Dark Desires



Dark Desires is two short stories.

Necro Book of life


Tanya M. Henderson

Chapter One

    Melissa stood looking at the rose that she was holding in her hand, she still couldn’t believe that her one and only love was gone. The wind was blowing in the cemetery, and then the rain began to come down slow and calm. Melissa dropped the rose on the new fresh grave and walked away toward the walkway that led to the road, where the car was parked. Roger was standing beside the car waiting for her, Roger watched as Melissa made her way down the path to the car.

“Roger, I would like to go home now.” Melissa said sadly as she got into the back seat of the car. After Roger closed the car door he got into the driver’s seat and they pulled onto the street. Melissa was very quiet; she didn’t say more than two words as they drove. When the car pulled up to the house Roger helped


Melissa to the door of the house. Roger looked at his employer with a sad look and then said, “I am so sorry about Mister Robins’ passing.” Melissa didn’t say a word; she just nodded and went into the house. When she was safely inside she looked around, the house seemed empty without Shawn. She climbed the stairs that led to the upper level of the house, Melissa needed to lie down after the long emotional day that she had. When Melissa made her way to the bedroom, she laid on the big king size bed and cried herself to sleep. The day turned to night, Melissa slept but she woke every hour and looked over at Shawn’s empty side of the bed and she would cry as she touched the empty pillow where he would lay his head. Melissa laid in the silent darkness of the room. Melissa held Shawn’s pillow like it was him, she could smell his scent so strong it gave 


her the sensation that she was holding him. Melissa looked over at the blinking light of the answering machine that was on the bedside table on his side of the bed; she leaned over and pushed the play button.

“Hi you have reached the Robins; we can’t take your call, please leave a message after the beep.” Melissa’s voice came over the machine. There was a moment of silence before she heard the one voice that she knew she would never hear again.

“Hi, honey I am running late, you must be out with the girls. I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be home at eight…I love you.” Said Shawn’s voice then Melissa heard the click of the phone, it felt like Melissa lost him once again as she rolled over and put her head into Shawn’s pillow and cried. Melissa thought how cruel life was, how she would live without Shawn, how would she go on, Shawn was her life; he was what she lived every day for….


Chapter Two

“Melissa do you take this man to be your husband?” The minster asked. Melissa looked into Shawn’s blue eyes and she could see their future there, they had loved each other since high school.

“I do.” Melissa said…

When Shawn took her in his arms and kissed her the first time as husband and wife, it felt like a fairytale come true for Melissa. Melissa’s memories took her back to the fist night she and Shawn shared a bed together as man and wife.

Melissa could feel Shawn’s arms around her as he carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed he was tender and loving. Shawn slowly took undressed her taking her wedding dress off while tenderly kissing her; he just stopped long enough to look at her naked body.

“Missy, you are a beautiful woman, I love you Missy.” Shawn said Melissa smiled and pulled him back down on top of her and kissed him passionately, while slowly unbuttoning his white dress shirt so she could feel his warm chest on hers. Shawn pressed his body against her after she opened his shirt to expose his chest. Shawn waited all day for this moment his body wanted to make love to his new bride, but he knew that it would better if he didn’t rush it. Melissa slipped her hand between their bodies and unfastened his belt and then his dress pants, she didn’t want to wait she had waited long enough she wanted him inside of her.

“Shawn I want you to make love to me.” Melissa said in a lustful tone to her voice. Shawn didn’t want to disappoint his wife, so he entered her and slowly made love to her, it was hard for him not to push and spill his love. Melissa meet each of his thrusts with her body, and when Shawn knew that he couldn’t hold back any longer, his body shook it was like an Earth Quake was happening inside of him. Melissa was trembling and the lovers lay holding each other in their arms kissing tenderly….













Chapter Three

Melissa was awakened by Carol coming into the room and opening the drapes to let the sun come into the room.

“Madam, would you like me to bring your breakfast up for you? Shawn JR has been wondering what is going on, what should I tell him?” Carol asked her employer. Carol was standing by the bed looking down at Melissa who was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

“What do you mean Carol, what happened? Did Mr. Robins leave for work yet?” Melissa asked smiling as she got out of bed. Carol looked at Melissa with a sad look on her face before she said, “Mrs. Robins, Mr. Robins is passed on.”

That is when Melissa remembered and the sorrow hit her like the cut of a razor that cut her heart in two. Melissa got back into bed and put her face into Shawn’s pillow and cried, she just didn’t have the strength inside of her to face the day without Shawn.

“I will let you rest Mrs. Robins, I will tell Shawn JR that you are not feeling well this morning, would you like anything?” Carol said feeling bad for waking Melissa from her slumber, rest is what she needed Carol shook her head as she left the room and closed the door behind her.


Melissa closed her eyes once again and the image of Shawn came back into her mind…

“Missy, what do you think? Isn’t it beautiful? It has a yard where you can plant some flowers and when we have children they can play on the swing set over there.” Shawn said as he helped his wife out of the car then walked up the walkway to the front door. Melissa looked at the yard it was her dream house it was big three stories; it was big enough that Shawn and she could have a large family. Shawn opened the door when they got to the door, he picked Melissa up into his arms and carried her through the door, and Melissa thought it was strange that he would do that because this was not their house yet. When they were inside Shawn smiled and kissed her that is when he confessed to her, “Honey, I have to tell you something…I bought this house last week…I hope you aren’t mad at me.”

“You mean this house is ours, how did you know that I wanted this one?” Melissa asked putting her arms around her husband’s neck and kissing him. Shawn kissed her back and picked her up in his arms and twirled her around, before putting her down.

“Are you happy Missy?”

“I couldn’t be any happier Shawn; there is just one thing that would make me happier though. Shawn let’s sit down.” Melissa said as she pulled her husband to over to the stairs that led to the second level of the house so that they could sit down.

“What is it Missy?” Shawn asked worried that she was going to tell him some bad news.

“Shawn first I am so happy that you bought us this house, because I went to the doctor yesterday because I was not feeling well. They called me this morning and told me that I was pregnant.”

“You mean we are going to have a baby?”

“Yes, we are!”

“Missy you have made me the happiest man in the world, I love you.”


It was a two months after moving into the house that the Robins had a maid and butler. Melissa made sure that the house would be ready for the baby, Shawn was working on the baby’s room, but when it came down to painting the room he had to stop, because he didn’t know what color to paint it.

“Missy, what do you think, should we wait unit he or she comes before painting the baby’s room?” Shawn asked Melissa as she stood in the doorway watching him put the crib up.

“Yeah, I think that would be a good idea.”

Just then the phone started to ring; Melissa looked at Shawn one more time before leaving the nursery to answer the phone. When she reached the bedroom where the upstairs phone was located, that is when she realized that it was all a dream and she was in bed. Melissa was awoken by the ringing of the phone on the night stand beside the bed; it took Melissa a while to answer it.

“Hello” Melissa said when she picked up the receiver.

“Hi Melissa it is Ivy, how are you doing?” Melissa’s sister’s voice sounded over the phone, she sounded concerned and worried. Melissa looked around the room and she felt so alone, “Hi Ivy, I am not doing so good, I miss Shawn something awful.” Melissa said as she began to cry, Ivy didn’t say a word she knew how hard Shawn’s death was on her sister. “I am going to California to do some work, on my way back home I will come and see you and Shawnee in Colorado.” Ivy said trying to comfort her sister the best way that she could. There was a long silence before Melissa replied to Ivy, “I thank you Ivy but I would rather be alone for awhile…I have to go…I am not up to talking right now…bye.” Melissa hung up the phone and took one of the sleeping pills that she got from the doctor. It didn’t take long before Melissa was asleep again.













                             Chapter Four

                      “Who was that?” Shawn asked when Melissa came back into the nursery.

     “It was just Ivy; she wanted to know what we were doing tonight.” Melissa said as she sat in the rocking chair and began to rock back in fourth as she hummed. Shawn stopped his work and just looked at his wife rocking and humming she looked so content and relaxed. Melissa looked over at him and stopped humming, “What are you looking at?” Melissa asked with a smile. Shawn shook his head and went back to his work on the crib without answering just whistling as he worked.

“Missy, I was just thinking what a great mother you are going to be. I can see you rocking our baby and singing to him or her and cuddling them.” Shawn said walking over to Melissa and kissing her as he felt her tummy.



Melissa was awakened by a knock on the door, when she opened her eyes Shawn was gone and the room was dark, cold and lonely.

“Mrs. Robins, would you like dinner?” Carol’s voice came through the closed door.

“Carol, I am not feeling up to eating this evening.” Melissa replied.

“But Mrs. Robins you have not eaten all day, you have to eat.” Carol’s worried voice could be heard from the other side of the closed door. Melissa didn’t say another word she just closed her eyes to get back to sleep so she could be with Shawn.


           “We are going to do an ultrasound, so you can see what your baby looks like.” The nurse said looking at Melissa and Shawn.

“Is it too soon to see what we are going to have?” Melissa asked looking at the screen of the ultrasound machine.

“Maybe, we will have to see.” The nurse said with a smile.


Melissa woke up and got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. Melissa turned on the water and washed her tearstained face where the mascara had shown signs of her crying for days. Melissa flossed and brushed her teeth before going back into the bedroom to go back to bed. Melissa laid down on the bed and looked over at Shawn’s bedside table, she leaned over and opened the drawer when the drawer opened she found Shawn’s appointment book, pictures, envelopes of old mail, and a note pad. Melissa took out the note pad and read the last note Shawn wrote on the pad… ‘Get Missy a gift, and have it sent to the house.’ Melissa looked at the way he made his letters and touched each word with the tip of her finger. Melissa put the note pad back in the drawer; she took out the brown soft leather appointment book and opened it to the last appointment written in. The appointment that Shawn had for the day was to pick up flowers for Missy for her Birthday. Melissa put the book back and took out the pictures there was one of her in her wedding dress, her in her bikini at the beach, one of her pregnant, and the last one was the one that made her stat to cry again it was the sonogram of the baby. Melissa closed her eyes remembering the night that she awoke with contractions that were so bad that she had to wake Shawn up to take her to the hospital.



“Shawn I am having contractions, we have to go to the hospital.” Melissa shook Shawn to wake him up.

“What do you mean Missy; you aren’t due for a few more weeks.” Shawn said sleepy.

“I know but I am having contractions.” Melissa said in pain.

“What do you mean?” Shawn asked now wide awake and concerned for his wife and unborn child.


