Naruto Alternate Vol 1: The Girl with Two Names: Chapter 2



Ino and Miku celebrate at Yukuniku Q while Mizuki makes a discovery that makes his plans far more complicated.

Volume 1: The Girl with Two Names
Chapter 2: A Night at Yukuniku Q
   Miku and Ino stood in the clearing just outside the academy flanking their father as the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, gave a short graduation speech wishing them luck on their new lives as Genin.  He had been the Hokage once more after the death of the fourth Hokage during the nine tails attack and was probably one of the most popular of the shinobi in the village.   Over time Ino and Miku both thought of the Hokage as an adopted grandfather.  He visited Inoichi so often he was a frequent dinner guest.
   “… so remember your training here and work hard on your new training as a Genin.  That training will be needed in the future to protect our home.  Never forget the love you have for your village and your family and you’ll go far no matter what position you may end up in.”  The Hokage spoke briefly to the parents of each of the students, and to Sasuke himself who had lost his entire family not that many years ago.  Miku often thought that was why Sasuke was so focused; both he and Ino were just about tied for being at the top of their class.
   “Inoichi… congratulations on both of your daughters graduating, they are growing up to be a strong and beautiful kunoichi.”  Miku felt the Hokage’s hand as he patted her, and her sister on the head.  She felt at peace again since her brief vision and had to fight down the urge to push up against the Hokage’s hand like a kitten.  She was a Genin now and not a little girl basking in the praise.  A brief glance to her sister showed Ino had the same feelings.  The two giggled as they looked for Hinata, it was almost time to get the promised bbq at Yakuniku Q. “I know that you are off to Yakiniku, but before you go I would like to have a word with you and Shikaku”
   “Of course Hokage… girls why don’t you go home and get changed while I meet with the Hokage”
   "We are just going out to bbq. Why get changed?” Choji Akimichi spoke up looking around his father at the two.  He had practically grown up with the girls, but he still couldn’t understand what was going on in their minds, and they seemed to get strange and stranger as they got older.
   Both girls looked at Choji with boys just do not understand look on their faces. “We can’t go to Yakuniku Q dressed like this, absolutely not.” Ino just couldn’t understand why Choji... or even Shikamaru Nara didn’t understand the simple logic behind it.  They couldn’t wear their academy clothes out to eat, that required something nicer, cuter.  She was certain Choji would show up to eat BBQ in his pajamas if he could get away with it.  The mental image brought a giggle to her lips as she grabbed at her sister's hand pulling her off to find Hinata.
   “Was it something I said?” Choji looked towards his father, but Choza’s attention was elsewhere.  Well, Shikamaru would know he’s a lot smarter than I am at any rate.
   “Give up.” Was all Shikmaru would say. “Girls are complicated and a hassle.  The moment you think you’ll understand them… well forget it you haven’t even scratched the surface.  I don’t even think they understand themselves”
   Hiruzen, watched as the two girls rushed off to find their friend.   Miku and Ino’s closeness once more convinced him the deception probably was for the best.  He wondered what things would have been like had Miku not been adopted by the Yamanaka clan.  He wished things could have been as simple for Sasuke, but the boy was much older than Miku had been when she lost her family.  Sasuke was old enough to know what was going on and rejected any attempt to integrate him into another family.  Hiruzen could understand to a degree, the saving grace was Sasuke was serious enough about becoming a shinobi that he could look after himself well enough.  The Hokage thought he noticed several dark motives behind Sasuke, but simply chalked it up to the tragedy of the situation.  To Sasuke, his brother had betrayed the village and murdered their family, and the only thing on his mind was becoming strong enough to face his brother.  Even now few people spoke of Itachi and what happened that night.  Perhaps one day he would be able to explain things to Sasuke, but he could tell the child wasn’t ready for it yet.
   With a glance, Inoichi and Shikaku followed the Hokage to his office while Choza and their wives herded Choji and Shikamaru off toward the side of town for bbq.  It would be a bit of time before the girls were ready, but there were other things to do to get ready for the party.  With the door of the Hokage’s office closed they were freer so speak.
