Spider in Its Web — eBook (Excerpt)



A fanatical evening where Sheena is encountered with a barbaric view of hanging bodies is followed by an out of station journey, where something even more bizarre takes place.

As she moved ahead, she was awestruck to see bodies of people hanging in a shop with price tags on them. They were hanging by some satin like scarves tied on their neck and neatly stacked in different rows. This was one of the secluded areas in the vicinity and since she was new to the city, she was drawn to this place out of sheer curiosity of seeing what lies at the heart of the place she was going to live in. But what she expected to be fun turned out to be the biggest horror of her life, which literally left her shell shocked. Her eyes popped out as the bodies swayed with the cool breeze. She couldn’t hear a single word or whisper around her. Horrified, she still gathered herself to walk ahead & see if there was something or someone around. As she moved her eyes to & fro, she did not find anyone who could help her and she easily felt that sharp bone chilling eerie silence.


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