Willy the weasel.



Taken from, "Tales of Hickety Plop." Picture book series.


At house number two, on Trickery road,

Willy the weasel has his abode.
it's cold and dark with litter around
With a sign outside stuck in the ground. 
“NO PEOPLE ALLOWED!” is what the sign reads,
In very large letters for all to see.
If you were inside, you'd probably think
His home has the most ridiculous stink.
The sink full of dishes is overloaded
The bathroom smells like a skunk exploded.
His rather large wardrobe is missing a door
And looks like it puked his clothes on the floor.
He's never had fun on any play date,
As how could you play in such a foul state?
But then, at his door, a very loud knock
Made Willy jump up with terrible shock,
“Who could that be?” he started to whine,
“can they not read the pretty big sign?”
He opened the door with a sour old face
And standing right there all covered in lace,
Was Mary MacFairy from just down the street,
The kindest soul you ever could meet.
Looking at Willy, a glint in her eye,
She lifted her wand straight up to the sky,
From sunny day, all cloudless and clear,
A giant tornado began to appear.
Then all of a sudden, air started to rush, 
And blew through his house in one giant WHOOSH,
Then dirt and muck with a bumpity-thump,
Were blown straight over to Hickety dump.
Willy was happy at what he had seen,
He'd never imagined his house would be clean,
And now every day the fun is nonstop, 
When his friends come to play from Hickety Plop.
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