From the 2nd book, Amun searches through time



Amun searches through time


He sat on a thin pad with his eyes closed. Deep under the temple complex, he could hear incense sizzling in bronze bowls. Long, strands of vapor lifted from finely ground crystals of myrrh, framing the jewel adorned, bronze statue of the God. He had visions before, but had not understood them. He chanted slowly in an ancient language, changing pitch. He held a single note for an entire length of breath before changing to the next syllable.  He pronounced sounds, incomprehensible for anyone who might hear.  Few could find their way to this underground temple. Two human servants attended the God, living in tiny adjoining chambers. They swept granite floors and kept dust off the bronzed image, made sure incense was replenished.

Like passages to the underworld, the hallways, stairs, and false doors confused anyone who looked for the sanctuary. He considered it his own private chamber, only having seen two others here during visits to this time. Beneath the sands of 1962 Egypt, all vestiges of the city had been buried, but this underground temple still stood, undisturbed.

Investigations led nowhere. Temporal portal logs, tracking sensors and journeys through time, revealed nothing. He searched across millennia, visiting periods and places he knew she had been. This was his last hope. Amun sat in a cross-legged position, seeking guidance, seeking a vision.

Erish was lost in time.

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