Aftermath.Chapter sixteen Cont...



Two weeks later the decision was made...

  Two weeks later the decision was made to rent a property near my daughter. the rent was steep. I would have to use some of the money to get on my feet.

  I stayed at my daughters for a week while I went  round to the house every day cleaning. My niece's wedding was coming up in a week's time. It would be the first get-together since Dan and I split up.

  "You never know. You might meet somebody at the wedding," my daughter had said eagerly. I looked at her, wanting to tell her about Shaun, but I couldn't find the right words.

  "I doubt it: I'm not interested at the moment," I replied, with a pained look in my eyes.

  "Why, Mum? Dad's got somebody else."

  The month was October: it was quite a chilly day. My niece looked beautiful walking down the aisle on the arm of her dad. He was giving away his baby to a whole new beginning to a young man he had put his trust in: a man who would take over the role of protector and provider. How exciting it is for a young couple.

  The day went without awkward questions asked, which surprised me enormously. But as the day wore on I had a sinking feeling inside.

  Closing the door behind me, I slumped on the sofa with the feeling of dread. I could feel negativity closing in on me. Eventually exhausted I cried myself to sleep.

  Nearly  a week had gone by, I had work that night. I hadn't seen a living soul since Friday at the wedding. I was so busy, wanting to get the house organised and finished before I went back to work. And it felt a great achievement walking into work that night. Now I could concentrate on my future...

  "Hi everybody," I said cheerfully, walking into the office for handover. One of the girls who had been on day shift asked if I was OK.

  "Yeah I'm fine. Why?" I asked Julie.

  "You don't know, do you?"

  "Know wot, for goodness' sake...? Tell me...

  "The month was October. I looked up at the sky encrusted with twinkling stars, just like that October night when you walked me home.

  "Why ave yer left me?" I sobbed. Hysteria took over, and I slumped down on my knees, grief-stricken.

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