced off and I let Josh go, because I was going to sort him out later.

The Isolation Chamber

     “Sir Clarkson what have I done to deserve this?”
      “You coupled with Sir Richard and Connor.”
      “Connor is known to me, but Sir Richard, who is he?”
      “He is a Knight in a different world and I am your Knight in this one.”
      “Is it time?” Smithson asked.
      “Yeah, it is.”
Handing Lady Flarice the gown and the silver stars I zealously stitched glistened. Seizing Lady Flarice's arms and Smithson steadied her, I draped her in the dark-green gown many layers graced the pure white silk. Each tier was sewn with minute silver stars and glittered, in her favor she gazed appreciatively at the pure white silk robe. The silver crown was small and it was the final touch, Smithson arranged it in her hair it looked glorious. Dancing Smithson beamed. The sword was in my hand, raising it, Lady Flarice’s eyes riveted to the blade, and my perfect pure white silk robe.
      “Please discontinue what you have planned?”
      “It is not possible you belong to me now, the Woodlander Warriors, the Archangel and the Voice decreed my actions.”

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