To The Red Line (Chapter 9: A Family Reunion)



THE universe of Aurora, consist of two worlds; the Human World known as Fulaina, and another world parallel to the Human’s World, known as the Spirit World, where it was  widely inhabited by the three main races: the Spirits, the Dragoons ...

THE universe of Aurora, consist of two worlds; the Human World known as Fulaina, and another world parallel to the Human’s World, known as the Spirit World, where it was  widely inhabited by the three main races: the Spirits, the Dragoons and the Witches.

In the Spirit World, the landscape was split into three continents. Each of the lands ruled by three different races.

The Dragoon race ruled third quarter of the land, from the entire Northern and the Eastern regions, the Spirits ruled the entire west and half of the Southern region, while the Witches ruled the other half of the Southern and the small amount of the Eastern region.

Climate-wise, the Spirit World consisted of different shades of purple that filled the skies- Byzantium colour during daylight and Midnight Blue at night.

Unlike Fulaina, the Spirit World did not have any changed of seasons at all.

Each continent has elements that represented the lands; Gold for the Spirits’s continents, Ruby for the Dragoons and Turquoise for the Witches.

Among the three races, the Spirits were the most powerful yet savaged and barbaric race. They fought among themselves for the sake of food, power, and pleasure.

The stronger and the upper-class breed often fought with the lower class and the weak.

Each day, the rate of Spirits decreased in high speed due to the environment.

Currently, the Spirit’s continents were ruled by Queen Reza, the second wife of the late King Ferid.

“Have you found her yet?” A soft voice in the dark and empty Audience Chamber.

A female figure was sitting on the throne, with a small crown on top of her head. Right after she had asked the question, a male Spirit rushed into the scene, and immediately on his knees in a low bow.

His forehead was kissing the cold dark floor.

“N-Not yet, My Queen! We are doing the best that we could to track her down. Please bear with us for just little while longer, Your Royal Highness!“ The male attendance stuttered, with a trembling voice.

Queen Reza, the superior ruler of the Kingdom of Spirits, was tall, beautiful, and had a long slender body. She was the most beautiful Spirit in all of the whole Kingdom. No females could ever matched to her beauty. She possessed a black long wavy hair, paled and flawless skin.

The Queen had two different coloured eyes, gold and blue respectively.

Her kissable ruby lips spoke the next sentences in whispering tone filled with icily.

“I am getting rather impatient. How much longer do you need to track someone who can be easily recognised in broad daylight, Advisor Jun?”

“P-Please forgive me, Your Highness!” Advisor Jun apologised profusely to the Queen, who glared sharply at him.

Just as she was about to speak once again, the Audience Chamber’s doors suddenly opened.

A male voice filled in the tension air between them.

“How fascinating. Instead of complaining about why it’s taken them so long to find out her whereabouts, why don’t you do it yourself then, Your Royal Highness?"

A handsomely young Spirit with a waist-length silky carmine hair, stepped into the Audience Chamber. His armour was made from black and gold. There was a silver sword hanging around his waist, with the family crest curved at the edge of the blade.

Dark emerald eyes stared emotionless at the Queen and the pathetic Advisor who was still kneeling on the floor.

Wordlessly, the young Spirit Prince took out a scroll from his hidden right pocket sleeves and tossed it in front of the Advisor, causing the latter to shriek in panicked, before he nervously picked it on the floor .

“Y-Your Highness?”

“I’ve finished analysed the reports. The details have all written down. Read it.”

Without waiting for any reply, the young Spirit walked out of the Audience Chamber. Half-way toward the door, he was abruptly stopped when a soft, icily tone belonged to the Spirit Queen echoed the chamber.

“Just exactly what do you think you’re going? You do realise that I need you to be seriously involved with the matters on hands, don’t you Prince Makai?”

Makai stopped at the entrance. Not bothered to turn around, he spoke with a cold, cleared voice.

“You’re not the boss of me.” And then off he went ahead, before slamming the doors.

“Ah, Prince Makai! Prince Makai! Wait!” Jun called out to the Prince as he left and purposely ignored him.

Tremblingly, Jun turned to look at his Queen.

“Y-your Highness?”

Reza’s lips thinned. Her fists tightened.

“Y-Y-Your Highness?”

“I don’t trust the little rascal more than I could throw him out of this castle.”

With a snap of her finger, five black shadows dressed in a black hooded capes and their faces covered by a different type of mask appeared behind the nervously wrecked Advisor.

