The day I fell into a ditch.



So this is the story of the most embarrassing moment of my life. Read more to find out.

So this is the story of the most embarrassing moment of my life. It was August, 2012.  Haters go get popcorn! Cheers!!! No seriously get popcorn and do share it with me too. I am hungry. Okay let's get to the story now. Let me give you a little background on my situation back then. I used to live with my sister at her apartment and used to work and study. Sounds tough right? Well it was. Every Saturday I had my classes and a cab would come to pick me up near my apartment.
The day started like any other Saturday. I got dressed and donned my favorite pair of high heels. I waved goodbye to my sister and brother-in-law. With earphones pumping music in my ears and feeling like a million bucks I left. I used to wait for the cab in front of my apartment and when the driver signaled I would cross the road, as the other side of the road was quite narrow. There was a tiny grass patch with some bushes backed by a wall. The street itself was not very wide. The cab driver called me to inform that he was arriving. So I crossed the road.
Now I am standing on the small grass patch engrossed in music. And then I see him. A seven year old boy on his bicycle. That little monster! He looked quite harmless back then.
Anyway, I don't know what it is with kids and the need to scare the living daylight out of others. So he is riding his bicycle. The road is empty and I am no where in his way and he suddenly decides to scare me by swaying his bike just a few inches from me. The feeling of self preservation and shock makes me take a step back in panic.
Now as you might know that the municipal corporation of Bangalore's favorite pass time is to dig deep holes in all the streets. My street being no different than that they had dug up a deep ditch on the side of the street. I did not notice it as I was really not paying attention and well it was obscured by the bushes. 
So I take a step back and suddenly the soil under me gives away and I am sliding down. The bushes and the stones graze my legs. The combined weight of my bag and me was too much for the loose soil and I end up in a narrow ditch. It all happened so quickly that I only vaguely register the boy laugh in victory.
One minute I am listening to music and the next minute I am standing in a 6 feet deep hole. God! How did this happen? Quite a few feelings overwhelmed me at once. Mortification, panic and finally fear. A few ladies who lived in nearby huts walked past the road with water pitchers. They laughed at me. For the first time in my life I screamed for help. A girl stopped. I guess she felt pity on me. She giggled! I wanted the earth to swallow me with embarrassment. Oh sorry ! The earth did swallow me. She took her time enjoying my plight but kept her pitcher down and gave me a hand. With a lot of fumbling and soil flying all around I was pulled out.
Till then my cab had arrived. I briefly remember thanking the girl. I did not even get a chance to take a good look at myself before I boarded the cab. And when I did get a chance to look at myself, Boy! I looked like something the cat dragged through the fence. My denims were covered in mud. I was pretty sure I could see blood mixed in the mud. My blood! My hair were covered in twigs and a red ant  was crawling up my sleeve. A broken nail and mud smeared high heels. My bag surprisingly was only covered in grass. The silver-lining was I did not miss my cab.
I called my sister and she was furious at me for not coming upstairs for cleaning up. Guess my brain was not thinking very logically at the time.
I cleaned myself in the cab with the tissues I always carry. Thank God for small mercies! At work I cleaned up my wounds and borrowed a band aid or two from the first aid before I went to class. My friends were in splits when they heard about the incident and I was slightly mortified. But hell! The most embarrassing moment of your life is supposed to make you feel that way.
Here's a picture of me from the day I fell. You can make out the muddy stains on my jeans if you look closely. (Stop staring at my pretty friends. No you can't get their numbers. I am the one on the left. :P)
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