Melissa turned over on the bed and opened her eyes and looked at the clock on the night stand it was ten o’ clock at night. She looked over at Shawn’s side of the bed it was empty and it would be from now on, for the rest of her life. Melissa felt a lump in her throat and the tears welling up in her eyes.


“Missy, are you awake?” Shawn asked in a shaky voice.

Melissa opened her eyes as she felt her tummy then she looked up at Shawn wondering if the baby was ok.

“What did we have a boy or a girl? Is he or she healthy? When can I see the baby?” Melissa asked her husband with a smile.

“Missy, I am sorry.” Shawn said through his tears sitting on the bed and giving Melissa a hug.

“What do you mean Shawn? Where is our baby?” Melissa screamed as she pulled away from his embrace. Shawn tried to hold her as she pushed him away trying to get out of the bed. Shawn was too strong for her he knew he had to hold her.

“Missy we lost the baby.” Shawn whispered into her ear as he cried. Melissa was in shock and pulled away to look at her husband. “What do you mean Shawn?”
Before Shawn could answer her the doctor came into the room.

“Mr. and Mrs. Robins, I am sorry for your loss, if there is anything that I can do please let me know.” The doctor said.


Melissa opened her eyes and found that she was alone once again, she found that she didn’t want to go back to sleep. She lived through the loss of the baby she didn’t want to go through it again. Melissa knew that it was years ago when they lost the baby, but she never completely healed from the loss even though her and Shawn lived a happy life she never got over losing the baby. Shawn did everything he could to take his wife’s pain away, but he could not do anything to ease the pain of them losing their baby. Melissa sat up in the big lonely bed feeling alone and lost. She looked at Shawn’s smiling face a picture that she kept on her night stand by the bed.

“Shawn I miss you, I wish you were here with me.” Melissa said crying once again this time the tears didn’t stop, until she fell back asleep she tried to fight the sleep but it soon over took her.



                                         “What are you doing?” Melissa asked Shawn who was installing a lock on the nursery door.

“I am locking the nursery until we heal from the loss of the baby.” Shawn said through watery eyes as he looked at his wife standing in beside him.

“We won’t be able to see the baby.” Melissa said holding the yellow baby blanket that she made for the baby. Melissa then remembered that they lost the baby, and she began to cry.  Shawn walked over to her and escorted her back into their bedroom. When Melissa was laid down on the bed, Shawn lay beside her and held her as she cried.

“Missy I would do anything to bring back our baby and take away your pain.” Shawn said as tears rolled down his cheeks.







      The next day Shawn and Melissa went back into the nursery, Shawn could feel that he needed to take charge and help his wife so he asked her.

“Missy what do you say that we change this room into something we could use. How about a sewing room, so you can have a place to sew instead of using the kitchen table.”

Before Melissa could answer the doorbell sounded at the front door, Melissa looked at Shawn still standing in the room before she left the room to answer the door…


Melissa could hear the doorbell but she didn’t want to open her eyes now that she found Shawn again. But whoever was at the door seemed to be leaning on the doorbell, so Melissa reluctantly opened her eyes and found the room was back to her sewing room and Shawn seemed to fade away from her once again.


Chapter Five


                   Melissa woke up screaming and crying, “Shawn where are you? And where is our baby, where is my Shawnee?” Melissa got up off the bed when she stopped crying and made her way to the bedroom door. Melissa made her way to the top of the stairs and called for Shawn, but he did not answer. Melissa went down the stairs to the lower floor to find him calling his name; she looked in the living room, kitchen, and the study but Shawn was nowhere to be found inside the house. Melissa went to the front door and opened it the sun was shining and it felt warm on her face. Melissa saw the car in the driveway, so she knew that Shawn was still there, she closed the door and wondered where he could be and why he didn’t answer her when she called his name. Melissa made her way back up to the second level of the floor of the house, she stopped at the nursery door and she turned the knob and found it unlocked. Melissa took a sigh before opening the door expecting to find the unfinished nursery, but she found her sewing room that is when she remembered that Shawn was gone and she felt the loneliness hit her like a ton of bricks as her heart broke again. Melissa sat down on the chair by the window and looked out at the yard; she could see the shed where Shawn kept all his tools and his motorcycle. Melissa closed her eyes trying to picture her and Shawn riding on the motorcycle him driving and her sitting in the back holding onto him around his waist.

“Missy, are you sleeping?” Shawn’s voice asked.

Melissa opened her eyes as she looked around the room; she saw the unfinished nursery and standing in the door way stood Shawn. Melissa jumped up and ran into his arms and she could not believe that she could touch him as tears filled her eyes as he held her.

“Missy are you ok?” Shawn asked his wife holding her in his arms.

“I am now that you are here with me again.” Melissa said as she wrapped her arms around his waist. Melissa was entrapped in the sound of Shawn’s beating heart, she wanted him to stay there with her and not leave her again. Shawn leaned down and kissed Melissa tenderly and scoped her up off the floor into his strong arms and kissed her trembling lips as he carried into their bedroom. When Shawn reached the bedroom he carried Melissa to the bed and gently laid her on the bed as he laid his body on top of hers. Melissa could feel his lips pressing on hers; she felt how Shawn’s body was pushing hers into the mattress.

“Missy, I am going to make love to you, I want you now.” Shawn whispered into Melissa’s ear she could feel Shawn’s warm breathe it was like the fire of a dragon. Melissa could feel Shawn’s hands on her body he was unbuttoning her blouse to free her pert breasts when each one was exposed Shawn tenderly licked each erect nipple until Melissa was moaning in pleasure.

“Shawn I would do anything to keep you here with me.” Melissa said more to herself then to Shawn.


Melissa called out Shawn’s name as she slowly began to wake up from her nap. She resisted because she knew that when she opened her eyes Shawn would disappear again. Melissa reluctantly opened her eyes and found herself feeling the loss of Shawn once again this time the loss was stronger, because she could still smell the scent of Shawn’s aftershave in the room.


           “Mrs. Robins, I am sorry to disturb you but your sister Ivy is here, should I show her up or would you like to come down?” Carol asked coming into the sewing room to find Melissa sitting in her rocking chair staring out the window. Melissa looked at the older grey haired woman in a black maid’s uniform; the woman looked worried as she wiped her hands on the white apron that was tied around her slender waist. Melissa forced a fake smile to comfort the maid, but Carol saw through the fake smile and could feel her employer‘s sorrow.

     “No tell Ivy that I will be down as soon as I freshen up.” Melissa said getting up and walking over to Carol and giving her a hug.

   “Mrs. Robins, I am so sorry about Mr. Robins passing. I have been worried about you.” Carol said holding Melissa by the arms.

   “I know thank Carol for your concern, how are you doing?” Melissa asked.

 “I am doing as well as can be expected, I have been with you and Mr. Robins so many years now, even before Shawnee was born, so you have become my family.” Carol said trying to hold back the tears.

 “Carol, you and Roger are family you have been with us through the good times and bad, and now that Shawn is gone, I hope you will stay.” Melissa said with a worried look in her eyes.

   “Roger and I would love to stay and care for you and Shawnee.” Coral replied with a smile. The two women gave each other one last hug before Melissa turned to leave the room and go down the hall toward her bedroom.



Chapter Six


Ivy was sitting in the garden room when Melissa came down the stairs.

“Ivy, how are you? I thought that you were going to visit after next week?” Melissa said as she walked over to the woman sitting on the wicker chair admiring the ivy that was in a pot next to the wicker sofa. Ivy looked very thin dressed in blue yoga pants and white silk short sleeved blouse that sported little blue flowers as a print; she was also wearing a pair of blue flat shoes. When Ivy turned to face Melissa, she looked like the light turned her brown straight hair into gold. Ivy rushed over to where Melissa was standing and threw her arms around her sister and held her.

“Missy, I am so sorry for the passing of Shawn, is there anything that I can do?” Ivy said holding Melissa in her arms. Melissa pulled away from her sister and nodded her head no.

“Missy, I know this is hard for you to handle so I thought that I could help you through it and help with Shawnee also. We will get through this together.” Ivy said bushing a tear that began to fall down her cheek. Melissa felt herself beginning to feel very weak so she walked over to the wicker sofa and sat down. Carol came into the garden room holding a tray with a ceramic tea pot and two tea cups that was resting on top.

“I thought that you and Miss. Collins would like to have some tea.” Carol said as she set the tray on the wicker coffee table in front of the sofa that Melissa seated on.

“Thank you Carol” Melissa said watching as Carol poured tea into the two tea cups for them. Ivy sat back down in the chair next to the sofa and waited until Carol handed her tea cup that was filled with tea.

“Thank you.” Ivy said with a smile as she accepted the tea cup and took a sip after she blew on the hot liquid. Carol left the room after the tea cups where given out to the two sisters.

Melissa and Ivy sipped their tea in silence until Melissa sighed and then the silence was broken.

“You know, Shawn and I use to sit in this room and look at stars and moon…..and talk about how much we meant to each other.” Melissa said as she looked up at the glass ceiling at the blue sky and the sun shining down on the flowers and tropical plants that lived in the glass room.

“Now he is gone, and now it is going to be only me and Shawnee, I don’t know how I am going to live without him.” Melissa said as tears rolled down her cheeks and she let the tears fall. Ivy put the tea cup she was holding back onto the tray that rested on the coffee table as she got up to sit beside her older sister to comfort her. Ivy held Melissa in her arms while they cried as they held one another.

“Let it all out, I am here for you Missy. I know it hurts. Just cry it all out.” Ivy said to her sister while she cried and sobbed, Ivy wanted to stop Melissa’s pain but she didn’t know how to all she could do was hold her and comfort her.


When Melissa stopped crying she was tired and Ivy could tell that her sister needed to rest.

“Missy, why don’t you lie down and take a nap for a bit. I am going to go to the guest room and unpack and get settled.” Ivy said helping Melissa to her feet and escorting her out of the garden room into the living room to the stair case that led up the stairs. When the woman reached the stairs Ivy helped Melissa to her bedroom, when they reached the master bedroom Ivy went to the bed and pulled down the covers and helped Melissa into the bed and tucked her in. Melissa could not keep her eyes open, she was exhausted from crying, and Ivy closed the door and left Melissa alone to sleep.






Chapter Seven


“Hey there sleepy head, are you awake?”

Melissa felt something tickle her nose she brushed it away with her hand, but as soon as she did it was not long before it tickled her again this time it was on her cheek. Melissa opened her eyes to find Shawn looking down at her his brown eyes that sparkled with a hint of gold in them. Shawn was tickling her with a red rose the petals of the rose was what was tickling her nose and cheek.

