Sky in the Stars, Part 3



Skylar finally breaks when her parents push her too far.

28 June 2930

Earth, North Americas

Sol System

Skylar was laying on a daybed in her living room, staring out a large window at the bustling city below. The room was simple, mostly made of glossy white marble walls, with black furniture. Abstract paintings were hung around to accent the room. The only out of place object was the ashtray sitting on a glass coffee table. It was filled with cigarettes. The sun was setting, hiding below the jagged horizon of tall buildings. She was huddled to her pillow, pensive and silent. She heard voices from outside her door, raised and angry. It was her parents. The voices became louder until her door swung open. It was her father and mother.

“So, guess who called me today, Skylar?”  her father, James said. “Your professors, nearly all of them. They tell me your performance in their classes has been progressively sinking into irreparable stages!” He approached her bed, too flustered to stand in one spot. “Look at me when I’m talking to you!” Skylar took a moment until she sat up on her bed and turn to face her father, though her head was bowed. “We’ve been working endlessly to put you through the finest school in the hemisphere and you’re just throwing our money away carelessly!”

“Honey…” Skylar’s mother, Helena put a hand on James’ shoulder. It was quickly shoved off.

“No. She has been deliberately making us work in vain!”

“Stop yelling, daddy.” Skylar said, softly. “I’m doing the best I can.”

“Obviously not! This is absolutely unacceptable!” James scolded. Skylar’s fists tightened in her lap. “All we wanted for you was a successful career and when you get this marvelous opportunity, you waste it!”

I can’t take all this pressure… you’ve given me too much responsibility.

James continued, “Skylar Connor, I am… inexplicably disappointed in you. Everything the Connor family has ever done, throughout our bloodline was to make a name for ourselves through perseverance, diligence and perfection.”

I’ll try harder next time.

Skylar glanced up at her mother for a moment. James continued, taking out his datapad, “That’s it. I’m setting you up with a tutor, every day. I’m cancelling your sports and martial arts classes.” Skylar looked up, her eyes welling up.

“What?!” Skylar choked,  looking at her father with widened eyes.

“They’re obviously meaningless distractions. Probably the reason why you’re failing!”

“You can’t do that!” Skylar stood up.

James spent only a moment on his datapad before showing it to Skylar. “Consider it done.” Skylar lowered her head, trembling in anger. James began to leave.

“I hate you.” Skylar said under her breath.

“What was that?” James stopped and turned to her daughter.

“I fucking hate you!” Skylar shouted. “I can’t stand you! Nothing I do is right. I’m doing the best I can! All I ever wanted to do was please you. It’s like the only feelings you have for me are disappointment and you treat me like I deserve it!”

“Skylar…” Her mother tried to calm her.

“I’m not perfect!” Skylar continued. “No one is. Oh, except you guys. You’ve informed me plenty of times of your perfection and how you acted at my age.” Skylar glared at her parents. “I’ve had enough of being looked down on. Try living my life for once. One point off a test is a fail. Passing courses isn’t a success unless it’s an A. Studying and doing assignments means nothing unless I make it my sole reason to live. I’ve got no friends and no life!” Skylar took a breath, “I can’t pass anything. I have to exceed. Being naturally pretty isn’t beautiful. I have to wear makeup and dress up every day! And being clean isn’t enough unless its goddamned spotless.”

Skylar’s voice began to break, “Try being the daughter of parents where you’re nothing they wanted you to be. You’ve ignored me before. You’re never around. Never here when I need you. Absent all the time, and the one day where our schedules have a break, you want to waste it on scolding me and taking away everything I have in this city!? But I guess showing pain by crying isn’t worth anything. It has to be blood to mean something, right!?”

There was a brief pause between the three of them.

“I’m not you.” Skylar said quietly as she moved passed her parents. She walked up the stairs toward her room, turning to her head to her parents once more, “I’ve tried very hard, and very long to be you… to be everything you wanted me to be. I’ve ignored my own desires, because then maybe. Just maybe you’d love me.” Skylar left to her room. The slam of her door echoed in the stone halls. Her parents sighed.

“Give her some time. She didn’t mean it.” Helena said to James. And so he did, a few hours, in fact.

Around midnight James and Helena returned to Skylar’s room and knocked on the door. The simple touch of the door revealed that it was never closed properly. James tilted his head and furrowed his brow. He opened the door and looked upon an empty room. Clothes were scattered about along with a bag and many of Skylar’s belongings. She was gone.

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