Welcome To Stripy Land



I wrote this due mainly to the fact, a friend of mine pestered me about writing the intro to Stripyland. I personally don't think its written to well. But all i can say is my heart wasn't in this one.

Oh yellow and welcome to Stripy land, where everything is stripy. In stripy land they drive stripy cars even the trees and houses’ are stripy; the neighborhood animals are stripy too.

Stripy land is very stripy, in so many different ways, from the bank with its stripes to the sky and moon as well as the sun. Even the grass is stripy, stripy land is covered in strips.

When you go swimming, you’re in stripy green water. The sea creatures are stripy too. It’s not unusual to see a dark blue stripy whale swimming happily by.

There are even schools of stripy fish going here and there with out a care in the world. There is also stripy jelly fish who just love to float and chat with who ever are swimming by.

There is a great town called stripy town, where the people and the streets, foot paths and the roads as well as the people who live in the houses are stripy themselves. The motto of the town is “live stripy, be stripy.”
The best thing about stripy land is you can have a play in the stripy park with the stripy birds that are chirping away. The best part of stripy land is there is room for you and me.

Ps stripy town is the place to be

Monday, December 05, 2011




As I said before, my heart wasn't in this one. I had for months a friend pester me about writing this. I did so to keep him quiet. Which at the time, in Hine sight, didn't do this piece any good. Looking at this piece of writing I feel in some way I've let it down, for this I'm sorry. I may re-write this and do it the justice it deserves. 

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