“Morning my love Happy Valentine’s, will you be mine?” Shawn asked smiling down at Melissa. Melissa nodded her head and that is all she could do, before Shawn image started to fade away and she could not feel his warmth beside her just the emptiness of the bed.

“No Shawn come back don’t leave me again!” Melissa screamed as the bedroom door opened and Ivy rushed into the room to find Melissa sitting up in the bed screaming Shawn’s name as tears streamed down her face.

“Missy, calm down, I am here with you.” Ivy said sitting on the bed beside Melissa and taking her into her arms to hold her.

 “I want Shawn to come back, I want him not you!”  Melissa screamed as she pushed Ivy away. Ivy tried to hold her sister again to comfort her and calm her down that is when Ivy knew how much Shawn’s death affected Melissa.

“Ivy, will you stay with me tonight?” Melissa asked when she calmed herself down enough to talk. Ivy shook her head and pulled down the blankets and got into the bed with her sister.


Melissa was looked at the daylight peeking through the opening in the drapes. Melissa rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she looked over at Ivy lying beside her sleeping soundly. Melissa got up and put on her silk robe and went into the bathroom to take a shower after she turned on the shower, Melissa looked at herself in the mirror. She just stood there looking at her puffy eyes from crying the night before. She could see the years of lines in her face not of laughter now; they were lines of sorrow and pain.

“So how about we go into town?” Shawn voice came from the shower. Melissa turned toward the shower and she could see the shower was full of steam then the glass door of the shower opened and out stepped Shawn his naked body glistening from the moisture and his dark brown hair starting to curl as he reached for the bath towel hanging on the hook, wrapped the towel around his waist before taking Melissa into his strong arms. Melissa could feel the water still dripping off his body as he held her, his body was glistening like a Greek God. Shawn leaned his head down and kissed Melissa very softly and tenderly, Melissa could feel the softness of his lips press against hers as he deepened the kiss.

“So Missy, what do you say?” Shawn asked after he broke away from the kiss.

“Say about what?” Melissa asked looking at Shawn with disbelieve that he was holding her and kissing her and she could feel him again. Shawn smiled and shook his head before speaking again.

“About going into town for the day?”

“Oh that would be great, when do you want to go?”

“Well I thought that we could make love first.” Shawn replied with a playful smirk on his face as he winked at her.

Melissa could hear Ivy knocking on the bathroom door as the image of Shawn faded away into the steam of the shower. Melissa opened the bathroom door for Ivy to enter the bathroom.

“Ivy, I think that I am going crazy.” Melissa said to Ivy who was standing in the entryway to the bathroom.

“What do you mean?” Ivy asked as she made her way past Melissa to the toilet to pee. Melissa looked back at her sister and said, “I see Shawn like he is still alive.”

“Missy, it that doesn’t mean that you are going crazy, it just means that you are remembering him. You still have a piece of Shawn with you, don’t forget your son. ” Ivy said as she flushed the toilet and made her way to the sink to wash her hands.

“No, Ivy you don’t understand, I am not only remembering him I can feel him and touch his body.”

“Missy, sometimes that happens when you are in deep remembrance. Remember when mom died I told you that I could see her going into the kitchen and when I went into the kitchen I smelled her perfume.”

“Ivy it is not the same, Shawn touches me intimately and kisses me and I can feel his hands, body, and lips.” Ivy looked strangely at her older sister.

“So what you are telling me is that Shawn is haunting you? He would not do that. All you need to do is relax; I will tell you what I will take care of Shawnee for you. I know what your problem is you have not eaten since the funeral, have you? Why don’t you take your shower and then we will get you something to eat….Then you will feel a little better.” Ivy said trying to explain what Melissa was going through. Ivy closed the bathroom door before leaving the room and leaving Mellissa alone with her thoughts.


Melissa took off the robe and her night gown and stepped into the shower the warm water caressed her body, but she could not just feel the water. Melissa felt a man’s strong hand caress her breasts and gently pinching her nipples, Melissa stood under the water with her eyes closed enjoying the touch. She felt someone’s mouth on her neck and then gently kiss the nape of her neck. Melissa turned to see her shower lover to find Shawn standing behind her as he kissed her lips and moved his hands down her body until he found the place that he was searching for. Melissa moaned softly at his touch and that is when he knew that she was ready for him, Shawn could not take much more but he wanted this to last so he kissed his way down Melissa body and put his mouth on her. Melissa let out a gasp and pushed his head into her, when Shawn could stand it no longer he stood up and held her close to him and picked her up and pushed her into the shower wall and then he entered her and made love to her as the water rushed down from the shower head onto the shower lovers bodies.


Melissa and Shawn washed each other’s bodies after making love.

“Missy, I am waiting for a letter from a friend of mine he is going to be coming to bring us a wedding gift. Can you tell Carol to keep an eye out for it and let me know when it arrives?” Shawn said before leaving Melissa alone in the bathroom and going into the bedroom to get dressed.





                                            Chapter Eight

“Miss. Collins, there is a letter that came for Mr. Robins what should I do with it.” Carol asked Ivy who was entering the dining room for breakfast. Ivy thought for a brief moment before answering Carol.

“Where did you put it?”

“I left the letter in the study; I thought I would ask you what I should do before giving it to Mrs. Robins.” Carol said just as Melissa entered the dining room interrupting the conversation, and setting down at her usual place at the table, after giving her son a kiss on the cheek.


“Shawnee, how are you doing this morning?” Melissa asked in tender tone to her voice. The tow haired boy with bright blue eyes looked at his mother and smiled.

“I am doing a ok mommy, Auntie Ivy said that she was going to take me to stay with her for a few days.” Shawnee answered with excitement in his voice.

“Yes I know that will be fun, and when you get back we will go on a trip maybe to Disney World.” Melissa said winking at her son.

“Carol did you get the mail yet?” Melissa asked taking a sip of coffee from her cup that was sitting on the table beside her. Carol looked at Ivy for help before answering her employer.

“Missy, let’s not worry about the mail right now, let’s enjoy these delicious eggs Benedict that Carol has prepared for us this morning.” Ivy said trying to change the subject of the mail, but Melissa would not let the subject of the mail go as she looked from Ivy back to Carol.

“Well Carol has the mail come or not?” Melissa asked again in a stern tone to her voice. Carol nodded her head to answer the question.

“Where is it?”

“Melissa, you can have the mail after you get something into your stomach!” Ivy said in a stern tone as she glared at Melissa.

“Shawn is waiting for a letter that is supposed to arrive today.” Melissa said glaring back at Ivy. Ivy nodded her head to Carol who was surviving the bacon to her.

“I put the mail on the desk in the study, should I go and get it for you Mrs. Robins?” Carol replied as she put the platter of bacon back on the table. Melissa smiled as she got up from the table and headed from the dining room.

“No thank you I will retrieve the mail myself.” Melissa said looking back at the two women watching as she left the room and made her way to the study. Melissa found the pile of mail waiting for her on Shawn’s oak desk; Melissa sat down in the brown leather office chair and looked at the letter that was on the top it was from Shawn’s office. Melissa picked up the envelope and tore it open she found a sympathy card on the front of the card was a photo of an eagle flying up into the sun and on the bottom were the words that read ‘Sorry for your loss!’  Melissa opened the card and there were messages and names of all the employees that worked for Shawn at his office, tears rolled down Melissa’s cheeks as she read what was written in the card. Then she put the card aside and took the next envelope it was addressed to Shawn Robins, Melissa opened the letter and read it:

Dear Shawn and new wife,

I am sorry that I could not make it to your house warming. I am going to be coming into Denver for some business and Shawn you said when I am in the neighborhood to let you know. I will be bringing your gift with me.

 See you soon


Melissa put the letter aside; she looked at the next envelope and on top of the envelope read Denver funeral Home

Melissa tore open the envelope and read the letter inside.

Mrs. Robins,

We found this note in Mr. Robins’ belongings.

Melissa found a piece of paper that read:


I will be back!

Melissa stared at the piece of paper and chills went up her spine.


“Missy, we are ready to leave.” Ivy said as she walked over to where Melissa was sitting behind the desk looking at the mail that on the desk. Melissa looked up at Ivy who was standing in front of the desk holding her cell phone in her hand.

“I will have Roger to take you to the airport?” Melissa asked looking at Ivy with a smile.

“Yes that would be nice, are you going to be alright? Don’t worry about Shawnee; I will take good care of him.”

“I know you will and I will be fine, a friend of Shawn’s is going to come for a visit.” Melissa said reassuring Ivy that she would be fine on her own.


Melissa walked into the driveway with Ivy and Shawnee to the limozeen Melissa hugged her younger sister then she kissed her son, as Roger put Ivy’s and Shawnee’s luggage in the trunk of the limozeen.

“I will call you when I get home to let you know that we made it. We will be back next week, I love you Missy.” Ivy said as she hugged her sister one last time then kissing Melissa on the cheek before allowing Roger to help her into the car.

“Mommy loves you, and you have fun with Auntie Ivy. I will see you next week.” Melissa said as she hugged Shawnee and kissed his cheek before Roger put him in the car. Melissa watched waving as the limo pulled out of the driveway, before turning to go back into the house.




The next morning Melissa was awoken by Carol knocking on her bedroom door.

“Mrs. Robins, there is a gentleman here asking to speak with you.” Carol’s voice came through the door.

“Come in Carol, I am up.” Melissa called to the maid as she got out of bed. Carol opened the door to find Melissa putting on her robe.

“Who is here?” Melissa asked Carol who was opening the drapes to let the morning sun shine into the dark room.

“He said his name is Melvin Dark-one, he said that he was a friend of Mr. Robins.”

“Did you explain about Shawn’s death?”

“No, I thought that you would like to explain that to him yourself madam.” Carol replied as she started to make Melissa’s bed.

“Give him some coffee and I will be down soon after I get dressed.” Melissa said as she left the bedroom and went into the bathroom to take a shower and then get dressed.

Carol finished making the bed before leaving to explain to Melissa’s guest that she would be with him soon.

“Would you like to have coffee or tea while you wait for Mrs. Robins?” Carol asked as she escorted the man into the garden room. Melvin was a tall man his clothing consisted of a brown wool robe, he was bald, and he looked like a well-built man very muscular. Melvin was wearing sandals on his feet, he looked like he came from the monk’s monastery, and he was holding a brown paper package under his arm. Melvin followed Carol into the garden room. Carol motioned for Melvin to take a seat on the wicker sofa while he waited; he declined to the offer and instead stood by a flowered pot with a red rose bush in it the roses were in full bloom, Melvin looked like he was vision out of the Bible.


