ending of my book 'Work"

  As the years have passed me by I realize that life is what you make it. Some people enter your life and never leave and those that do...well I believe that is a good thing. Ive been dogged,trashed, physically and mentally abused while being left alone at some of my darkest times making me want to give up. Some even tried to destroy me mentally and have failed. I believe that god knows who is suppose to be in your life and I thank him for my hardships and struggles because they have made me the strong individual that I am today. This has made me love stronger and harder, putting all of my effort into it while being a mother and wife. No matter how hard things become I have learned that giving up is not an option and that is what the weak do. With love there will be disagreements, arguments and it can get tough, so tough it will make you want to walk away but if you are strong enough to fight through it love can be neverending for an eternity. The most wonderful and amazing feeling in the whole world. It is not easy but if you have trust, faith and work hard as a team, you will be unstopable. There will be joy, passion and everlasting happiness that you didn't think existed, making you want to wake up and look forward to each day that is yet to come. In the end there is love.

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