*Red Saints: Josie Chronicles 2*



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Josie walked around the dark tunnels in search of clues. She stopped at a split in the halls and checked her map, flipping it around a few different ways.
“Wait a second.”
Josie looked behind her and then in each direction, wondering where she could go.
“Oh well, now we're learning.”
Josie marked the wall with a small bit of chalk and took a left. She continued down the long tunnel with signs of boredom appearing in her demeanor when she heard something ahead. She paused a moment.
A figure up ahead crept out of the darkness. Josie studied the figure; it wasn't the Shadow Walker, but a female dressed in a tattered gown. She had stringy black hair and her skin was a yellowish, almost translucent shade. The vampire did not speak, only hissed at Josie as she approached.
“Ok, so you can see me. Wow, you look sickly.”
Josie looked at the vampire closer as she got closer, noticing all of the old, unkempt characteristics of her.
Josie stood firm, pulling away her garments, and exposing her neck. The vampire was within striking distance and raised her hand in the air. Josie looked at her puzzled. The vampire swiped at Josie. She blocked the strike but took a large gash down her forearm from the blow.
Josie tried to restrain the vampire and back her into the wall. Her attack partially worked, as the vampire to bit her low on her neck. Josie screamed from the unconventional bite with pain and anger. The vampire quickly came under the effects of Josie’s blood and ceased her attack. Josie slugged her with all her might, sending the vampire to the ground. Josie shook her fist. The vampire slowly crawled away, stiffening her movements as the poison paralyzed her body. Josie checked her wound and saw she was bleeding quite heavily.
“Shit. Search over.”
Josie stripped her jacket off and quickly removed her shirt, leaving her camisole. She wrapped her scarf around her forearm to stop the bleeding and used her shirt to tie across her chest, keeping the bulk of the garment over her wound just above her collarbone. She then put her jacket back on and made her way back to Otto’s lab.


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