It wasn’t long before Melissa entered the garden room and found Melvin standing in the room waiting for her.

“Hello, I am Melissa.” Melissa introduced herself walking over to Melvin to shake his hand. Melvin shook Melissa hand and looked back at the entryway in which Melissa just entered the room through. Melissa noticed that Melvin was searching for Shawn to be following behind her, but he was not there.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Melissa; you can call me Melvin Dark-one.” Melvin replied to his hostess. Melissa thought that Melvin looked like he came from heaven or maybe worse from the depths of hell, Melvin stood there holding brown paper package it looked thick like it held a box or big book inside. Melvin looked at Melissa with sadness in his dark brown eyes before speaking to her.

“I am sorry to inform you that Shawn has passed.” Melissa said with sadness in her voice. Melvin looked back his hostess with a smile, “No, he is just away for now.” Melvin replied to his saddened hostess taking her hand into his. Melissa began to wonder how Shawn knew this man; he never spoke of Melvin Dark-one before. Melissa sat on the wicker sofa to sit down and get her composure before she asked how Melvin knew Shawn. Melvin sat down next to her and handed her the package that he held in his hands. Melissa looked at Melvin thinking that this is the gift he meant to give to Shawn for a house warming gift. Melissa opened the package tearing off the brown paper wrapping and inside was a brown leather covered book Melissa thought it was a Bible because it looked like a Bible but there was no words on the cover, she turned the book over and there in gold letters was the title of the book. Melissa looked at Melvin as she read the title of the book.


“Melissa, I don’t come to people every day and help them get back what they have lost, but I am willing to help you.” Melvin looked at Melissa looked back with a confused look on her face but she didn’t say a word she just sat there confused looking again at the title of the book ‘The Necro Magick book of Life’.

“What does this book mean?” Melissa asked.




“Melissa, this there is something I must tell you. In my letter I said that I was a friend of Shawn’s, I know that he is dead and I am sorry for that. Shawn and I went to collage together, you see when I found about Shawn’s passing I had to come here and see you and give you this book.” Melvin said trying to explain who he was and why he had come to see her.

“So why did you give me this book?”

Melvin looked around the room he was feeling uneasy about being there all of a sudden then he looked at Melissa with a worried look on his face.

“I really must be going I umm….have a matter that I must attend that is another reason why I am here. I can return this evening and tell you more about the book and why I gave it to you.” Melvin said as stood up and took shook Melissa’s hand before heading for the door in which he entered when he arrived.

“Yes of course and I must insist that if you have no place to stay that you will stay here at the house. Any friend of my husband’s is also a friend of mine.” Melissa said setting the book on the sofa and escorting Melvin to the front door.

“Yes that would be kind of you, I will return this evening with my things.” Melvin said when they reached the front door so he could leave.

“Well then it is settled, I will have Carol make up the guest room for you.” Melissa replied with a smile.



Chapter Nine

Melissa was sitting in the living room curled up on the over-stuffed brown micro fiber sofa going through the book that Melvin had given to her before he left the house. Carol came into the living room to let Melissa know that she was going to her room for the night. Melissa looked up when Carol entered the room, “Mrs. Robins will you needing anything?” Carol asked.

“No, Carol, why are you going to bed?”

“Yes I thought that I would turn in early.”

“Ok Carol you have good night. I will see you in the morning. Good night.” Melissa said with a smile.

“Thank you and you have a good night Mrs. Robins. Good night.” Carol said smiling back before leaving the room. After the maid left the room Melissa went back to examining the book, the writing was in some strange language and there were colorful pictures but they seemed disturbing like they were of some kind of ritual of some strange cult or something. Melissa went through the pages she didn’t stop turning the pages until she came to a picture of a woman standing by a grave and there was a man lying in the grave it looked like the man was dead. On the page adjacent to the picture was of the same scene but this time the woman was holding a knife in her hand the knife was dripping with blood and the man now was standing in the grave instead of lying in it. Melissa turned the page to find the next picture the same scene as the previous ones but now the man was standing next to the woman he was not in the grave. Melissa didn’t understand but the longer that she looked at the picture she could see the images of the people in the picture took the form of she and Shawn standing beside his grave. Melissa began to cry what she would give to have Shawn alive again and with her. Melissa felt the tears began again as she wished that Shawn was there to comfort her and take away her pain and the heartbreak that she felt. Melissa put the book down on the coffee table that was in front of the sofa, she then lied down on the sofa and closed her eyes and before long she was asleep. Melissa’s dreamed while she was asleep, but this time Shawn was not in the dream. This time Melissa dreamt about being alone and how much she longed for Shawn; she could feel her heart breaking into pieces without him, how lonely she felt and how lost she was. She dreamt that she was lost in the desert in the dark; she could feel the cold loneliness there was no beauty it was just barren, no nature just dry creaking ground. Melissa felt so alone until she saw the shadow of a man coming toward her he was dressed in a robe from the ancient times, before Melissa could see who was walking towards her she was awoken by the sound of the doorbell. Melissa opened her eyes and got up and went to the front door to see who was there, when she reached the door she looked through the peep hole to see who was at the door. Melissa could see Melvin standing on the doorstep, he looked at the door waiting for someone to open the door and let him into the house. Melissa opened the door and let the man into the house.

“Hello, Melvin won’t you come in.” Melissa said greeting her guest as she held the door open for Melvin.

“Thank you Melissa, I am sorry that I am so late.” Melvin said as he entered the doorway into the house.

“I have been looking at the book that you gave to me. I have some questions.” Melissa said as she escorted Melvin into the living room to sit.

“What kind of questions do you have for me?” Melvin asked already knowing what Melissa wanted to know. Melvin looked down at the open book on the coffee table it was opened to the picture of the man and woman standing next to the open gave.

“Let me ask you if you could have anything that you have lost back what or who would that be?” Melvin asked sitting down and making himself comfortable on the sofa as Melissa sat down on the sofa also. Melissa looked at Melvin with a confused look on her face as she picked up the open book and placed it into her lap.

“I would want to have Shawn back and have him alive again.” Melissa said swallowing a lump that formed in her throat as she answered the question. Melvin grinned before asking his next question.

“What would you sacrifice to have him back? Think about your answer before you give it.” Melvin said with a look of warning in his eyes.

“I would give anything….I would sacrifice anything and everything to have Shawn back.” Melissa said as tears streamed down her face and she let them fall without trying to stop them. Melvin knew that Melissa was speaking from her heart and that is what he wanted to find out was how much she missed Shawn and what she would sacrifice to have him back. Melvin took the book from Melissa and translated the words that were written on the pages of the ancient book.

“A woman mourns at the grave of her husband she prays to the unknown to bring him back. She prays and stays next to the grave that holds the body of her husband that just died days ago. This only works if not longer than thirty moons any longer the body is decomposed and it is too late.” Melvin paused and looked over at Melissa who was sitting there listening to Melvin in disbelieve at what Melvin was saying. Melvin went on translating the words.

“The woman knows that she has to make a sacrifice to have her loved one back. She sacrifices her only thing that keeps her living; she sacrifices some of the life liquid that flows throw her very body. When she spills the blood, she sees her lover breathing and he stands, the man becomes stronger as the woman spills more and more of the crimson liquid until she is almost drained of the life flow. The man stops the blood flowing out of the woman’s cut, and then they are together.” Melvin stopped reading and looked at Melissa who was sitting with a look of hope and disbelief on her face.

“What are you saying?” Melissa asked Melvin who put the book back down on the coffee table.

“Melissa, if it could be possible to have Shawn back would you sacrifice anything even, your every own soul? Take a moment before you answer and be careful of what you say.” Melvin said with a sound of causation in his tone.

Melissa thought about her answer as a vision of Shawn being alive again and she and he being happy again came to her mind’s eye. Melissa closed her eyes and looked into her heart for the right answer and she found Shawn there also.

“I would give anything and everything even my very own soul to have Shawn back!” Melissa shouted.



Chapter Ten

Melissa went to her bedroom after talking to Melvin about the Necro book of life and the meaning of the book. Melissa was tired when she got into bed she seemed to sleep soundly that she fell into the dream cycle of sleeping. Melissa found herself in the desert with the robed man coming closer to her this time she could see that it was Melvin he was holding the ancient book in his hand he seemed to be offering the book to her. Melissa accepted the book and she opened it and there was a contract that read:

“I ___________ agree to give sacrifice everything even my very own soul to have Shawn Theodor Robins back alive.


D.O     The Dark –One


Melissa took the pen into her hand that was clipped on to the contract and before she could sign the contract Melvin gave her one last warning.

“You do know that by signing this contract, you will have no say over what happens.” After the words of warning came a strange thick mist like a thick fog, out of the fog Melissa saw herself with Shawn she kissed him then she died. After another vision of her and Shawn they were standing in front of her with a baby boy, but the boy was by a grave that read:

                        Here lye loving son and.....Melissa could not read the rest of the headstone because it was washed out by the thickness of the fog. Out of the fog stepped Shawn and Melissa alone but this time they were old. When Melissa turned to ask Melvin what all this meant, when she turned back to she and Shawn, the images disappeared.


“What does all this mean?” Melissa asked shaking.

“If you sign the contract to bring your husband back from the grave you will have to deal with whatever is to come. There is no guarantee that these things will happen just that you have to be aware that they could.” Melvin answered then disappearing into the fog. Melissa stood alone in the fog holding the book and contract and pen in her hands, she sat down on the cracked brown desert ground and put the book and contract into her lap and she took the pen in her writing hand took a deep breath and signed the contract. A bright light appeared and then fire came from the crust of the Earth and a voice said, “Melissa Ruth Robins you have signed the contract of Necro book of Life, now go back until you are called and tell no one of what you have done or about this book or contract.” Melissa heard a laugh then she felt pain and cold, Melissa found herself in the bathroom on the floor. Melissa felt the sting of the razor blade that she held in her hand that was tearing through her wrist and cutting and slicing she was horrified when she saw the blood gushing from the wound that she made into her wrist.

“Shawn, I love you and this is my sacrifice to have you back, I feel death upon me. I will be with you or you will be with me, either way we will be together.” Melissa said in a weak whisper that was dying away into the depths of the darkness of death….







