Introduction to book on The Parable of the Sower



Here's the introduction.....your feedback is welcome.

Here's the introduction new a book I'm writing on The Parable of the Sower. I welcome your comments and suggestions, including ideas for a good title. Thanks in advance......

Jesus was an amalgamation of profundity and simplicity. God and human. Redeemer become servant. Creator and carpenter. Lord and sacrificial lamb. Because He was God he spoke with authority, and His words still resonate today. Because he was a simple Jewish carpenter, accustomed to a common life, He spoke with simplicity — and His words still resonate today. My proof? This book, and others like it, seeks to reexamine His words and reapply them to new audiences. People and societies change: Jesus' words still engage and transform. Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief; doctor, lawyer, Indian chief. All are still profoundly affected by the words of God, the simple carpenter. Jesus was an amalgamation of profundity and simplicity.

 This parable is a fine example of my assertion concerning Jesus' simplicity and profundity. He chose to speak in simple stories that engaged the common people, stories about fishing and food, pearls and pigs... and dirt. This parable should really be entitled “The Parable of the Soil”, because the story, and the truths emphasized therein, do not focus on the one sowing seed. The sower is doing what sowers do: scattering seed on the ground in order to gain a harvest. Is the sower important? Vastly so, for without a sower, no seed would be shared, and therefore, no harvest would be reaped. But that is a topic for another volume.

 The focus of the story is about the soil. It’s about dirt. In Matthew 13, Jesus taught how the hearts of people can differ regarding openness, or receptiveness, to God's Word. And who knows the hearts of mankind better than the Creator/Carpenter? He has the dirt on all of us! His analogy uses dirt in various conditions to represent each type of person. This is not a book of new discoveries. It’s a reexamination of simple, yet profound, truths as only Jesus could share them. We tend to forget those truths. Or, we choose to forget. Both categories of people are addressed in Jesus’ parable. So, if you have heard, yet forgotten, follow along as we play in the dirt with Jesus. If you've never played in the dirt with Jesus through this parable, I dare you to take simple pleasure in, and plumb the exacting depths of....dirt. 


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