The Sorceress's Secret. Part Three



Galen and Kieran finally make it into the house to help Lylea. Will their secret get out? Will she trust them? Will the prince and his men discover her?

Part Three

        “That’s enough” came a deep voice from the royal tent “we came here and barged in on their property.” The prince came out of the tent, everyone took a knee “please, I do apologize but we have been riding hard and our horses needed water.”

        Galen dismounted and took a knee “we’re pleased to share our well with you and anything else Prince Logan needs to help with his trip.”

        “We’ve plenty for our trip but we ran out of water and I thank you for allowing us to restock here at your home.” Looking over at his men “everyone shall rise and please get back to taking care of the horses and getting the water skins refilled.”

        Kieran had followed Galen when he took a knee and Galen could tell he was getting impatient. “If the prince would allow I would like to go into my house and fix supper for me and my son.”

        “To repay you for allowing us to camp here please let us feed you as well.”

        “We would agree to that and to add to your food my son caught two huge rabbits and they are just waiting to be made into a stew or something else.”

        “Rise and go get your rabbits my cook can add them to the meal tonight.”

        Galen rose and bowed again before he told Kieran to take care of their horses while he went into the house.


       Lylea heard everything, she didn’t look out the door again for fear of him seeing her but now he was coming into the house to take her food.

        Scrambling back from the window she waited and soon he came through the door. Putting his finger to his lips he indicated to stay quiet.

        Closing the door behind him he took her by the hand and led her into her bedroom in the back far from the camp. Closing this door he turned to her “stay in here. I’ll get the rabbits and be back in a minute.”

        Leaving her in shock she sat down on her bed and picked up Frisky just so she could have something familiar near her. Not long after he left she heard some whispering and another man came into the room.

        Kieran had never wanted this and he never looked when Galen used his mirror to look in on the girl. After stepping into the room he found her curled up on her bed petting a fox and gazing around the room like she wanted nothing more than to run.

        He couldn’t breathe, Kieran had never in his life seen such a beautiful women before. Her eyes reminded him of the deep blue lake out by Galen’s house, her hair while wild because she kept running her hands through it was deep red and seemed to be so soft he wanted to follow her hands.

        Shaking himself he took himself to the farthest corner from her and waited for Galen to return.


       Galen had sent Kieran with the girl hoping he would keep his mouth shut and be a comfort to her.

        Grabbing the rabbits out of the cellar he headed out to where he saw the cook so he could return and talk with Lylea before eating dinner with the prince and his men.

        As he got closer to the cook tent he could hear a man humming to himself as he clanked and banged around while making dinner.

        Stepping into the tent Galen waited before saying anything as to not interrupt but before he could “just lay them there lad and I’ll make sure they’re added to the meal.” Laying them down he turned to leave when “I know what you are.”

        Galen stopped cold in his tracks but held his shock inside “I don’t know what you mean.”

        A chuckle “calm down lad I’m not going to say anything to these men about you or the boy.” Galen heard some chopping before he continued “I know what you are because I saw you long before the kings men did and the boy’s ring said it all.”

        ‘To hell with that boy’ Galen thought. “I would make it a high priority to repay you if you keep this between us.”

        “Don’t worry about it lad” Galen could hear a note of sadness in the man’s voice. Clearing his throat “my brother was one of you and the kings men came to take him away I found out where he was and became a cook to be close to him.” He stopped and had to clear his throat again “it didn’t matter. After I got any kind of permission to wander around I found out he was gone. They had sent him to their school for his kind and he didn’t make it.”

        Galen had heard about the school for their kind and how they forced the magic instead of letting it reveal itself. He shook his head, by forcing the magic if the body couldn’t handle it or if the mind of the person wasn’t strong enough…. Galen sighed “I’m truly sorry about your brother.”

        “I was to, but then I became a helper and have been doing that since then.”

        A helper was key word for someone who helped people like Galen get sorcerers and sorceresses out of the kings grasp. If they heard a word about any child showing any kind of magic they get the word out to someone and they send word to whoever is the closets to get the kid out.

        “Your work is what makes our lives better and I along with others greatly appreciate you.”

        “If my parents would have had any sense they would’ve sent him to someone. As if was it taught me something and now I want nothing more than to keep other families from going through the same.” Galen waited for the man to say something more but when he heard him go back to his work Galen walked away.


       Lylea had curled up on her bed and was shaking almost out of her skin because she had never had a man in her room other than the one who took care of her.

        This man who now stands in her corner and glares at the floor scares her, but he also makes her feel something she has never before felt and that also scares her.

        When he first came in she got a good look at him and she thought he was a very nice looking man. Long wavy golden blonde hair that covered his face while he scowled at the floor. His eyes were two different colors, the left was the color of grass so green in reminded her of the fields behind the house, he also had day old stubble on his face meaning they hadn't had time to groom before showing up here. The right one was a light blue reminding her of a clear blue sky. She knew his eyes marked him as not born here in Nierea because Abigail had the same eyes and she once told her that she wasn’t born here, that it was a sign of her country.

        In order to find out if they were who she thought they were she wanted answers. “What is your name?” Kieran he answered her without looking up from the floor. “And your friend? What is his name?”

        “He isn’t my friend. Galen is my teacher and my master and if you are going to come with us you’d better get used to that same idea about him.”

        Lylea was taken back, she only wanted to know their names and he Kieran was angry with her for some reason. Frisky who was laying on her lap lifted his head when he heard steps coming towards the closed bedroom door.

        Kieran stood up and went to stand behind the door so if someone other than Galen came in he could take care of them before they said anything about the girl.

        Opening the door Galen stepped in and before shutting it he burned a symbol into both the door frame and the door itself, sealing out prying ears.

        “Now that that is taking care of we can get on with what I came here for before we are interrupted by dinner.” Turning to Kieran “thank you for staying in here with her and I found out the cook that is with this party is a helper.”

        Kieran’s eyes grew wide “are you sure we can trust him?”

        “Yes, I could sense that he was telling the truth and it’ll be him who comes in here to tell us that dinner is ready.” Kieran nodded and went back over to his corner to continue to scowl at the floor.

        Lylea watched as the two men talked but when the one called Galen finally got to her she couldn’t hold the question in anymore. “Who are you? Why are those men outside my door and why did you tell them that this was your house? Are you truly the one who Abigail told me about? Why is it that I don’t remember you?”

        “Slow down child” Galen said as he came and sat down on the bed. “I can’t answer everything right now, but what I will answer is this, yes I knew your care takers and I know your parents. My name is Galen and if my companion hasn’t already told you his name is Kieran. I’ve been coming here for as long as you’ve been here and trying to keep an eye on you. If you can keep yourself in here and can wait until those men leave I’ll take you somewhere where you’ll be safe.”

        “But why am I in danger?”

        With a sad look he explained who those men were and why if they found out who they all were they would be in danger. “I can’t tell you everything here I don’t trust that we are completely safe from them hearing us. I need you to trust me and know that I’m here to keep safe.”

        Frisky had been watching the conversation and when Galen said he needed for Lylea to trust him Frisky got up off her lap and went over to show her that he knew Galen was a good guy.

        Scratching his ears Galen gave the fox a smile “thank you my friend. I know you love her but helping me like this shows you remember why I sent you here.”

        Lylea agreed to what he had told her and what he hadn’t told her because she knew her fox wouldn’t just let anyone touch him.       

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