   “She’s doing well.  The nightmares are still there and we still can’t figure out how to help her on this but Ino has kept her strong.  It has done a world of good for Ino as well.  Having a little sister has focused her in a number of ways.”
   Hiruzen nodded, “I’ve heard good news from the Hyuga clan as well.  Hinata’s father is convinced that Miku is the reason behind Hinata’s surge of confidence… I happen to agree, although I will admit Ino had a hand in it as well.  When Kakashi returns from his mission I’ll have a word with him.  He’ll have his hands full keeping an eye on both Miku and Sasuke.  Alone either would quite a bit to keep track of, but it shouldn’t be a problem for him.”
   “What will we do when the seal weakens?”
   “We should cross that bridge when it comes.  The seal is already interfering with her chakra much in the same way it did with her mother.  It is making things far more difficult than it should be, but I can tell Hinata is helping with this.  It was a good idea to move her onto Kakashi’s team rather than Sakura.  With Ino unavailable to be on the team, Hinata is just the person to calm Miku down should the seal ever weaken to the point where nine-tails grabs hold.” Shikaku spoke up.
   Hiruzen sighed deeply.  They already sacrificed one child in order to save the village.  Placing nine-tails in Miku had disturbed the Hokage greatly, but the fourth hokage was insistent on it.  Now Hinata was in just as much danger since it would be her friendship that was required should Kurama force its way past Miku’s defenses.  “When that happens we will have to bring her in to explain why we did what we did, Ino as well she’ll need all the support she can get.  It will be quite a shock”
   The three men stood in silence contemplating the time without any good answers as to how to explain it properly without hurting Miku any further.
   Mizuki returned to the teacher’s office after the reception, the genjutsu he used during the test went off without a hitch and not a single one of them was aware of it, just as Orochimaru had promised.  It was a simple genjutsu that forced for a brief moment the person’s worst nightmare and it hit pay dirt with that girl Miku.  All of this time the demon-fox had been sitting in his class struggling to use her chakra and to become a proper kunoichi.  All this time he and the others were unaware of this, everyone thinking that the Hokage had hidden the demon-fox in someone much stronger.  Not one of them would have looked into a girl child of the Yamanaka clan.
   Mizuki stopped for a moment.  Was she a Yamanaka?  The first jinchuriki, Power of human sacrifice, were not from the Yamanaka clan.  Both were from the Uzumaki clan.  Mito Uzumaki was the wife of the first Hokage and the first Jinchuriki of nine-tails.  Mito was followed by Kushina Uzumaki of the same clan, and wife to the fourth Hokage.
   The fourth? No, Mizuki couldn’t have been that blind.  He rushed to the window of the teacher’s office looking up towards the Hokage monuments comparing it to one of Miku’s pictures he had grabbed from a stack of student photos on his desk.  The facial structure was different but the hair was spot on. No this couldn’t be, this was a trick or rather a trick within a trick.  He walked over to one Iruka’s desk where a history book of the village sat.  In it was a picture of Kushina Uzumaki.  He opened the book to the page in question and with shaking hands placed Miku’s picture next to Kushina.  The hair was wrong, but the face.  If he could just imagine Miku with Kushina’s hair the truth became obvious.  Not only was Miku the Jinchuriki, but she was also the daughter of the fourth Hokage, not a Yamanaka.  His job of stealing the forbidden scroll had just become much more of a headache, and far simpler.  It would be easy to push Miku hard enough to release the nine-tails again and use the destruction to escape.  The difficulty would be in getting away before that destruction occurred; he did not want to be in the path of Kurama.  He pocketed Miku’s picture along with Ino’s.  Part of his plan would have to change as well.   If Ino follows her sister into the woods, then perhaps he could use her as well.
   He didn’t notice Iruka watching him from the door.