Jun screamed in horror the moment he turned his head around, and found five black shadows were kneeling on their one knee, before the Spirit Queen.

“Arise.” Reza ordered.

One of them, the leader of the pack; a tall, muscular man wore a sleeveless black hooded cape with red several abstracted marks on it, and a golden full mask, got up to his feet and moved forward to the Queen.

“Y-Your Highness! They are...”

“Yes. I’m glad you knew who they are, Advisor Jun.” Reza smug wickedly before turning her full attention to the masked man.

“I want one of your men to follow him, General Tal. Make sure he doesn’t do anything too suspicious that might endanger our plans. Understood?”

The man named Tal nodded. Wordlessly, he pointed at one of the four people that were still kneeling on the ground-a youth dressed a black outfit with green accents and a silver half-mask.

The latter nodded before calling to another member of the team; a tall and slender female figure dressed in the same black outfit with strawberry blonde accents raised to her feet. She too wore a yellow half-mask.

The two bowed respectfully before the Queen and Tal before vanishing in the thin air.

In a living room of the White Wolf Clan’s Mansion, a messenger was kneeling before two figures were sitting on the polished bamboo flooring.

One of the two, was Suzumi; looking as lovely as ever, albeit with a deep shocking look on her face upon hearing the news in Islez.

Sitting beside her on the floor with legs crossed, and holding a long pipe, was a dark-skinned beauty. Her wavy and waist-length violet hair was tied in a high ponytail.

Instead of wearing the traditional clothes that all of the female members, especially the higher ranks members of the Clan required to wear, the sly woman wore a cream long loose and revealing cream coloured tunic from expensive silk.

On her waist, she wore a gold metallic belt. Two golden eagle wings earrings-a gift from a special someone, dangling on her ears. On her right hand, was a gold snake bracelet.

Hazel eyes looked intimidatingly at the messenger after he’d delivered the message.

“Ralph is dead.” Suzumi whispered very softly.

“Indeed, Milady. Regardless of what he had almost done to the Prince, His Highness has personally requested for the deceased to have a proper burial like the rest of the passing Warriors. Truly, His Highness is a good man.”

Suzumi smiled briefly at the comment of the messenger. “And the rest of the Prince’s Party?”

“They’re worn out but safe and alive.”

Suzumi thanked the messenger for his service and told him to continue to keep them up to dates with the Prince’s whereabouts and mission before she sent him away.

“Certainly, Milady. On regard to the Prince’s next whereabouts, His Royal Highness and his entourages should be heading to North, to the city of Eden, where he will be in need of an assistance from Lord Eden Bowyn X, regarding the passing of the red line.”

“Very well. Please continue to observe the Prince as he carries on with his mission.”

With a final nod, the messenger quickly disappeared from their views.

Suzumi sighed. She was about to turn her head to speak with the other woman when the same messenger rushed back in without even knocking the door -startling the two women.

“My deeply apologies for the sudden intrusion, Milady! A message has just arrived our men stationed in Luyas stated that an army of the Spirits are marching toward the Southern boarders, as we speak!”

“What?” Suzumi gasped.

“Our men are heading there now for confirmation. Lady Hiira?” The messenger turned to the dark skinned woman, Hiira, who slowly raised from her seat on the floor.

Hiira was a tall, with slender built of an average woman. She let out few cloud of smokes from the pipe she held in her right hand. Hiira walked out of the door, followed by the Messenger and Suzumi behind her.

The trio soon arrived at the front lawn of the mansion to find a large numbered men dressed all in black, with their faces covered. Only their eyes were visible to see. Each members have a white wolf tattooed on their right arm.

They were the Clan’s Black Ops-specialized in infiltration, message courier and assassination.

AUTUMN season finally arrived in Fulaina. Shredding leaves from deciduous trees were found everywhere. Birds were chirping as they glided happily throughout the beautiful hills of the North-West region.

Somewhere in the mountains, a sound of a gunshot echoed the otherwise empty area.

A figure stood solely on the opened field. His left hand was holding a gun, and currently facing onward. He had a cigarette at the corner of his mouth. Deep purple eyes gazed sharply at his surroundings.

His five senses were all very alert.

There were no other sound present with the exceptional of the waterfall running on his most right, and the sound of birds chirping not too far away above him.

Yet, Shinji Karou remained alert.

Swooshsomething flew toward him in rapid speed.

Shinji leapt backwards, rolling on the side way, on the ground. He fired two respectively bullets at the fast target heading toward him. In a blink of an eye, she appeared before him, and began to attack him using the twin blades.

