Excerpt from "You Holy Screaming Symphony"



"You Holy Screaming Symphony" is a novella immersed in the mysteries of the human dilemma where life and death, confinement and redemption, and good and evil guide a young man on his journey towards identity.

… Poor women like Ma; people would never know who they were unless they tried hard to look past the pathetic sight. I think some women dressed their legs up with lace. And some wore high green boots and stomped around denying their gender to glorify their craving for muscle. And I think some layered their legs with dresses thick as quilts and flattened their breasts and prayerfully denied their curves, never to be too much or not enough. And I think Ma did something like all of them. She was rich until she was poor. And then she married Pa and settled down in a warm cabin with babies…

I don’t know if Ma liked the love-making with the others or if maybe she really thought they needed the money. Maybe she just resented her husband like some wives do. But I think there’s a chance she wanted him to find out—a chance she wanted him to barge in and throw the dirty man out of the house and scoop her up and take her down to the river. And maybe he would carry her right into the water and stare at her with streaming, open eyes. And maybe they would baptize each other and kiss and cry and smile and weep and say, “My love… My love… My love."

… Anyway, finally after Ma would fall asleep I’d sit on my bed and turn my little wooden box in my hand as I remembered and invented scenes of Ma and Pa together again. I stared out the window and imagined two gracious people who may have existed and under what circumstances could perhaps exist again.

Excerpt From: J. C. Dorian. “You Holy Screaming Symphony” 



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