Right now think of three simple ways you can give love and be blessed.


   Life is ever  changing yet there is always a kind of chaotic continuity to it.  You may never know what is going to happen from one moment to the next but you can be certain that no matter what there will always be ups and downs.  You know that there will be days you want to give up yet you keep trudging through because you know that there will be days that you feel as if you are on top of the world.  Whatever is in that particular moment of your life, whether it be joy or sorrow, know that life goes on and you will continue to experience setbacks and comebacks so long as you live. This is life. 

    The key to your emotional roller-coaster is to stay strong and live for that moment.  Giving up never allows one to grow or change. Count your blessings.  In that particular moment of life I guarantee you someone is experiencing something very similar or much much worse. Know that while you may plan for your life to be a straight road without any bumps or curves, Gods plan for you is very different.  However whatever God brings you to he will bring you through.

God has your back and will be there for all of the ups and downs. If he brings you to your knees than you are in a good position to pray. Keep your head up and keep riding the ups and downs because one day you will realize your life is and was truly a blessing.  Take life and it's beautiful chaos one moment at a time.



Dear Heavenly Father,


Today I thank you for my many failures. Without them I would not have understood

that you are my rock when I hit rock bottom.  I would not be as grateful for my

success when I succeed. 

 Please forgive me when I let my doubts and fears control me.  Help me to be strong

and overcome whatever hurdles are on my journey.

 In your name I pray,



Written by: Jessica

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