Shinji quickly and easily deflected her assaults.

Left,right,left,right — his head swung.

After a while of dodging the attacks, an idea came to his mind. A cunning look was in his eyes, and he let out a knowing smirk.

Mika continuously performed mêlée attacks on the man with everything that she’s got. She didn’t even bothered to hold back — he had told her earlier to never hold back against him.

Mika kept targeting on his head,chest, legs, arms, whichever hit him first.

But Shinji was a lot quicker. He managed to read her moves, hence, easily dodged most of her assaults. Raising one foot in the air, he attempted to perform a roundhouse kick-to throw her off balance.

However, Mika saw it coming!

Using the blade on her right hand, she blocked his leg, and then with her available hand, pushed the man away to a distance as far away from her as possible.

Mika panted heavily, trying to recollect her breath. Wiping the sweats dripping on her chin, she looked at the venerable opponent, and saw him smiling — no — smirking at her.

Before she could even comprehend what was going on, in a quick of flash, she saw him tossed his gun away.

All the sudden, Mika felt a pair of hands gripped tightly on both of her waists, before they tugged on her waist, and finally, tackled her down to the ground.

Halfway before going down, Mika managed to give a hard kick on his left thigh, causing Shinji to topple on the ground, on top of her.

Shinji had Mika pinned on the ground. He held one hand on the back of her head, forcing her face to the ground while his other hand kept her hands locked at her back.

Mika lifted her head and spat the dirts from her mouth. She silently cursed the man under her breath. More sweats began to drip from her forehead, down to the cheeks and finally to the neck.

Emerald eyes looked up at her opponent — he had straightened his back, a piece of cigarette that was at the corner of his mouth, still lighted.

“Listen Mika, it is very important for you to not always rely on weapons alone. Depending on the situation, sometimes, you’ll have to fight hand-to-hand combats. With your sensitive senses as a Spirit, I expect you to be more aware of your surroundings. Understood?”

“Y-yes. Very clear, Sir! Kindly, er, get off me, if you will... Sir...?” replied Mika roughly and quickly. Despite not look much, Shinji’s body was filled with muscles. Thought he was not well built and muscular like Kazuo, his weights was killing her.

Nodded, he got off her. Mika gasped and sucked the air as much as she could. She rolled on her back, panting and huffing. Her forehead was sweaty. Her attire was covered slightly by the grass and mud.

After some time had passed, Shinji helped her got back on her feet. They were in the middle of discussing about combat fights when a tall man, with ginger-blonde, pineapple weaved hairstyle came to sight.

“Aw, geez. You two done already? And here I was hoping I could join in.” The ginger-blonde man stated, with a cheeky grin. One hand was rubbing his left cheek where an obvious red mark was on it.

“So, how was it?” Shinji asked, not blinking an eye to the red marks on his cheek.

Kazuo simply shrugged. “Look decent enough to me. If she keeps a low profile, bet they won’t know that she’s a Spirit.”

Shinji nodded. “Understood.” While the two men continued with the rest of the conversation, Mika kept her gaze on Kazuo’s left cheek. Curiosity got the best of her. Eventually, Mika decided to ask.

“What happened to your cheek, Kazuo? Did you get hit by something on the way here?”

Her questions had caused the White Wolf Prince burst into laughter. Never before had Mika seen the usual reserved man to laugh out loud like that, which was both amusing and terrifying, to say at the very least.

Meanwhile, the ginger-blonde pineapple haired man turned a bright red at the small comment.

Awkwardly, he avoided looking at her.

“O-oh! This? Well, while I was out asking around, some old ladies were busily chit-chatting and one of them accidentally swung her bag and knocked it on me. Can you believe it? But, because she was an old woman, I’ve decided not to press charges against her.”

“Are you sure it was accidental and not because you were being your perverted self?” snickered Shinji, with his arms crossed.

"Excuse me. I do not and will never flirt with the oldies! Hot, drop-dead gorgeous and beautiful older women, yes. But not with the wrinkles oldies! Yikes!" Kazuo shuddered at the thoughts of having old women ogling at him.

“Whatever. That doesn’t change the fact that you are a pervert.”

“How rude! I am a classy young man who is sincerely interested and genuinely cares about the beautiful women around the world! It’s not my fault women find me incredibly hard to resist.”

Shinji took his gun out of its hostler inside his chest pocket. He checked and reloads the bullets before he said, “In any case, we should probably get going. It’s dangerous to be here at night in the mountains where the Ligers are. Let’s move out.”

