Down and Bound, a short story



Down and Bound centers around Max Davenport who wants a better life. Max has to deal with older brothers,a materialistic girlfriend and a job he hates.Mantel Max's best friend brightens up Max's life and want him to be him.

Here is an brief look inside with one of the chapters from Down and Bound that introduce one of my favorite characters I've ever came up with based off of my real life cousin,take a read.


 I look up to my dismay, I see Mantel. What an unusual name for a person. That isn’t his real name. Mantel’s real name is, Rick “Mantel “Hicks. Rick got the nickname Mantel back in high school. During high school Rick played football. The name came into its own because he would put opposing players, on The Shelve during football season. Rick had an eye for leveling out shelve, no wonder he started his own shelves and cabinets company right after high school .

Rick stands at a 5’9 weighing in about two hundred and fifty pounds. Rick has a puffy face and a goatee and brown eyes to match that light mullet brown hair of his. Rick or should I say Mantel, didn’t care what he looked like most of the time. Mantel wore a hat everywhere he went to match his Larry the Cable guy look. I wouldn’t call him that, just don’t. Mantel loved his heavy metal music. Mantel was one of the ones that turned me onto some of the best I still listen to this day with Metallica, Megadeth, Black Label Society, Pantera and so on.

Mantel shared gaming with me too. Mantel would love to play Mortal Kombat. He would kick my ass all of the time. Mantel told me he liked to play me because I never gave up. I kept coming at him with anyone. Mantel favorite person to use was Noob Saibot. When it would come to street fighter, I would have the upper hand. I would use Guile. Mantel hated me for using him. Mantel would say pick someone else. I would just for the fun of it pull out Ken Masters. Mantel would hate it when I would use Ken. I would mess him up with the flaming dragon punch. The Flaming Dragon punch just made it much nicer for when I would finish him off. Mantel would throw down the controller and say, “That’s it, I’m done, you win.” I would laugh my ass off when I beat him. Then Mantel would reach over and put me into a big headlock. He would wrap those big burly arms around my neck and make me tap out. I would sometimes almost pass out from his headlocks.

Mantel loved wrestling. Mantel would watch it whenever it was on television. Mantel went to a live wrestling event. Mantel was front row holding up a big wrestling sign.  The sign was for “The Rock “that said, “The Rock Smells Fear.” Just so happens that “The Rock “was in a match when he was knocked out of the ring in front of Mantel. Mantel being Mantel started talking trash to “The Rock.” “The Rock “got up from his feet and raised his eye brow at Mantel. “The Rock “said something to Mantel. Mantel took offence and proceeds over the guard rail and went after “The Rock.” Security was quick and Mantel was thrown out of the building for his actions.

To this day Mantel claims that he was thrown out because of his sign that he was holding. I laugh every time I hear that story. It was played out different because I see it on television just like the millions of people that watch it that night. They say that if all of the alcohol ran out in the county, Mantel would supply it. He can fill a bottle up with his urine, and you can get drunk off of it. Mantel drinks a lot of alcohol and beer. Mantel loves to get shit face on the weekends when he is not working.

Mantel was at a party one night with some friends. Mantel got trashed and passed out on the couch. Everyone there at the party realized that Mantel passed out. There is a rule that people should know about parties. You should not be the first one to pass out first. If you happen to pass out first then, you are subject to all sorts of pranks. You could wake up with your face panted, or have your face covered in a sharpie marker. Whatever the cause, you just don’t be the first one to pass out at a party.

Mantel was passed out and everyone took noticed. Everyone at the party took notice at Mantel on the couch. Someone gets up to Mantel on one side of him. Other person gets on the other side of Mantel. Both people scream out loud “FIRE”. Mantel jump up from the couch to his feet wide awake. Mantel was really still half out of it. Mantel runs to the front door and instead of opening it, Mantel runs right through the door taking off of the hinges and halls ass down the street. Everyone at the party went hysterical at Mantel.

As I sit on the edge of my bed looking up at Mantel, he reaches his big burly arms around my neck. Mantel has me in a headlock. I’m trying to breathe and get out of his headlock that is upon me. Mantel lifts me off of the bed with a brutal force. I try my best to break free from his grip with my arms flapping like a fish out of water. “I’ve been trying to get ahold of your ass, but now I have you where I want you. You are in the mercy of my grip that I have put upon you now,” said Mantel in his deep accent. “Mantel I can’t breathe,” I barley say with his grip getting tighter. “Tap, tap,” Mantel demands. I have no choice but to tap out.

I step away from Mantel rubbing my neck. I see Mantel grinning with delight from the punishment he just gave me. Mantel jabs me on the shoulder and laughs. “Dame Mantel, you just love to punish me don’t you, “I say. “Oh, it’s not that bad, I could have took you down to the floor for punishment now could I?” said Mantel. “You need to shave, your face it getting rough. I’m sure Tracy would tell you that later, “said Mantel as he takes a seat on the edge of my bed. “ What’s new?” ask Mantel. I take a seat next to him, “not much is going on. I had another bad night at work again. I had Troy with me half the night until, I had to go to the seasonal department and help Lucy and Lauren finishes up a display that took them all night to do, “I said to Mantel.

Mantel looked down and gave a little nod then look up. “ So I suppose that it was that hard ass manager Jim that made you go over to seasonal then , “ said Mantel grinning at me . “ Yeah, he can be a hard ass. It’s like he was put on this earth to make people’s live a living hell, “I said nodding at Mantel. “ Well, why don’t you get out of that place then, “said Mantel, “you have a college degree now. You should tell them to go screw themselves and move on to better things. That’s what I would do, but I’m not you. You have to figure it out what you want to do.

You can do whatever you want now. You can do so much better for yourself now. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life like your brother Paul and your parents. I know they have been telling you what to do your whole life. It’s up to you now to decide what you want out of life.” I take a good look at Mantel. I smile at what he just told me. Mantel has been telling me for a long time this. I just haven’t listened to him. With all of his craziness he surrounds himself in, he does have a brain when he is not poisoning with alcohol. “You are twenty four years old, not seventeen or that of eighteen. It’s time for a change. A change for the better, “said Mantel as he put his arm around my shoulders. “ I’m here for you no matter what happens in this life. I’m with you for the long run. Your like a brother too me. We go back all the way through grade school. We have a history you and I, “said Mantel.

I nod at him and when I was about to say something I hear someone coming into the house. I can hear them getting closer down the hall. I can hear the footsteps stopping at my door. Standing in the doorway was Tracy, my girlfriend. “Oh I’m sorry did I ruin a male bonding moment? “ Tracy asked.




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