Aftermath. Chapter ten...



Feeling I had a cold coming on I decided to stay in...

Chapter Ten...Feeling I had a cold coming on I decided to stay in. My head was banging. Feeling exhausted and miserable, I went in search of the hot-water bottle and curled up with it on the settee. Sherry my dog was lying by me, sleeping soundly. Relaxed I fell be woken by mum and dad coming in from the pub.

  "Wot's up wi' thee? Do yer not feel any better? Come on get yer sen off ter bed: it's nearing midneet."    All at once I felt like Daddy's little girl: if one of us felt poorly he sympathised. But I wanted to stay where I was. I felt safe and secure. The fire was still ablaze, giving off its much-needed warmth. Shivering with the coldness of my room, it wasn't long before I was in bed trying to get warm. The sheets were so cold. I was out like a light.

  It came to me again, that voice from the pits of hell, getting into my head with its cruel games.

  "Open your eyes," it demanded.

  "But I don't want to. I'm to afraid," I was saying back. "Wake me up... wake me up..." Where was the voice of protection? I couldn't hear him.

  "I need you," I was pleading.

  "Open your eyes, and look at the door," the voice said.

  Once again I was being subjected to its orders. As I sat up in a trance like state, I turned my head ever so slowly. He was there, standing by my door that I still kept ajar. He was laughing at me with contempt. His presence was menacing, threatening. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak, I was frozen with its image ... I could only look on as he disappeared.

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