A week had passed since they left Islez. After the funeral ceremonials for Ralph and the Warriors whom he’d killed in the forest, Shinji and Mika had been on their way to the Southern Gates after they’d bid their farewells to the villagers, and Rinda whom had crushed every bones in Shinji’s body when she’d hugged him before they left.

Just as the couple had stepped outside of the gates, all the sudden, they’d heard a voice shouted loudly behind them. It was Kazuo. He’d been running full speed toward them, with a heavy and large bag pack wrapped on his back.

"Shiiiiiinji! Take me with you!”

Shinji wordlessly rose an eyebrow and crossed his arms at his friend’s words, while Mika looked amused.

“Listen man, I’ve got mob of angry women waitin’ at the front door dying to kill meh! Apparently two of them caught me on a date with another girl and now they want my arse! Ye gotta save me!”

“Not our problem. Let’s go, Mika.” Shinji had pulled and dragged Mika away from the man who had continuously pleading them to take him along.

They had walked to a preferable distance away from the village when out of sudden, Shinji felt a pair of strong hands got a hold and wrapped themselves around his legs.

“Shinji,wait! Please! I’ll do anything! Anything that ye ask me to! I’ll do it! Name it! Anything! Just take me with ye!”

“Then unhand my LEGS, you fool!” Shinji groaned and sighed heavily, shaking his head in frustration. “Really!”

Despite Shinji’s initial harsh rejection on not to bring him with them in their journey, he had been forced to allow the idiot to join them when a mob of furious young women finally caught up with them.

Damn. Just by thinking about the incident made Shinji’s head hurt and he clenched his teeth. Originally, it had already been decided that only him and Mika were to be on this journey. That to be said, since when did a trip for two became a party of three?

Letting out another annoying sigh, Shinji massaged his throbbing forehead. Mika who was walking beside him, could only offered him a small smile.

By now, she was already used to the two men and their amusing antics. Behind them, Kazuo started to sing, albeit, in tone-deaf of his favourite song.

“Kazuo’s really a one of a kind, isn’t he?” Mika sneaked a glance at the man behind them. He noticed her looking at him, grinned widely and winked at her before he proceeded to sing even loudly, much to Shinji’s great dismay and annoyance.

Shinji’s grimly nodded. “That man’s a lecher and a damn fool. But,” his voice’s softened. “It would be wise not to underestimate him beneath that exterior mask he’s wearing.”

“Pardon me?”

“Kazuo might be a perverted lecher; hell, he would willingly trades his soul if it means getting a peek on girls in the bathroom. However, underneath that mask he always wears, lies an unpredictable man that nobody could understood. Not even me, who had known him for years and considered as his closest friend, could tell what he really thinking.”

Memories of the past; the blood stained on his hands that night, on a full moon. The last haunting words that Kai had said to him before he died, flashed on his mind. Shinji subconsciously grip his hand and closed his eyes.

Watch over him,Shinji. For me...

“Shinji?” Mika’s voice snapped him out from his thoughts. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah. I’m good.” He shook his head and brought one hand to his face.

Mika watched him in silence. Whatever that he told to her about Kazuo, had brought him back to the past. She could see it clearly in his eyes as he gazed distantly at the thin air.

“I’m sorry.” Mika softly said.

Shinji slowed down. With a low voice, he said, “I know there are many unanswered questions that you have been dying to ask me, ever since we met three months ago. Believe me, I wish I could give you the answers you’ve been seeking. If I were to spill everything for you now, your head couldn’t take the truth at the moment.”

“Perhaps I could. We haven’t really try it yet. To speak of it too soon is-”

“Believe me, you’ll regret knowing everything now before you regain all of your memories.” Shinji firmly stated. He blew the cigarette from his mouth.

“Good rewards will come to those who waited. When the time comes, you will know about everything that needs to know. And when that time comes, I will guide you. I will always be there to help you, to be there for you. But that’s as far as I could do for you. As for the rest, you will have to find your memories on your own. Until then, I could only hope that you would be patient to bear it with me for a little longer, Mika.”

And then, he smiled at her, with unknown emotions in his eyes.

Shinji had given her plenty of smirks, grins and a normal smiles before. But this smile, it was rare and personal-one that she’d seen him gave to Suzumi whenever the two siblings shared a private moment.

The same smile was now directly at her. Mika felt heat slowly began to creep up from her neck to her cheeks.

Mika looked at him and returning a smile of her own.

