My Ghost Story



I've always wondered what it was like to be a ghost and why if at all they stay behind. This story portrays this in a way some can only relate to.

                                                                              My Ghost Story

        No one tells you where you really go when you die. You hear that people go to heaven, some even believe you get your own world to rule over like a god. But none of those things happened to me, no when I died or better yet when I was murdered I became a wondering spirit or in other terms a ghost.

        At first you can’t remember anything and you try to get someone, anyone to talk to you. But they walk right by without missing a step or even noticing you there yelling at them.

        Over time it all comes back, how much time I can’t tell you because time here doesn’t exist. The memories with loved ones, the happiness you feel when you see a smile on the face of someone you love and then there are the bad memories. The heart ache, the death of those loved ones, and worst yet your death.

        I was an 18 year old girl, just out of school and enjoying her last summer before heading to the collage of her dreams. Red flaming hair, emerald green eyes and 5’6” skinny nothing. You would think looking like that I’d be happy but no just like every teen I dyed my hair and not the color you would think I colored it my favorite color-pink.


       That night (the night I was murdered) I was home alone, I had just finished taking a shower and was texting my friend. We had spent all day at the swimming hole with a bunch of other friends and we had met a couple of hot guys there who were cousins of a class mate. That was the topic of our girly texts to each other, because my parents were out we were talking about maybe spending the night together and sneaking out to meet said boys.

        I had just laid my phone down when I heard a creaking in the hall way. I thought my parents were home early and went to see how their dinner went.

        Calling out to them I headed to the kitchen because that was the only other light on in the house besides mine in my room.

        “Mom, Dad how was your night?” Nothing came and I didn’t hear them anywhere in the house, so I thought maybe I had heard the cat. Heading back into my room my phone was going off and just as I went to grab it I was grabbed from behind.

        I was tossed on to my bed and as I fought I screamed, the person holding me down was strong and very heavy. With his weight on my chest I could barely breathe and my screams slowly died. I was still fighting but even that was getting harder to do, my arms were getting heavy and my vision was becoming fuzzy.

        When I next woke up it was very dark and I was in a very tight place. I could hear music and voices but because my head was still fuzzy I couldn’t do anything but listen until I passed out again.

        Slowly coming out of my nightmares, I tried to stretch but ended up making pain radiate all over my body from my stiff muscles and the ropes that cut into me. Opening my eyes I was still in the dark but this time I noticed a light coming from a crack at the bottom of whatever I was in.

        Hoping it was a door I wiggled-crawled my way over to it, but as soon as I was close it opened and I looked up into the eyes of the person who took me.

        He was wearing a mask but I could tell a smile came over his face by the spark that shown in his eye. “Good your awake, we didn’t think you would ever come around and now the games can begin.”

        We? Games? What was he talking about and why did this happen? I won’t and can’t tell you what happened, no body not even you should have that running around in their heads.

        I can tell you this they took their time and had me for a long time. I can also tell you that after a few days they stopped wearing their masks and I found out they were the same guys I had met at the swimming hole. All three of them even the guy from my school and come to find out they loved to talk.

        Matt (the guy who went to school with me) had watched me every day since he came to our small town. After that school year he was sent to his cousins’ farm to spend time away from the constant fighting of his mother and father. There he would tell his cousin about the red hair girl he had fallen in love with but who didn’t even know he was a live.

        Ten years he and his cousins would spend their days at the farm and there is where he learned how to kill. Animals at the farm first because they helped his uncle butcher them “butcher them yourself and you will save money” his uncle would always say. But that didn’t satisfy them and after a few years they wanted to see what it would be like to take the life of something else.

        That summer little Billy Copper went missing and his body was found five days later with a crushed in skull. Many animals had gotten ahold of the body and his death was deemed an accident.


 That summer was also the summer his parents had filed for divorce and his time at the farm came to an end.

        So over the phone the cousins had a thought, and that thought was we need to make Matts dream of his little red head come true. Two years they spent coming up with the plan and when everything was in place they put it in motion.

        Now her time on this earth was coming to an end and she had the whole story of why.

        When her body finally gave out and they had enough of her they finished her by putting a rope around her neck and each of them taking an end.

        After all that came back to me I went to find my family and found they had moved away after my funeral. My body was found in a shallow grave not far from the swimming hole by (you guessed it) Matt himself.

        The story was Matt and his cousins Jeff and Luke were walking to the lake to have a swim and found a piece of my clothes sticking out of the dirt. After uncovering my chest Luke was sent back to town to get the police.

        My case went cold and the guys who did it got to go on with their lives. But do you really think I would let that happen? Do you really think after what they did to me I would let them get away with it?

        Finding each of them and tormenting them was what they were going to live with for the rest of their lives. That was going to be my new way of my afterlife.

        I found Luke first in prison and in for life for taking the life of his ex-girlfriend. Every night I entered his dreams and every day I whispered to him that he would never get rid of me, I wouldn’t never let him have another moment’s peace until he died. Slowly driving him insane he took his own life with a home made knife.

        Jeff I followed home from his brothers’ funeral and found he had a family. A beautiful wife with red hair and two beautiful little girls the spitting images of his wife.

        I found he wasn’t the home body he wanted everyone to think he was. Every night when he told his wife he was at work he went out and stalked new prey. Women-men it didn’t make any difference to him, if they caught his attention he would find a way to take their lives like he took mine.

        With that thought in mind I would get revenge on him for not only taking my life but theirs as well.

        Faces forming in the heated water after a shower, faces looking back at him in the mirrored surfaces in his house, dreams of him dying in the same way he killed us. At first he thought he was just seeing things and when asking his wife about it he shook it off.

        Taking longer than I had hope I finally got him to make a mistake while trying to kill his next victim. The next day the police came for him and what they found at his kill space was nothing short as horrific.

        Pictures of over 50 people he had killed, going all the way back to his first Billy Copper. One by one they took him through each and every kill and when they came to my picture he spilled it all.

        When they found Matt twenty minutes away living as a lawyer and in the lap of luxury, nobody could believe it, Matt  the loving man who tried and help everyone to be a part of such a brutal and awful death. They also found out that he had kept Jeff out of jail by being his alibi when the cops thought he was apart of some the murders he now was confessing to.

        Matt tried to get out of it but after they played back Jeff’s confession he stop speaking and told them he would take it to court. With Jeff testifying against him and the evidence of him finding my body he didn’t have a chance.

        After 24 hours of deliberation the jury came back with a guilty verdict. Jeff and Matt were both sentence to death and I was finally free.

        Staying only long enough to watch them both die my face being the last thing they both saw I headed home. I can’t say how my life would’ve gone no one can really know after they die but I knew somehow I did the right thing by making sure they were found and put to justice.


       Walking into my families light and feeling a sense of peace from their victims, I knew that everything had finally been put to rest.


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