Chapter 11

Shawn reaches across the bed for Melissa, but all he feels is the cold empty spot where she was the night before. Shawn awakes and looks across the bedroom at the bathroom door the door is closed but the bathroom light shone from the opening at the bottom of the door.

“Missy are you in there?” Shawn called from the bed to his wife. Shawn waited for Melissa to answer him, but there was no answer. Shawn called to her again, but still there was no answer, this made Shawn feel uneasy and he got out of the bed and started to make his way to the bathroom when Shawn Jr. opened the door to Shawn and Melissa’s bedroom wiping the tears from her eyes.


“Daddy, I had a bad dream about a monster fighting mommy.” Shawn Jr. cried as Shawn looked back at his four year old son standing at the door. Shawn saw that in Shawn JR’s arms he held a book, Shawn took the book out of so he could read the title of the book. Shawn opened the book to the page that held the book mark and looked at the page it was a picture of a woman bleeding over a grave. Shawn knew what the book was and knew what Melissa had done, he looked at his son pointing to the closed bathroom door he then he left his son standing there crying. Shawn ran to the bathroom and threw opened the door and he found a sight that made his heart sink, and made him feel sick to his stomach. Melissa was lying on the floor with the razor blade still held in her right hand. The white tile floor was a stained in red Melissa’s body was in a pool of her own blood, Shawn rushed to Melissa’s side. Carol rushed into the bathroom she didn’t expect the scene that she found Melissa laying there in Shawn’s arms bleeding out onto the floor.

“Carol, call the ambulance!” Shawn yelled at the older woman in the maid uniform. Carol ran to the phone in the bedroom and called 911 for help.















Chapter 12

Shawn held Melissa in his arms while he tried to stop the bleeding with the bath towel that was hanging on the edge of the bathtub.

“Missy I am here, you better not die on me! Hang on until the ambulance gets here, why did you do this? Why?” Shawn sobbed as he kissed Melissa head as he put more pressure to Melissa sliced wrists to stop the bleeding.

When the paramedics arrived they tried to stop the bleeding but had no luck without operating, and they didn’t have the tools to do that so they put Melissa’s limp body on the stretcher and rushed her into the ambulance to take her to the hospital.








Chapter Thirteen

Shawn was waiting in the waiting room of the hospital; the room was white with black leather sofas and round glass coffee tables that held magazines on top of them. In the corner of the room was a television that was hung on the wall, it was on the news was on the channel they were reporting the weather and traffic. A tall thin man in a white lab coat entered the room, he had sandy brown hair he was wearing blue scrubs and on his face was a pair of square wire rimmed glasses. The man walked over to Shawn with his hand out for Shawn to shake.

“Mr. Robins?” The man asked as Shawn looked up at him, as he got up and put his sleeping son down on the sofa.

“Yes I am Shawn Robins.” Shawn said as he stood up and shook the man’s hand. After shaking hands the two men sat down on the sofa.


“I am Doctor Willerbee; I am taking care of your wife.” The tall thin man said looking at Shawn with a sorrowful look on his face. Shawn looked at the doctor with a sad look.

“How is she? Will she be alright?” Shawn asked still wondering what he would do if she was to die.

“She was not…She was…” The doctor could not go on and he swallowed hard to stop himself from breaking down.

“What do you mean is she going to be alright or is she?” Shawn asked, as the doctor looked down at the floor as tears started to make his vision blurry. Shawn grabbed the doctor’s thin shoulders and shook the doctor.

“She can’t die; you have to save her she is all that we have!” Shawn yelled as the doctor looked down at the four year old boy, then back at Shawn who was now kneeling in front of him and crying.

“Mr. Robins, your wife lost too much blood and we could not stop the bleeding in time, she died on arrival, I am sorry.” The doctor said getting up from his seat and leaving the room with Shawn still on his knees now praying and crying. Shawn looked back at the doorway that the doctor left through to find Carol and Roger coming into the waiting room. Carol sat down on the sofa next to Shawnee who was sleeping soundly; Roger sat down in the sofa across from where Carol sat. Shawn got up off his knees and looked at Carol.

“We brought you some coffee, Mr. Robins.” Carol said handing Shawn a paper cup with steaming hot coffee inside.

“How is she Mr. Robins?” Roger asked with hope on his face. Shawn looked at his driver and maid then looked at the sleeping boy in Carols lap and cried.

“She is gone…she was dead when they arrived.” Shawn said as he cried and sobbed. Carol put the sleeping young boy down on the sofa and she went to Shawn and put her arms around him and they cried.

“I will call her sister and let her know that she needs to come.” Carol said as she looked at Shawn as tears rolled down her face.


“Yes, Carol Ivy needs to know and tell her to let call when she gets into town.” Shawn said threw his tears as he looked down at his son remembering the last time that he and Melissa was in that same waiting room….


Melissa was crying as Shawn held her in his arms trying to comfort her. Melissa was holding onto Shawnee’s little jacket and crying into the fabric.

“Melissa, he will be alright I promise you he will be fine. He is just having an asthma problem, they will help him breathe.” Shawn said trying to convince himself along with his wife’s disbelief.

“But Shawn he was not breathing and was turning blue, he is just a baby he is only three next month he will be four.” Melissa cried in a worried tone to her voice. Just then the doctor came into the room with a tired and sorrowful look on his face…















Chapter Fourteen

When Shawn arrived home, he put Shawn JR to bed and then he went to bed they need rest. Shawn laid down on the couch in the living room and fell asleep; Shawn was not asleep long before he began to dream…

Shawn dreamed that he was lost in a thick fog, he could hear Melissa calling for him; her voice was coming from inside the fog.

“Shawn where are you? Ha ha.” Melissa laughed like she was playing a game.

“Melissa where are you?” Shawn called through the fog.

“I bet you can’t find me…Come and find me!” Melissa laughed like she was playing a game of hiding seek.

Shawn could feel his heart beat quickening as he franticly searched for his wife but the more he looked the deeper and thicker the fog became.

Shawn awoke to the screaming of his son coming from the second floor of the house. Shawn jumped off the couch and rushed up to Shawnee’s room and found his son sitting up in his bed screaming and crying. Shawn rushed over to him and cradled his young son in his arms to comfort him.

“Daddy where is Mommy? I want Mommy!” Shawnee cried and sobbed in his father’s embrace.

“Shawnee, I know you want your Mommy, I am here for you. Mommy is gone she has gone to heaven, she is watching down on us.” Shawn said trying to explain why Melissa was not there with them.

“I want Mommy here with us not in heaven, why did she leave us Daddy.” Shawnee cried as Shawn brushed his son’s tears away. Shawn knew how much his son needed his mother and he felt helpless as he held his crying son in his arms.














Chapter Fifteen

Shawn looked down at the unopened box that rested on his desk. He read the address it was addressed to Melissa Robins reading her name made him cry. He could not believe that his wife was gone it made him angry that she would leave them. He thought of sending the box back to the person that sent it, but he just picked it up and put it in the chair.

He looked at the rest of the mail on the desk.


He looked up to see who was calling his name. It sounded like it was...but it couldn't be she was gone. Then he heard laughing and the soft fall of footsteps.

"I bet you can't catch me."

He went to the hall to see who was in the house. He caught a glimpse of a white silk cloth going around the corner into the living room.

"Melissa is that you?" Shawn asked not really believing that it could be her. When he got to the living room he found the book that Shawnee had in his arms the day that Melissa committed suicide. The book was opened to a painting of a man standing over an open grave he had his face in his hands like he was crying. The next photo was of the man hanging a rope over a tree branch, a woman stood up in the grave. The next was of the man sitting on a horse and putting the rope around his neck. The woman stood next to the grave looking down into it. The last painting the man was hanging from the branch the woman was standing next to the tree.


Shawn went out into the garage and got a rope and ladder. He went back into the house and took the items with him into the study. He sat at the desk and took the note pad and pen to write a note. He looked at the empty page thinking about what he was about to do. He wrote the note and then took the ladder and the rope...




Chapter 16

Carol was standing outside of the house with the police, as Melissa drove into the drive. Melissa looked at the ambulance and wondered what was wrong, was it Shawnee? Then she saw the stretcher it held a covered up body. She then saw Carol crying as a female officer tried to comfort her.

"Oh no it something must have happened to Roger. He said that he was not feeling well this morning." Melissa said to herself as she looked at the stretcher. 

"Are you Melissa Robins?" asked one of the men from the rescue.

"Yes I am. what happened?" Melissa answered as she looked at the covered body.

"Mommy." Shawnee called as he and Ivy ran up to her.

"Ivy will you take Shawnee inside." Melissa said before he could reach her.

"We can't allow anyone in the house mam." Said the female officer stopping Ivy from entering the house.


"Oh my Roger must have died in the house." Melissa said holding her hands up to her mouth in disbelief.

"Mrs. Robins..." Carol sobbed handing her a note.

Melissa read the note that was in Shawn's hand writing.


I am sorry for what I have done. I love you but you need to be with Shawnee, he needs you more than me. I will always love you.



After she read the note she looked back at the covered body. She very shakily lifted up the sheet to see who was under it. Shawn lay there with the rope still around his neck. His eyes wide open staring up at her.

Melissa felt weak and sick she tried to fight to stand, but her legs gave out on her as she fell to the ground.




When Melissa woke up she saw the face of Melvin looking down at her.

"Melissa are you ok?" Melvin asked.

"Shawn is dead." Melissa said crying.

"Yes I know, I want you to look into the book again." Melvin said as he handed her the Nacro Book of Life to her. She opened the book and looked at the pictures. She looked at the first page it was a painting of a man and woman in the hospital looking at a sonogram machine. The next was of a woman that looked like her sitting in the bathroom. She was crying as blood ran down her leg. The next painting was of she and Shawn in the hospital room crying.

"Melissa Shawnee was not born you miss carried."

"What do you mean he is in his room sleeping."

"Look at the next page of the book."

Melissa turned the page to a painting man that looked like Shawn getting into a car. The next one was of the car on a bridge. She looked at the next one of the car falling over the bridge.

"That is how Shawn died the first time. Do you remember?" Melvin asked looking at Melissa who seemed confused.

"What do you mean? Shawn..."

"Keep looking."

She looked at the next photo it was a painting of her standing next to a fresh grave.

"I gave this book to Shawn before he died. He wanted you to be happy so he gave his life so Shawnee could have life."

"What do you mean? Are you the grim reaper?" Melissa asked suddenly afraid.

"Look at the rest of the pages."

