So I started this as a short story and it gradually

 Music pounds angry beats,

 Neon lights entrap me in a current

 Of the same old events that will still be crucial in time.

 Despite hazy accounts 

 Relying on the percentage.


 Unknowingly, I am invited

 To listen, understand, live,

 The ego-filled insults,

 Screams of offense,

 Witches cackling with laughter.

 Enemies, frenemies, ex's and 

 Streaky tangerine legs congregate

 In a mass of sweet-smelling green and perfumes,

 Savoury alcohols and sweaty humidity.


 I inhale the cloudy air

 Letting my lungs inflate with poison,

 My mind wander higher.

 Higher, up into peacefulness.

 Where distance is ever increasing

 From the society I was born.

 Here, I am without.



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