— A romantic adventure in Naples, Italy



THIS SUMMER’S MUST-READ ROMCOM FOR ALL INTERESTED ITALY TRAVELLERS — A romantic adventure in Naples, Italy BY DANIELA PESCONI-ARTHUR, a new, romantic comedy novel that combines the alluring elements of romantic, far-off travel with the relationship struggles every woman endures at one point or another in her life, this week officially became available for purchase – in English — on Amazon Kindle.


Currently being translated into other languages (Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French), this perfect summer chick lit story fulfills every woman’s fantasy of living in one of the most romantic cities in the world while choosing between two of Italy’s finest men.


Carolina, the story’s main character, sets out on a mission to prove to everyone that she’s not a little girl anymore,” said Daniela Pesconi-Arthur, author of “She ends up accepting a job in the enticing city of Napoli, and unravels her life into the biggest adventure she’s ever been on. Along the way, she’s tasked with choosing between one of her students, a handsome, wealthy heir, and an adorable local pizzaiolo with a specialty in Margherita pizza cooking.”


Undoubtedly a perfect summer novel for whisking the reader’s mind away into a far off land of Italian dreams, also doubly functions as a Naples travel guide, with food, language, culture, and event recommendations – including trips to Capri, Pompeii, Ercolano and the great volcano Vesuvius.


Written by a passionate traveler with an eye for foreign language and culture, Pesconi-Arthur came up with the novel’s idea when she lived in Naples for a year back in 2008/2009. Quickly enamored with the simplicity, romanticism, and allure of the city almost instantly, the distant dreams and adventures of a lifetime have yet to escape her active mind.


My book is a fusion of my life and travel experiences in and around Naples, and my inspiration for the creation of the character Carolina came from my little sister, who’s a doctor in Brazil, ,” said Pesconi-Arthur.  “I am encouraging anyone who can travel to absolutely visit Naples at some point in his or her life. But, if traveling is a bit difficult at the moment, so in the meantime, pick up a copy of my new  book to feel the love and connection of Naples today.”


 “Yes, you will order pizza; you will miss your train stop while reading the sweet  words of Fabri; you will look for Italian courses; you will start to look for flights to  Naples; and you will want cappuccinos at inappropriate times... because Daniela’s writing is so delicate, charming and amusing that it makes us dream.”                                                                                                                             Foreword by Camila Flavia Brandão, beta-reader.


                                                                         Download your free preview HERE



Contact: Daniela Pesconi-Arthur – author (@) danielapesconi-arthur (dot) com



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