Melissa did as she was told and turned the page. She saw a painting of herself looking at the book. The next painting was of Melvin and her looking at the book. The next photo was of her slitting her wrists.

The last painting was of Shawn hanging himself in the study.

"What does this mean?" Melissa asked closing the book.

"Open the book back up." Melvin said.

She did and found other pages to the book. She looked at the first painting and then the next and then the last. She closed the book with trembling hands and began to cry.

"Your son was never suppose to be born." Melvin said and then leaving the room to leave her with her thoughts. She knew what she must do...No what she had to do. So it would end all of it. Melvin came back into the room and looked at her. She looked up at him with tears streaming down her face. He held out the knife to her and she took it.

"You must do this to make it all end."


Melissa stood next to the closed door looking at it. She put her hand on the door knob and slowly turned it holding the knife in her hand...







Shawn and Melissa waited for the doctor to come into the room.

"Well congratulations you two." the doctor said coming into the room.

"What do you mean?" Melissa asked.

"You two are going to be parents."




Book 3













The Ghost of Mr. Doodle


Tanya M. Henderson


                                                                Chapter 1  October 28, 2014


      The cab pulled on to the dirt road that led to the house on the hill. It was just getting dark and cold. They drove past two old run down houses before she reached Mr. Doodle's old house.

'I hope that I am not getting way over my head, by staying here.'

"The weather is going to be cold fall is finely here. Tonight it is going down into the low forties." The cab driver said.

"That is cold." Lorie said.

When the cab pulled into the drive way of the house, Lorie felt an uneasy feeling come over her. The driver parked the taxi and got out to get Lorie's bag from the trunk. It was cold and the wind was blowing so he put on his jacket.

"Are you sure this is where you want to be Miss?"

"Yes this is the house." Lorie said getting out of the cab.

"Well ok, but you know this place is haunted."

"That is why I am here. To see if all the stories are true." Lorie said taking her overnight bag from the driver.

"This not a place for a young lady like you to be staying. I could take you to a hotel in Central City."

"No thank. I will be fine I am only going to be here alone for one night, my crew will be here in the morning." Lorie said reassuring not only the driver but herself as well.

"Ok." The driver said as Lorie paid him and he got back into the cab and drove down the drive way.

Lorie  walked up to the house she felt fear and pain when she touched what was left of the railing on the porch steps. Lorie held the crystal that hung from the chain around her neck for comfort. She took a deep breath before going up the wooden steps to the front door of the house.

"Wow, I guess I didn't realize how difficult this was going to be." Lorie said. 

The wind howled Lorie knew that she would have noisy night. She walked up to the door and took out the old black skeleton key from her pocket. She felt like she was trespassing as she put the key into the lock and turned it. She opened the door and a feeling of sadness came over her like a ton of bricks that made her cry. Lorie had to close her eyes and take a deep breath before going into the dark house. When she got her composure back she took out her flashlight out of her overnight bag. She turned on the flashlight and shined it into the dark house as she went in. She felt cold when she walked into the entryway of the house. Lorie felt like someone was in the room, then she felt a like a hand was pushing back outside.

"I am not here to harm you." Lorie said in a shaky voice, but with a sound of confidence. She then felt the force subside. Lorie went back into the house and closed the door. She shined her flashlight around the room to see. The entryway was a small room there was row of hooks on the wall. A shelf above the hooks that held a lantern and matches. Lorie set the flashlight on the shelf and took one of the matches and lit it then lit the lantern with it. She took the lantern with her to see the rest of the house.  Lorie walked into the living room, the light of the lantern shone into the dark room. The floor boards creaked as she walked into the room. The room smelled of dust that made her sneeze almost dropping the lantern. She moved the lantern around the room and found another one sitting on the mantel of the fireplace. She walked over and lit it, the light brightened up the room. Lorie looked around the room she found a couple of rocking chairs next to the windows. A wooden bench with three embroiled pillows one with a J and D and the other shown pink roses.

"This looks like a good room to spend the night." Lorie said putting her overnight bag on the floor next to the fire place. She thought of lighting a fire but decided that it was too dangerous knowing that the fireplace hadn't been used since 1880.  She undid the hook on the side of the bag that held her sleeping bag. She unrolled the sleeping bag on the floor so that she would have a place to sleep for the night. She sat down on the sleeping bag with her overnight bag and opened it. She took out the paper lunch bag, a folder of papers, and the infrared camera. She placed all of the items on the sleeping bag next to her. Lorie set up the camera in front of the rocking chairs facing her sleeping bag. After she turned the camera on, she went back to her sleeping bag.

"Well it is time I have some dinner." Lorie said taking out the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, and apple out of the lunch bag. She opened the folder to go through the papers as she ate.

"The house was built by James Matthew Doodle in 1867. This is an old house, no wonder it is dirty and dusty. I wonder what things are living in here?" Lorie said as she read the information on the house.  The papers told mostly about the house very little about Mr. Doodle. Lorie found it very boring and finished her meal. She blew out the lantern and then laid down to get some sleep.



























                                                                   Chapter 2

      Ruth and George watched the car drive off down the road.  They grabbed their gear and unlocked the iron gate that led into the graveyard. George turned on his flashlight as he walked down the pathway. Ruth followed behind him with her flashlight.

"Ruth I think the grave is over here through these trees." George said.

"Do you want me to go ahead of you and see if I can find it?"

"Yeah why don't you." George said moving to the edge of the path so that She could pass him.

Ruth shone her flashlight onto the tombstones to see if she could find James Matthew Doodle's grave.

"Ruth Anne Mable, George Mable, Annabelle Mable. I don't see him. I am going to go farther down the path." Ruth said making her way through the brush and the trees.

"I am going to look around here. Don't go too far Ruth." George said looking at the names on the tombstones.

"I think I found it!" Ruth called to George as she took out a folder out of her backpack. She looked at a photo and compared the headstone to the one in the photo it matched.

"Where are you?" George called from down the path. Ruth went back to the path and shined her flashlight to where she left George.

"I see the light. I am coming."

Ruth saw George coming toward her. When he caught up to her she took out her sleeping bag and laid it on the grass next to the grave.

"Well it says here that a couple comes to the grave on October 28th. That is tonight, people have seen them at midnight." George said reading the file that he took from his backpack.

"What do we do now honey?" Ruth asked.

"I guess we wait until midnight."

"Why don't you come and join me?" Ruth said laying down on the sleeping bag.

George laid down next to her and rolled on top of her and kissed her passionately.

"Is this what you had in mind?"

"uh." Ruth said and kissed him back.

George took off jacket and undid the pearl buttons on Ruth's white cashmere sweater. They got up and unzipped the sleeping bag so that they could open it up. George took off his shirt he and then helped Ruth out of her sweater and bra. He laid on top of her pressing his chest into her breasts and kissed her passionately.

"George let me take off my jeans."

George rolled off of her so she could take off her clothes. He watched as got up  and stripped off her clothes in the moon light. The site of her in the moonlight made him aroused. He got up and stood beside her and took off his clothes also. The two lovers stood in the moonlight kissing in the grave yard. George gently pushed Ruth back on the sleeping bag and laid on top of her and kissed her. He gave her soft kisses on her cheek, her neck, each breast, her tummy, until he came to her special pleasure place. She moaned in ecstasy until she couldn't take it anymore. He took his cue and came back and kissed her lips as he entered her and made love to her. After George and Ruth made love they got dressed and at the bag lunch they packed.

"You are really quiet." George said looking over at Ruth who was looking at the headstone of James Matthew Doodle as she ate her sandwich.

"I know." Ruth said without looking at him.

"You know what?"

"It doesn't really matter as long as we still get married."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Never mind as long it's over, it doesn't matter."

"Ruth what are you talking about?"

"I don't want to talk about it. Let's just leave it be and never talk about it again." Ruth said looking over at him and smiling.

Ruth and George moved the sleeping bag a few feet away from the grave. George laid down after he set up the camera and recorder, and left Ruth sat starring at the grave. The night got deathly cold when she saw two figures a man and a woman come out of the forest of alps. The couple went up to the grave and stood there looking at the headstone. Ruth just sat there frozen watching them.  The woman wept as the man put his arm around her to comfort her. They stood at the grave and then vanished.



































                                                          Chapter 3  October 29, 2014

         "Did anything interesting happen here last night?" George asked Lorie as he set up the portable grill.

"I haven't looked at the camera yet." Lorie said taking out the coffee pot and the coffee.

"Well I saw some action." Ruth said getting the coffee and donuts out of her pack.

"What did you see?" Lorie asked.

"She said she saw the Doodle's." George said.

"You did you saw Mr. and Mrs. Doodle?" Lorie asked pouring water into the coffee pot and then putting it on the grill to heat up.

"Yes they went to their sons grave." Ruth said putting the coffee into the three cups she put on the picnic table.

"I can't wait to the video." George said.

"Let's check out the cameras after we have breakfast." Lorie said excepting a chocolate donut from Ruth.

"When is the person from the truck coming with our supplies?" George asked pouring them each a cup of coffee.

"They said that they will be here this morning." Lorie said taking a sip of her coffee.

"Ok, I guess we will have to wait for them."

They didn't have to wait long before the truck pulled into the driveway. They helped unload their supplies and then the truck drove away. They put all of the equipment in the house. George put the food and cooler in the kitchen. Lorie and Ruth hooked up the generator and then set up the computers. George put the mini refrigerator in the living room so he could hook it up to the generator. So they could keep some drinks, water, and fruit cold. Lorie went through the box of papers and files on the house, James Doodle, Annabelle Barkley, and Mary Jo the saloon girl.

"I will take James. George you take Annabelle, Ruth you take Mary Jo." Lorie said handing everybody a folder and small box.

"Let's take a look at the videos." George said taking the disc out of each camera and putting one into the computer.

"What one are we going to look at first?" Lorie asked sitting in the chair next to George.

"We are going to look at the one in the house first." George said as Ruth sat in the chair at the other side of him, so that he was in the middle.

They watched Lorie sleeping at midnight they saw a vision of a man. He walked into the living room and walked over to Lorie's sleeping bag. He was dressed in cowboy boots, jeans, a cowboys duster, and a brown cowboy hat. Lorie also noticed that at his hip was a gun and holster. The man scotched down beside Lorie and touched her hair. He watched her sleep and then he vanished.

Lorie felt a cold chill go down her spine at seeing the ghost. She opened the file and the first page was a photo of James Matthew Doodle the same man she saw on the video.