The two continued to walk in silence with the exceptional of Kazuo’s loud voice guiding them.

As they were walking in silence, all the sudden, the ground rumbled underfoot like a shifting beast, quickly followed by a deafening sound of an explosion. The trio watched as the birds took flight like leaves in the wind from where they’d been.

A thick black cloud smoke coming from the town Kazuo had been a little while ago.

AFTER few moments of walking down the steeping mountains, heading toward the South-East direction, the trio stumbled upon a broken wooden written signboard lied on the ground.

'Welcome to Wallus Town!'

Kazuo moved forward. He got on his bended knees, and picked the signboard. He looked incredibly in shocked at the sight he was seeing. His blood ran cold.

The Wallus Town was in destructible state!

“I don’t understand... It was still up when I was here just a little while ago!” He exclaimed, frantically.

Shinji took out his gun. “Do you smell that?”

“Smell what?”

“Blood.” Mika nodded. “There’s a strong scent of blood coming from the town.”

“Are you serious?I was in there just a little while ago!”

“In any case, let’s proceed with extra cautious. Keep your eyes wide open and your guards up.”

With their guards up as the trio passed through the once a lively town, all the while, Kazuo gasped at the destructible houses and buildings were collapsed and destroyed.

The smell of thick strong blood was everywhere the moment they entered the town. It got stronger when they arrived at a gruesome scene of broken mirrors and scattered shards of it scattered on the red-soiled ground, surrounded by the bodies of the townspeople.

Kazuo almost retched up by the sight, before forcing himself to take a deep breathe. He spotted the two old ladies earlier. They were one of the many bodies trapped and toppled on the collapsed walls.

He felt deeply grieve for the two oldies, and unspoken anger rose within him at whoever the bastard that’d cause the destruction of the town.

Mika’s eyes wandered at the sight. The memories of Andania once again invaded her mind. However this time, she tried to fight off and suppressed the anxiety feelings, and focused on what was going on.

“What could possibly cause the destruction of a town like this? And why? These innocent people...” Mika said after a long silence.

“Judging from the destruction and based on what we’ve heard, it could be some sort high explosions. Someone had installed bombs around the town. The explosion was powerful enough to cause such must have been something powerful,everything in single blow.”

Shinji scanned the area. His eyes were guarded.

“I feel sorry for the townspeople here. However, we have our own goal to achieve; to reach the Red Line, at any given costs. This has nothing to do with us.”

" So human lives means nothing to you?” Kazuo barked angrily. “Don’t ye care about what happened to these people? For all we know, something had killed them and it’s not a simple as explo...”

"Shh!” Mika instantly put a finger on her lips. “I think I heard something.”

They listened intensely to their surroundings. A minute had passed by with nothing happened. Each of them let out a long relief sighed.

“We need to get out of here.” said the White Wolf Prince.

His two companions nodded their heads. Wasting no time, they hurriedly made their way to the South exit of the town, when a dark large shadow from above getting closer to them in seconds.

“EVADE!” Shinji cried out.

Each of them scrambled to different direction to escape from being crushed by something gigantic that fell from the sky.

As soon as it kissed the ground, a large-scale explosion occur yet once again.

Black thick smoke in the area slowly began to dissipate. Amongst the thick smoke, a green light formed as a barrier shielded the trio who were lying on the ground.

Shinji had stepped in front of his companions at the very last minute and cast a barrier to shield them from the explosion.

Once the smoke had cleared out, and there was no signs of another sudden explosion, Shinji dropped on his knees. He panted heavily with sweats dripping from his forehead. His hands were trembling.

They were lucky that he had managed to gather enough of his chi to create a barrier strong enough to protect everyone in very short and limited amount of time.

“Where the hell did that explosion came from?” Kazuo asked. He released Mika from his arms whom he had scooped in his arms when they scrambled earlier. His eyes were big and wild, while he searched for the culprit.

Mika scanned the area. Twins blade already in her hands when all the sudden-Creeeeeeeeakkk.

They heard a squeaky sound came within the clouded thick and black smoke surrounded them.

Heavy footsteps stomped, shaking the ground like mild earthquake. Each stomps moved forward and brought whatever the thing was closer to the trio, who were having a hard time standing still.

Soon afterwards, the culprit finally revealed itself — a gigantic six-legged mechanical crab! Its sharp-edged diamond claws that could easily tear a whole town apart, or made a large amount of damage, or worse, both.

Two red eyes stared down at the tiny puny worthless humans and a Spirit, who were foolishly looking up and gawked at it.

