Rathwyndia Map — Badlands to Rouan



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Free hand pencil drawing of the map of my fantasy novel, Rathwyndia, based on both the spiritual and physical aspects of Alchemy. Still to be completed, the conceptualized size is over 8 times the size of this image (so yes, I apologize, for it's going to take me awhile). It houses a treasure trove of signification for anyone interested in Kabalistic Magic (I spell it with a K instead of a Q for a reason), and when finished will hopefully break the negative stereotype that has been stuck to pagans and witches over the years.

I believe good fantasy easily immerses its readers within its world, which is why I decided to draw this by hand, as I feel computer generated maps take away the whole feel and authenticity that is supposed to be the point behind its inclusion; I want my readers to feel like this world could have actually existed, and that the map could have been taken straight from the Ethexian cartographer's vault (you will have to read more about this later). It is my goal to draw the reader in and build up a world within their imagination before they even read the first word from the book, and to give them enough Easter eggs to satisfy that sense of wonderment that I feel just ended all too early with Tolkien's Middle Earth.

How this map (and thus the world) came to be created is an interesting story in itself: my brother in law spilt a cup of coffee on a piece of paper one day, then decided to trace the stain, before long coming up with a map of his own. I thought it looked rather cool and so I went home and started drawing a coastline copying the jagged outline out of an atlas I have. After I had written down a few towns I decided to go back and write a back story to each to try and tie them altogether. One thing led to another and after a few months I had created in my mind a whole world and a story to go with it, the only problem was that the original map I created was drawn on cheap paper and began to lose it's sharpness. That is why everything below Runis Bridge looks somewhat blurred and inconsistent, but I have almost completed its redraw by tracing the original.

Rathwyndia Map

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