"Well it looks like Mr. James Matthew Doodle visited me last night." Lorie said showing the others the photo.  

Lorie watched the rest of the video but saw nothing just Lorie sleeping.

"Let's see what you saw last night Ruth." George said taking out the disc and inserting the other into the computer.

They watched at midnight they saw two figures a man and woman walk to the grave. The woman was dressed in a long black dress and vial she looked from the 1800's area. The man was dressed in pants, with a gun and holster at his hip, white shirt with a bow tie, he was holding a cowboy hat in his hands. The couple stopped at the grave the woman put her hands to her face. The man put his arm around her and they vanished.

"Well that was chilling." Ruth said getting up and going over to the window and looking out at the yard.

"Why don't we go over the information that we have." George said going over to see if Ruth was ok.

"It says here that James Matthew was born  in Boston October 31, 1850 to Matthew and Elizabeth Doodle. The Doodles moved to Central City in 1859 during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush. James' father found gold and built a house and a store for his family, so he would have something to fall back on when the gold dried up. James was known as the towns heartbreaker, all the woman in Central City wanted to marry him. He was a wild man he didn't have time for settling down. He would just love the woman and leave them and promise that they were his one and only love. When they found out he was cheating on them and never meant to marry them they would be broken hearted. That is why they called him the Brown Eyed Heartbreaker. In 1867 his parents moved to Denver they left him to run the store. That is when he built a house for himself , the one that you are living in now. The towns woman thought that was a sign that he was ready to settle down. When he was 28 years old he met an opera singer named Annabelle who he vowed to marry him. When he was 30 he was murdered 10/31/ 1880. Annabelle found him in bed with another woman and shot him with his own gun." Lorie said reading the report.

"It says here that Annabelle Barkley was Born in Denver May 15, 1856 to Sara Anne and Buford Barkley.  Buford owned a bank, the Barkley's were very wealthy people. Annabelle studied music and theater. She went to California to study Opera at the age of 15 years old. Annabelle always got what she wanted from her parents and the boys and her public. Everyone loved and adored her. Annabelle sang at the Central City's Opera house first grand opening March 4, 1878. That is where she met and fell in love with James Matthew Doodle. She vowed that they would wed. Annabelle found him in bed with another woman and shot him with his own gun. She shot the woman and then shot herself on October 31, 1880. She was 24 years old when she killed herself." George read.

"It says here that Mary Jo was born August 5, 1858, Her mother was Victoria West she worked at Slivers Saloon and boarding house. When Mary Jo was 16 she worked at Silver's also. she was killed in the home of James Matthew Doodle by Annabelle Barkley who found Mary Jo and James in bed together." Ruth said reading the file of Mary Jo.

"Here is the paper clipping of the murders. It says here On October 31, 1880 in Central City, Colorado. Gun shots were heard by Magritte Mattson, Mattson said the shots came from her neighbor James Doodle's house.  James Matthew Doodle and a whore named Mary Jo were found in Doodle's bed both shot in the chest. The famous Opera singer Annabelle Barkley was shot in the head out back of the house by the rose bush. She was dressed in a wedding gown." Lorie said reading the paper clipping of the Denver paper from 1880.



Chapter 4


          George went up in the bedroom with Lorie to help her set the equipment up.

"Did you tell Ruth about us?" George whispered while he and Lorie set up the spirit box and computer.

"No. Why does she know?"

"She told me that she knew something, but wouldn't tell me what it was."

"I don't know she hasn't talked to me." Lorie said as she put the camera on the tripod and turned it on.

"If you need me I will be downstairs." George said before he closed the bedroom door.

Lorie sat on the floor with her back to the door. She placed the flashlight on the floor beside her so it could be seen by the camera. The whole room was in the camera's view.


George and Ruth went down into the root cellar to set up the equipment.

"Are you going to be alright down here by yourself?" George asked setting up the spirit box and computer on the floor in the corner.

"I will be fine, it isn't like this is my first time." Ruth said setting up the camera.

"I will be right above you in the kitchen or out back in the yard." George said going up the wooden steps to the door.


George set up the equipment in the kitchen and then went out on the back porch and set up out there also. It was nine PM by the time everything was set up in all the rooms of the house.























Chapter 5

     Lorie sat on the bedroom on the brass bed in the dark. The room got cold and she smelt cigar smoke in the air.

"Hello? is there anyone in this room with me?" Lorie asked in a shaky voice. She heard heavy footsteps walking across the floor toward her. She felt someone touch her shoulder.

"Whoever is here with me could you please turn on the flashlight turn it on and off once for no, twice on and off for yes." Lorie said looking at the flashlight. The light went clicked on and off.

"Good. Are you James Matthew Doodle?" Lorie asked looking at the flashlight waiting for the response. The light flicked on and off twice.

"Is there anyone else in the room with us?"

The flashlight flicked on and off.

Lorie jumped when she heard the brass bed move like someone had sat on it. She took a deep breath before going on with her questions.

"Are you on the bed beside me?" Lorie asked with a shaky voice as a shiver went down her spine.

She starred at the flashlight as it turned on and then off. Lorie breathed a sigh of relief, but then she felt a cold hand on her hand as the flashlight turned on and off again.


 Ruth sat in the candlelight of the root cellar with her flashlight next to her. She heard the sound of scratching in back of her on the wall. The sound made her tremble, she felt cold and smelled the scent of vanilla.

"Hello? Is there someone here with me?" Ruth asked still trembling out in fear. The scratching became more intense as if answering yes.

"If you are here turn on the flashlight for me." Ruth said starring at the flashlight. The flashlight flicked on.

"Ok good now you can turn it off please." Ruth knew that she had contacted a ghost.

"Are you Mary Jo the saloon girl?"

The flashlight turned back on, Ruth heard someone walking across the floor.

"Were you killed in this house?"

The light came back on in answering yes to the question.

"Are you here alone down here?"

The light come back on.

"Did Annabelle Barkley murder you?"

Ruth heard the someone walk across the floor. The candle flickered and then blew out completely.


George sat in the kitchen waiting for something to happen.  He heard someone walk across the floor.

"Hello? Is anyone in this room?" George asked looking around the moonlit room. The china on the shelf rattled and the chair next to him moved.

"Are you Annabelle Barkley?"

The room turned deathly cold and George could smell a strong scent of roses.

"If you are Annabelle could you please turn on the flashlight for me?" George asked looking at the flashlight. Nothing happened.

"If you are Annabelle turn on the flashlight for..." George repeated himself again. The flashlight flew across the room at crashed into the wall with a loud bang. George jumped up and then the door opened and slammed shut.









































Chapter 6  October 30, 2014

       "After we have some breakfast we will check out our films." George said going outside to get the grill started.

"Did you make contact with Mary Jo last night?" Lorie asked Ruth as they got some eggs and bacon out of the mini fridge.

"I think so. All I know is I freaked the fuck out when the candle went out." Ruth said with a shiver.

"I know what you mean, I kind of freaked out when someone sat beside me on the bed." Lorie said looking at Ruth who was looking at her bug eyed.

"You mean he sat next to you? So you made contact then?"

"Yes." Lorie said as they walked over to the picnic table.

"George did you make contact last night?" Ruth asked handing him the eggs and the bacon to cook.

"I think I did more than make contact. I think I pissed her off." George said creaking the eggs into the frying pan.

"I think I am going up into the attic today." Lorie said pouring them all some coffee.

"I am going to take a nap it was a long night." George said as he gave them their breakfast.

"I think I will join you." Ruth said putting salt and pepper on her eggs.

After they cleaned up, they went back into the house to look at their films.

"Who's film should we check out first?" George asked.

"Check out mine." Ruth said.

They all looked at the computer screen to see if they could see anything. The screen showed  Ruth sitting alone on the floor in the candle light. It wasn't long before they heard the scratches on the dirt wall. They watched the dirt fall from the wall, but no one was there.

"Hello? Is there someone here with me?" Ruth's voice came over the computer speakers.

Then they saw a white orb go by the camera and go in front of Ruth and hang there. When Ruth saw this she grabbed a hold of Lorie's hand in fear. George put the video on pause.

"Well Ruth there is the proof that something is in the root cellar." George said looking at her and smiling. He turned the video back on to see what happened next.

"If you are here turn on the flashlight for me." Ruth said starring at the flashlight. They saw the orb go to the flashlight and turn it on.

"Ok good now you can turn it off please?"

The flashlight turned off.

"Are you Mary Jo the saloon girl?"

The flashlight turned back on. They heard footsteps walking across the floor as they saw a shape form around the orb.

"Were you killed in this house?"

The light came back on in answering yes to the question.

"Are you here alone down here?"

The light come back on.

"Did Annabelle Barkley murder you?"

The form walked across the floor to the candle and the form broke up into a smoky white. The candle went out.

Ruth picked up the flashlight and turned it on. She relit the candle.

"Are you still here?"

The screen just showed Ruth sitting there alone until she got up and turned the camera off.

George looked over at Ruth who looked white as a sheet. She sat there staring at the blank screen of the computer trembling.

"Ruth are you ok?" George asked. Ruth just sat there with a blank stare.

"I think we should wait for a bit before looking at the other videos." Lorie said putting her arm around Ruth's shoulders.

      It was about an hour before they were ready to watch the other videos. George put on the video of the bedroom.

The screen showed Lorie sitting on the bed. The flashlight was on the table beside the bed.

"Hello? is there anyone in this room with me?" Lorie asked in a shaky voice. They  heard heavy footsteps walking across the floor.

"Whoever is here with me could you please turn on the flashlight turn it on and off once for no, twice on and off for yes." Lorie said looking at the flashlight. The light went clicked on and off.

George paused the video.

"Well we have something in the bedroom." George said and then turned the video back on.

"Good. Are you James Matthew Doodle?" Lorie asked looking at the flashlight waiting for the response. The light flicked on and off twice.

"Is there anyone else in the room with us?"

The flashlight flicked on and off.

Lorie jumped.  They heard the brass bed move like someone had sat on it. She took a deep breath before going on with her questions.

"Are you on the bed beside me?" Lorie asked with a shaky voice.  They saw a figure of a man dressed in western clothes from the 1800's sit next to her.

She starred at the flashlight as it turned on and then off. Lorie breathed a sigh of relief, but then the man placed his hand on hers and smiled. The flashlight turned on and off again.

George played the video again but he paused it when they saw the figure of the man. Lorie took the photo of James Doodle off of the table and compared it to the man in the video. They were an exact match.

"Lorie you were in the room with James Doodle." Ruth said shaking.