“G-guys? What do ye called that thing?”

“Who the bloody hell cares? RUN!”

Strong pair of muscular legs landed gracefully at the topmost hill that overlooked the beautiful greenery mountains as he came out of a portal.

Prince Makai of the Spirit World closed his eyes and inhaled deeply of the fresh air before he exhaled.

Deep emerald eyes looked up at the sun before one hand raised and felt the touch of heat on his skin.

It was fascinating... To feel such heat on his skin.

Where he came from, he never knew what it felt like to have the heat of the sun touched his skin, as the atmosphere there was always damp and cold - an obvious contrast to the world here where the season changes and so as the weather over the time.

Makai took a long deep breath again.

He hadn’t come to this world for a long time. Not since...

Makai snapped and quickly reopened his eyes. He clenched his fists tightened as the deep old and forgotten memories invaded his mind, before he shook his head.

"That was dangerous. Too dangerous." Makai whispered softly.

He shouldn’t have let his emotions got the best of him, especially now when the target was so close and nearby he could almost feel her.

Besides, that was long time ago. Very long time ago, he could barely remember any of it any more.

Taking another long deep breath, Makai’s eyes grown darkened as he focused on his target’s whereabouts by tracking on her scent.

Where are you, little Princess?

THE situation in the Wallus Town had been merely just a destruction a while ago. But now, it was clearly a war zone. There were big loop holes and fire everywhere in the town.

Mika and her fellow companions were currently hiding in between a broken bulletin board and a semi-destroyed wall. Kazuo’s strong arms were holding the board against them as a shield for them.

For the last hour, they had been running, dodging and hiding from being chased by the mechanical crab. One would have expected them to use the opportunity to run for the exit, and escaped the town. But even so, hiding from the gigantic machine was almost an impossible task, let alone running to the exit!

The crab was able to tell of their whereabouts and detected their movements whenever they ran.

It was through Shinji’s precise shot at the bulletin board and Kazuo’s brute strength that they’d managed to hide behind the board.

Now that they’d managed to find a temporarily shelter, a desperate plan was urgently needed.

“What the hell is that thing? It breathes freakin’ fire!” Kazuo hissed through his gritted teeth.

“If I’m not mistaken, that thing is called as the ‘Utolips’. It’s one of the very rare species of monster, and can be found mainly in the Oasis. According to my adoptive brother, Guy, it’s very hard to find them in anywhere else except in the Oasis. The main question is, how on Fulaina did it got from all the way the Oasis to a nowhere place in the mountains?”

“There is a way,” Shinji spoke. “Through a portal linked from the Spirit World to here.” He began reloading his gun.

“What do ye mean by that, Shinji?” Kazuo asked.

“The Utolips was originated from the Spirit World. Before the Great War, Very few of them existed in this world, as guardians to protect each Kingdoms and City in Fulaina. They were given by the previous Spirit King as a peace-treaty gifts between the Kingdom of the Spirits and the Fulaina’s World Leaders. However, after the war, most of the Utolips were said to be killed or extinguished.”

“So how do we beat that freak of nature?”

“We can’t.”

Before Shiniji could explain, the a blue wave of flame burst out at them. The trio fled like running flies from their little hideout.

They ran with all their mights until they came upon a dead-end wall. Behind them, the Utolips had them trapped and cornered, with another blue flame ready to burst from its mouth.

“Shit! We’re done for. What now?”

Mika took out the twins blade from the holsters and stepped in forward.

“I’ll distract it. You two figure something out!”

With an Amazon-like yell, Mika charged toward the giant at demonic speed and hit on the Utolips’ armour.

Wasting no time, despite still recovering his lack of strengths, Shinji gathered enough amount of chi for a powerful blast, enough to create a small hole fit enough for them to escape through the wall.

The thing about the usage of chi was that it always, always worn Shinji out and made him nearly breathless, as it required and consumed a numerous amount of energy. Sometimes, he would even be knocked out for few hours. In worse cases, a day.

Shinji stumbled backwards with shaken knees. Behind him, Kazuo looked deeply concerned at his friend’s condition. Carefully, he lifted the younger by the arm and helped him walked into the hole he’d created.

“Mika, let’s go!”

“Got it!”

Mika made a couple of back-flips from the gigantic crab, joined her fellow companions through the small hole.

Catching up with her fellow companions, all the sudden, Mika noticed the evening skies suddenly changed into deep shades of violet, caused her and the rest of her companions as well as the Utolips to stop running and chased them.

