DC Alt The Justice Society: Four Seasons Vol 1 Chapter 7



Diana seeks the wisdom of Athena.

DC Alternate – 
The Justice Society: Four Seasons
Volume 1 “Autumn”
Chapter 7 

     Princess Diana always felt her education had been incomplete; the Amazonian island wasn’t part of the mortal world.  She knew that it used to be an island in the mortal world but didn’t know the reasoning why it was placed in Elysium, part of the underworld.  Now with a mortal, she could question she was learning all new things about the mortal world.  She did know that her sisters were once part of the mortal world, but until recently she assumed all mortals were like her sisters.  Now there was an almost alien creature to her on the island and she learned he was what the mortals called male.  Some of her sisters were not all that happy about him being even on the Isle of Healing.  Memories of their past lives were still too raw even after all this time.  When she asked Menalippe about it the oracle, she said despite all the isolation many had not come to terms with what they lost, that seeing a man on the island again was a bandage being ripped off before the injury was properly healed.

    The last time the Island saw such a visitor half the population left the island including Hippolyta’s closest sister.  She knew that was the motivation for removing Steve Trevor from the island as soon as possible.  Many were terrified that another such tragedy would happen and once was enough.  Menalippe had told her that it was time that someone did leave the island and there were other changes coming as well but she wasn’t very clear about that.  Sometimes Menalippe’s visions weren’t all that clear and sometimes she held back information, only telling the person what they needed to know.  Menalippe was also the only sister who was willing to teach Diana, English, the language the Steve spoke.  She had already learned many other languages from her sisters so one more was no problem but it did bring up one question.  Where did Menalippe learn English from, the language itself developed after the island was moved to Elysium.
    It was through this story that she made the connection between Steve Trevor and the woman she was named for Diana Trevor.  It wasn’t until now that she understood her family name, it was not something common on the island and none of her sisters ever used their family names from their time as mortals. A number even took on new names, ways to forget the pain they had left behind.

    Over the course of several evenings, she learned more about the history of the mortal world.  So much had changed from the stories that her sisters had told that all she could think of was how much she wanted to explore that world.  As the date for the tournament to determine who would escort Steve Trevor back to the mortal world drew near it was Eria who suggested a solution to the Queen banning Diana from participating.  Address the goddess Athena and petition her for the wisdom needed.

    She visited the Goddess temple late that night wondering just what wisdom she would receive.  Regardless when the answer came, a visit to the temple itself would be a wonderful salve.  It was a beautiful building she loved visiting especially at night when the flames from braziers lining the temple would cast flickering shadows across the walls of the temple and the statues within.  Watching the flickering light and shadows dance across the statues made her feel they too were alive.

    She poured her heart out to the statue, a direct link to the Goddess.  She talked of spending time with Steve Trevors and of learning about how much the mortal world had changed.  She wanted to be part of that change as well and could not if she remained on the island.
A strange sound came from her left and for a moment she thought she wasn’t the only one by the statue.  Upon not seeing the source of it, she looked back to the statue to see a cat looking back at her. At its paws, a mask made with owl feathers, snow white and she wondered what held the mask in place.  As she placed the mask over her face she a warm feeling spread across her face and the mask vanished.  Diana’s only thought was it was a sign of the goddess, perhaps all she needed was a mask.  There were Amazons on the other side of the island who would wear masks when they hunted.

    “Princess?” Diana turned to see one of her sisters enter the Temple looking for her. “Oh, I’m sorry for intruding” Nadyuiska moved to return to the entrance but Diana reached for her sister's arm stopping her. “Diana, I hear you want to participate in the contest, Menalippe informed me.  She asked me to bring you this.”  It was the mask she saw a few moments earlier but this one actually did have a strap to it. 


    Nadyuiska was surprised at how easy it had turned out.  In a way, she knew she shouldn’t be.  Her sisters tended to shelter Diana made worse by being in an already sheltered location.  Unlike the rest of the Amazons, Diana never lived in the mortal world.  Such a world would be a shock to her but Nadyuiska was certain she would be able to adapt.  It was what Diana wanted after all, and it was part of their plan to escape their prison. A sliver of guilt still nagged at her as she returned to the island of healing.  She completely missed seeing Menalippe watching from behind Athena’s statue.

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