   Iruka Umino backed away from the door.  Something was off about the way he was acting.  Perhaps he should ask Tsubaki about it.  It wasn’t the kind of thing to bring to the Hokage just yet, but it was strange.  He thought that Mizuki had been off a bit since he had tried to join the Academy teaching staff and for a while was rejected pending an investigation into his actives leading up to the death of one of his teammates.  Iruka was sure then that it was just battlefield chaos since Mizuki had settled down after he was finally allowed to become a teacher.
   In fact, a number of students tended to look up to Mizuki in the time he assisted Iruka in teaching.  Now that he thought about it only the male students looked up to him while the female ones tended to avoid him.  Why was that?  Shouldn’t have questioned that sooner?  At the time he didn’t think much of it, surely the other teachers had noticed. Was he overthinking things?  No, he would go visit Tsubaki, it had been a while since he had seen her at any rate and was about time for a visit.  Teaching at the academy had taken up quite a bit of his time, but that shouldn't disrupt the friendships he developed from his days as a Genin.
   Mikiko watched as her daughters crowded around their father Inoichi, they were true daddy’s girls and she worried about the day that a boy would show up to take either of them out on a date.  He often joked that he would sharpen every single every single blade in the house the day that knock came at the door.  That day was long ways off for Miku, maybe less so for Ino, but she didn’t think it would be Sasuke who asked her for a date.  Despite Ino’s crush on Sasuke, Inoichi remained the center of their world, was she that clingy at that age?  “Girls, why don’t you left your father out to join his friends? They need their guys time”
   Miku and Ino both whined a bit but a moment later Ino moved to let her father out and join the table where Choza and Skikaku and the boys sat.
   “They won’t eat any vegetables outside onions.” Yoshino Nara looked over at the bbq on the guy’s table, She was about to move when Mikiko placed a hand on top of her friends.
   “Let them be for a time, it’s our time too you know” she turned her attention back to the table, “are you enjoying yourself Hinata.  I would like to thank you for all the help you’ve given Miku.”
   “She’s helped me to” the two girls hugged while Mikiko watched on.    It reminded her of the friendship she developed with the other wives of the ino-Shika-cho team.
   “I’ve brought the vegetables” the girls looked over to see Fuyumi Akimichi, the owner of Yakiniku Q.  Before any of them could think about looking over the vegetables Ino had already grabbed several cherry tomatoes and was already grilling them before her mother could think of chiding her.  “Don’t forget to eat some meat too; here is some nice beef tongue with some onions.”
   While both tables grilled and ate Miku kept thinking back to what Mizuki-Sensei had told her about the scroll in the Hokage’s residence.  If she could get hold of that and if it worked then she would have a much easier time using her chakra.  She didn’t want to disappoint her parents.  It was Yoshino who reached over taking hold of Miku’s hand. “Doesn’t worry using your chakra will get easier over time. Trust me on this.”  Of the three mothers, only Yoshino was a Kunoichi, and could tell at a moment that Miku was thinking about her struggles using Chakra. “When I was your age I had a number of problems as well… it gets easier.”
   The dinner conversation varied as they ate moving from training to life in general even boys.  While nobody at the table was surprised at Ino gushing over how cute Sasuke is, they were shocked at Miku’s idea of who was cute.
   “Neji??” both Ino and Hinata looked at each other around Miku in shock, neither of them had any idea Miku had thought that. Even Mikiko was surprised. “I haven’t heard you mention Neji before” ten sets of ears leaned in and across at the boys table Inoichi leaned a bit more towards the girls table.
   “Well he’s cute but I think Tenten likes him so I didn’t really say anything.  It’s just a crush nothing more” Every time Miku visited the Hyuga compound the two were sparring or training.  Hinata and Ino both instantly understood.   Tenten treated all three girls like her little sister, and none of them would even dream of competing with her if Tenten was in love with Neji.  They heard a noise from the boy’s table as Inoichi temporarily lost balance and quickly tried to hide it by going after a piece of bbq that Choji was eyeing.
   “Well that certainly was a shock for your father” Mikuku watched as Inoichi still attempted to hide his eavesdropping.  The conversation turned to other matters while Miku’s mind returned to a certain scroll

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