"Well let's see what is on my video." George said worried what he would discover.

He turned on the video the screen showed George sitting at the table. They heard someone walk across the floor.

"Hello? Is anyone in this room?" George asked.

The china on the shelf rattled but no one was moving it.

The chair next to him moved away from the table.

"Are you Annabelle Barkley?"

"If you are Annabelle could you please turn on the flashlight for me?" George asked looking at the flashlight. Nothing happened.

"If you are Annabelle turn on the flashlight for..." George repeated himself again. The flashlight flew across the room at crashed into the wall with a loud bang. George jumped up and then the door opened and slammed shut. They saw a faint image of a woman in a wedding dress go out the door.

After the video was over George sat there starring at the blank screen.











































Chapter 7

     Lorie went up into the attic after Ruth and George went to sleep. She climbed the stairs the room was empty except for a trunk she found by the window. She wiped the dust off of the top of the trunk and opened it. She found a photo of James Matthew Doodle sitting on a black horse with a white face. She set the photo on the floor beside her. She found a photo of him and a woman in front of the opera house.

"That must be Annabelle Barkley." Lorie said.

Lorie also found some soft leather note books. She opened one of them and looked at it, the writing was very neat. She read what was written on the first page.

I open my eyes and I see love,

I look into your lovely eyes my Maria

I see pain.

My heart I must take

Yours I must break

but I love you on this day.

My Maria.

Lorie read the rest of the pages they were all pomes. She was learning more about James Doodle, he was a poet.


Red rose kissed by the dew,

A rose as pretty as you.

My favorite rose is

a rose kissed by you.

Lorie pawed through the trunk and found some letters tied by a piece of twine. She untied the twin and opened the first letter and read it.

My Love,

I am writing this letter to you with a heart full of love. I wish I had you here with me. I look out the window and I wonder where you could be without me. Without you I just live from day to day and do what I may. I built you this house in hopes that I might find you one day. Now you are in my heart and there you will always stay. Until you are here with me one someday.

Your love,

James M. Doodle

My Love,

I can't tell you how much my heart aches for you. Day after day I search for you in the faces of so many other woman. I never find yours only when I am alone in my bed do I find you. We dance, laugh, and love in my dreams. I can see you, hear you and touch you there...Where are you my love? I am here waiting for you to appear. When I awake you are never here.

Your love,

James M. Doodle

The more she read James Doodle's letters, writings, and pomes the more she knew who he was. He was a romantic man looking for his love.

"So in trying to find your love you got the repartition of being the brown eyed heartbreaker." Lorie said looking at the photo of James.


Chapter 8

   Ruth sat in the root cellar in the candle light. She turned on the spirit box and the video camera to see if Mary Jo would respond to her questions.

"Hello. Mary Jo are you here with me?" Ruth asked as she turned the dial on the spirit box to see if she could make out anything.

"Yessssssssss. I ammmmmmmm Hereeeeeeeee. It is cooold." Ruth heard a woman's voice.

"I there anyone else here with us?" Ruth asked.


"Mary Jo do you know who killed you?"

"Yes. I am dead." The woman said.

Ruth heard someone crying.

"Why? Am I dead?" The woman asked.

"It say's in the paper that you were killed." Ruth said holding her crystal in her hand.

Ruth heard footsteps walk across the floor and then the candle went out. "Why do you keep blowing out my candle?" Ruth asked relighting it.

"Don't like the light. Bad...Where is everyone...No light."

"Why are you afraid of the light?"

"It is bad...I can't see...shines bright...bright light."

"Mary Jo do you know what happened on October 31, 1880?"

"I left the saloon with a man...usually girls take up stairs."

"Did you know this man?"

"Brown Eyed Heartbreaker."

"What happened to you here."

"I died."






      Lorie sat on the bed in the candle light. She heard someone walk across the floor, and felt someone sit on the bed beside her. Lorie turned on the spirit box and video camera.

"Hello. Are you sitting beside me James?" Lorie asked as she looked down at his photo.

"Yes. I am here with you." A man's voice came over the spirit box.

"Do you know me?" Lorie asked.

"You are Lorie." James said. Lorie felt a shiver go up her spine hearing him say her name.

"Do you know where you are?"


"James do you know why you were killed?"

"I am dead. Annabelle...you pretty."

"What do you mean? Did you say I am pretty?"

"Yes, I saw you down stairs. I like you...You are good."

"Thank you I like you too. James I read your pomes and writings. You are romantic."

"I Love."

"James do you remember one of your pomes? Could you tell me one?"

"Yes...Lorie...My light...Lorie my soul..Lorie my strength...Lorie my gold...my sweet Lorie stay...Please stay..."

Lorie felt a hand on top of hers and she felt likes someone touched her lips.

"James did you just kiss me." Lorie asked trembling. She felt her heart race.

There was no answer just silence.




     George sat down at the kitchen table after turning the spirit box on and the video camera. He heard someone walk across the floor.

"Hello. Annabelle is that you?" George asked.

"Why are you here?" A woman's angry voice came over the spirit box.

"We are here to find out what happened in this house."

"Murder! Murder! Death!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"He loves her...He loves her!" Annabelle yelled.

"He loves who?"

"Her!...Kill him!"

George shook at the words Kill him. He shut off the box.



























Chapter 9  October 31, 2014

    Gorge was outside when Ruth came up from the root cellar. George was having some coffee when she came out with her coffee cup and poured some coffee for herself.

"Where is Lorie?" Ruth asked.

"She must still be upstairs." George said shaking not from the chill of the air, but what happened last night in the kitchen.

"Is everything ok?" Ruth asked.

"Yes. I just want to be alone." George said going to the back of the house to find privacy.

He didn't find what you was looking for. He saw a figure of a woman in old fashioned clothing. She was standing next to the rose bush watering the bush with a watering can.

"Hello." He called.

 The woman looked up and waved at him.

The woman just stood there smiling and waving at him. Then she went into the trees. He followed her into the woods until they came to a hill that led to the grave yard. The same grave yard that James Doodle was buried in. The woman in the wedding dress led him to the grave and then she put her hands up to her face and wept.





























Chapter 10

      Lorie laid back on the bed as she felt James touch her. She could feel his hands on her. She took off her clothes and laid on the bed naked. She closed her eyes and she could see James on top of her looking into her eyes. She felt his lips on hers as they kissed. She heard him say that he wanted her. Lorie never felt love before, she always longed for love but it never came. The time with George was not love it was a mistake. This was love that she felt. She dreamed of how it would feel to have James inside of her...making love to her. She touched her self, but she dreamed that it was him touching her.

"James." She moaned.

"Yes my love." James's voice came over the ghost box.

"I want you to make love to me."

"Come to me Lorie. Come to me."







     Annabelle looked up and looked over at George as she went back to the house. George  went past Ruth as he followed Annabelle into the house and up the stairs, Ruth followed George. When they got to the bedroom they found Lorie on the bed naked she was holding a knife to her throat. George grabbed the knife and tossed it across the room.

"Lorie what is going on?" George said covering her body with the blanket on the bed.

"I want to be with him." Lorie cried.

"Who?" George asked holding her.

"James." Lorie sobbed.

"Honey, you can't be with him. He is dead." George said.

"Get...rid...of ....him." They heard Annabelle's voice come over the ghost box.

"No!" Lorie screamed as she pushed away from George and grabbed the box and threw it at the wall. The ghost box smashed into pieces on the floor.

"Ruth, I need your help." George picked up the knife and they left the room leaving Lorie crying on the bed.

"What do you need me to do?" Ruth asked.

"I need you to help me exercise this room." George said.

"You mean an exorcism?"

"Yes If we have to. Maybe we can make James go into the light." George said.

"We have to get something that belonged to him. I wonder what Lorie found in the attic?" Ruth said.

"I will go check you stay with her." George said going down the hall to the door that led to the attic.

George found the trunk that Lorie went through. He pawed inside looking for something that was James Doodles. He found the one thing a cowboy loved more than his horse that was his gun. A Colt Frontier Six-Shooter, George knew that it was a cowboys pride and joy. George grabbed the gun out of the trunk and brought it back down stairs with him.

 George came back into the bedroom holding the gun in his hand.

"Ruth go and get the salt we need to sprinkle around the room." George said. Ruth went outside to the grill and got the salt and brought it up and sprinkled in around the floor of the bedroom. Lorie tried to stop her from doing it.

"What are you doing?" Lorie asked.

"We are going to get rid of the ghost in this room!" George yelled.

"You can't I want him to stay here! I want to be with him!" Lorie yelled.

"James Doodle, I want you to be gone from this house." George called firmly.

"No James don't go. I need you." Lorie called.

"Ruth get her out of here." George said grabbing Lorie and holding her. Lorie tried to grab the gun out of George's hand. They struggled with the gun.

"George you can't do this, to me after what happened between us." Lorie said grabbing the gun and pointing it at him.

"What do you mean? After what?" Ruth asked.

"Ruth I am sorry, but George and I had..." Lorie said looking at Ruth.

"You had a what?" Ruth yelled. George grabbed Lorie around the waist and struggled to get the gun out of her hand. The gun went off and George fell onto the bed. Ruth ran to him and tried to stop the bleeding the bullet made in his chest.

"Lorie go get help!" Ruth yelled at the woman standing there holding the smoking gun.

"I am sorry Ruth...I love you..." George said coughing and chocking and then he stopped breathing.

"Lorie you bitch! You killed him!" Ruth yelled and screamed as she ran and pushed Lorie down on the floor. The two woman struggled for the gun and Ruth overpowered Lorie and grabbed the gun.

"What did he mean by he was sorry whore?" Ruth yelled pointing the gun at her friend.

"Ruth we had and affair." Lorie said.

"You fucking bitch! How could you? You were my friend!" Ruth said and then pulled the trigger.

Ruth closed the bedroom door and went down the stairs. She went out the kitchen door to the back yard to the rose bush. She put the gun up to her head and pulled the trigger......














                A year later....


     The taxi cab drove up the driveway. A woman got out of the cab she looked at the house and a chill ran up her spine.

"You sure you want to stay here lady?" the cab driver asked taking the woman's bags out of the trunk. " I heard there was some gruesome murders that happened here. One on October 31, 1880 and the other happened just last year on October 31, 2014." The cab driver said.

"Yes I know that is why I am here. Me and my team are here to find out what happened." The woman said.

"Ok, but I wouldn't stay here that is for sure." the cab driver got back into his cab and drove down the driveway.














































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