Miranda's Extraordinary Life: The Beginning of the End Piece



Miranda lived an ordinary life for a thirty-five year old – or so she thought. One day her life was flipped upside-down by the very thing that surrounds our planet – the universe. She knew her life was about to change, and for the better. Unbeknownst to her, Miranda was a universe traveller!...

She sat there. Gazing at the night sky and wondering. Was he looking at the same sky? No, she thought, he couldn’t be.
“He’s in another place and time,” she said aloud.
Miranda had always been a dreamer. Ever since she could remember, she’d always dreamed about what her reality could – and would – be. And here she was, thirty-five years old and dreaming about the possibilities the future held for her. The seemingly improbable. It was improbable to everyone else but her. She knew deep in her heart this particular fantasy would become reality. Maybe not in the time she would prefer, but it would come to fruition.
“I’m not crazy. This sorta stuff always happens; my intuition is never wrong.” Miranda was talking to the stars – to the universe that spoke to her.
She climbed into bed next to her sleeping husband and simply lie there, staring at the ceiling. It was like a waking dream, the images she saw then. She was surrounded by the pale colors just before sunrise and sand. No one was on the beach except her. Her and Xavier. Holding hands, walking barefoot in the sand, and talking as the sun slowly rose in the east.

This was not a dream of Miranda and her current life, for Xavier was not her husband. Her husband, Teddy, was fast asleep, not even knowing she was still awake, let alone that she was thinking about a life with someone else.
She knew Teddy loved her, and she him. She also knew their time together was fading fast. Miranda felt herself slipping further away from Teddy each day. Teddy wasn’t good for her – not anymore, anyway.
They had been through a lot together, Miranda and Teddy. But nothing was the same anymore and Miranda knew they could never be the same couple they once were. They were so envied; she was so envied. There was a lot no one knew about going on behind closed doors. Miranda had sensed for a while now, but she never spoke the true words to Teddy. She wanted their marriage to fizzle out on its own.
While Teddy continued his deep slumber, Miranda went back to the beach with Xavier. Something about him felt so right, not wrong like most of her friends, like Shiloh, would say if she ever told them about her dreams of a far away, very different life with Xavier.
Miranda and Xavier continued to sit on the beach as the sun rose higher into the sky, daybreak finally showing, and talked for what seemed to be days. They laughed and held each other close for a long time. Xavier turned to face her directly, just looking at her with an expression akin to admiration. Miranda soaked this feeling in, for she had never felt this before. As Xavier leaned in to kiss her, it all went black.

She had finally fallen asleep happy.

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