They all looked up to where a mysterious male’s voice echoed throughout the skies — chanting an ancient spell that none of them were familiar with.

Before long, a huge gigantic bolt of fire came out from the mouth of the skies, aiming toward toward them!

Halfway down, the fire bolt transformed into a flame dragon. As the dragon continuously getting closer to them, it landed on top of the Utolips.

Like a virus, the flame dragon consumed the Utolips and trapped the crab with its hell fire before it could do anything to the dragon.

In less than a minute, the Utolips crab and the flame dragon dissipated in the thin air, leaving the trio in gawked and deep shocked.

There was a long silence between the three of them. No one could speak. They were still amused by the whole event that happened right before their very eyes.

It was Mika who first decided to let out a breath she’d been holding on until now. She’d stopped breathing a moment ago when the fire bolt consumed the crab.

Mika was about to look at how her two companions were doing when she saw something was heading toward them — another fireball!

This time, it was aiming directly at her.

Before she could react, Mika gasped when she felt herself being heavily pushed down on the ground. She felt strong muscular arms, Kazuo’s arms, wrapped around her, shielding her for whatever to come with his body.

Mika then saw Shinji standing in front of them and lifted his hands. He gathered a medium-sized chi in his hands, and launched it at the incoming bolt.

The bolt exploded into tiny pieces.

Shinji immediately collapsed on the ground as most of his energy was drained.

“Shinji!” Kazuo released his grip on Mika and rushed to his friend’s side. “Hey! Ye aright? Talk to me! Shinji!”

Shinji’s eyes were closed, but his left eye twitched-a good sign that he was still alive.His breathing was heavy and he groaned softly.

“This is bad. We need to get him to a town, maybe find him a doctor. We have to move now!”

When there was no reply coming from the Spirit girl beside him, Kazuo looked up at her. “What’s wrong?”

Mika was looking at far off distance, at someone was heading toward them. She felt her blood ran cold and her body stiffened at the aura the mysterious intruder was given them.

The mysterious intruder eventually got closer to them, when their eyes met for the first time, Mika gasped at the void dark emerald colour of his eyes. Instantly she felt like a sharp stabbed on her head.

Mika groaned, and had both hands on her head, much to Kazuo’s concerned.

“Hey, Mika! Dammit, not you too! What’s wrong?” Vermilion eyes looked away from Mika back to the intruder. “Who the hell are you suppose to be?”

Ignoring his question, Makai continued to smirk. His smirk widened at his target’s shocking face at the sight of him — face that was the reflection of his own.

The only differences between them was the different shades of their hair coloured, and the hues of the green in their eyes — the eyes that belonged to the Spirit’s Royal Family.

Makai’s gaze then went from her to the two human men. One was lying on the ground, unconscious, while the other was supporting him, while giving him a suspicious glare.

For a brief moment, when his eyes landed on Shinji, Makai’s facial expression changed to a complete shock. It was quick, before he retained back the usual coldness.

Makai stopped when he was just a few distances away from where they stood.

Not too close nor too far. Just the right distance for them to communicate, and for him to flee if anything unpredictable were to happen.

The words that came from his mouth, spoken in his mother-tongue language, caused Mika to gasp aloud and the ginger-blonde man to frown deeply.

Kazuo tightened his one available fist. His body stiffened and his teeth clenched at the foreign words spoken to them. He didn’t need a translator to know the meaning of the insulted words were said at them.

Not able to contain the anger he felt any longer, Kazuo decided to speak up.

“Yo, kid. I sure hope the words that came out of ye filthy mouth just now were some sort of formal greetings. I’d sure love ta’ pound back some creative greetings back at ye.”

The Spirit Prince let out a dried laugh.

“You humans are just pathetic. You act like superior but in reality, you are just a bunch of inferior defects that we Spirits could easily stomp on like ants.”

Kazuo smirked. “So the little bastard does talks, after all.”

Beside him, Shinji let out a few soft coughs. His breathing was steady,but still heavily.

“I’m impressed,” Kazuo spoke in a calm low tone. “That a Spirit such as yourself are willing ta take ye precious time learning about our pathetic language. Most of the Spirits that we’d encountered only knew how to yell and then die.”

Makai’s eyes narrowed.

“The Human language is hardly a difficult language for us Spirits to learn. Even a Spirit child knows how to speak it fluently. Of course, only the Royal families and high-born nobles were given the opportunity to learn most of the words. It’ll make it easier for us to use them once we have you invaded.”

“Invade, huh? I kick arses like ye before breakfast every morning. I’d like to see ye try and ‘invade’ us!” Challenged Kazuo a grin.

“As tempting as it sounds like, I’m afraid I do not come here looking for a fight with... the likes of you barbarians.” Makai shifted his focus from the man to Mika, who had remained silence all the while.

So,we finally meet.’ Makai narrowed his eyes.


“P-Princess?” Mika stuttered and blinked her eyes a couple of times. “What are you talking about? Who are you?”

“Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Prince Makai, of the Kingdom of the Spirits. And you are,” He pointed a finger at her.

“The Princess of the Kingdom of the Spirits and the rightful heiress to the throne. You and I are fraternal twins!”

There had been times and days when Mika had cried out of sadness and loneliness in her heart. Being an amnesiac Spirit girl, not only did she not knew her family, furthermore, having to stuck in the world of the ‘enemies’ — got to her at times.

No matter how much Mika tried to convince herself that she should be grateful that she had a ‘family’, whom she would forever cherished and grateful, Mika would always ended up feeling empty deep down in her heart.

Whenever the loneliness crept in, there was always a warm, smoothing feeling that surrounded her like an invisible string that often calmed down her heart.

She didn’t know what it was, but it was a feeling of loving and comfort — a feeling of being loved when the world was against her.

That warm loving feeling was what kept her moving on and living in this cruel world.

Now, as she stood there, with her eyes widened and locked with the young male Spirit who’d claimed to be her twin brother, right in front of her, Mika prayed desperately for the same invisible string to calm down her frightened and trembling heart.

The atmosphere tension around them was sky-rocketed as seconds passed by between them without a single word spoken.

Kazuo who was standing beside Mika, looked in deep shocked at the revelation. His eyes repeatedly moved from forth and back at those two. He hadn’t aware of any similarities between them at first.

But boy! Now it hit his head like a piece of brick!

“Ten years ago, on the night of the Great War, a group of humans had broken into the Kingdom of the Spirit. They’d killed everyone — the guards, servants, even the senators, and kidnapped the Spirit Princess. Since then, we’ve lost all sort of tracks on her and had to assume that she died in the hands of you greedy and filthy humans." Makai spat at the last word. His eyes gazed sharply at Kazuo.

“However, due to the fact the both of us are fraternal twins, I’d managed to track her down somewhat. Though it had taken me great amounts of time and years to be able to do so. But in the end, I’d thought it was all worth all the troubles.” Makai approached his twin in steady steps.

“Or so I’d thought!”

In a flash, Mika was being pinned against a broken wall away from where they once stood. She was being held by Makai by the neck.

“MIKA!” Kazuo stood up and rushed over.

“How dare YOU... To think that my own blood and flesh said those cruel and mean words to me and then left me to suffer in the hands of that wicked wretch all alone, while you are simply free to do whatever you please...” Makai tightened his grip on her neck.

Mika had difficulties to break free from his tight grip on her neck. She’d kicked him hard the thigh, but he wouldn’t budge.

He was obviously stronger than her.

“Do you still remember what you’d said to me, dear sister?”

“Let go of her now!”

Makai refused to let go despite the warning.

Instantly, the Spirit Prince found himself being was forcefully being turned and then punched on the face by one angry Sickle Master.

Makai fell down from being punched. As soon as he fell down, Kazuo had him trapped on the ground, with his sickle pointed sharply at his neck.

Makai gritted his teeth and snarled at him.

“Unless ye want ye Royal precious head to roll, get the hell out of my sight now.” Kazuo threatened in a deep unusual voice. His vermilion eyes turned darkened.

Makai scoffed at the threatened words. When Kazuo lifted his sickle and took a couple of steps back, the young Prince was instantly on his feet, as if he hadn’t been knocked down at all.

“I don’t give a rat’s shit if yer her brother or not. Even if ye are, no way a brother would threaten to kill his own flesh and blood. Get ta’ hell out of here!”

Makai gritted his teeth again but said nothing. He decided it would be best that he retreated for now. He could always get his revenge on the blonde fighter later.

“This is not over. Do as you wish, for now. But remember this; by will or force, I will come for you, Mika.”

With one last glance, he vanished in a spinning flame.

After Makai had left, Kazuo checked on his female companion.

“Ye okay?”

Mika nodded. She was slightly shaken by what happened, but other than that she was fine.

“Good. Let’s get the hell outta here. I’m worried about Shinji.” Carefully he picked up the still half-unconscious man and left the town together with the Spirit Girl.

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