A robot murders a Kayla's sister she goes to visit her and after seeing the extent of her injuries wants revenge and with the help of a small identification box and a box of EMP grenades tracks down the android to Saint Augustine.

The one thing in her way were the gorillas at the door which made entering the lobby difficult. How dare they prevent her from seeing her they had no right. She watched the nurses go by accompanied by well dressed doctors and radiologists but none took notice of her. She looked at them wishing she could tell them where to go. Kayla wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. She had to get inside the building without being. She stood up, concealed herself behind a wall and waited for nanotechnology to change her from beige to caramel then she put on the lab coat she found,passed her hand over the identity tag and entered the lobby. As she walked by the old crone Kayla gave the cow a smirk then made it look a casual encounter and headed for the elevator station where she pressed the up button and waited for the doors to open. When she went inside she was joined by three more people, she gave them and smile and pressed the the button for her sisters floor. When the doors opened she walked by the laundry room and the AEC station until she made to her room. But when she opened the door her heart fell in her stomach. She was hooked up to a breathing tube, with her head bandaged and a bruise below her right eye. Kayla rushed to her side stroked her hair then kissed her cheek. "Who did this to you, I want to know." Her sibling moaned and tried to move a hand under the blanket then handed her a small black box and brushed against it with her knuckle. An android popped up slender, shiny and menacing. She picked it and concealed it in her pocket. Someone cleared her throat and when Kayla turned around a head nurse stood in the doorway with hands on her hips looking like a teacher who caught someone smoking in the girls room. "What do you think you're doing?" Her disguise disappeared but not her courage and she straightened up, looked the crone in the eyes and said."This patient is my sister." "I don't care who you are, this patient is not to be disturbed and where did you get the uniform." Before the cow had a chance to show her out Kayla turned around and left of her own volition. As two nurses attended the patient, she walked away dejected. She waited until she was outside then her knees buckled, she covered her face and cried while all around her people walked by. When she was done an elderly woman handed her a handkerchief to wipe her tears. Kayla stood up and walked to her motorcycle. On the way she stopped to reach in her pocket for the box, repeated what her sister did then spun the android first clockwise then counterclockwise to see if she could find a weakness to exploit when her inspection was completed she closed the program and started the engine. It started a few times then died and she cursed her misfortune then dismounted, got out the repair kit from under the seat and went to work under the manifold then hit the kick starter again. The engine roared like thunder, the kickstand retracted and she sped off. Up Park Street then River street and northbound on the Fuller Warren Bridge. tears welled up in her eyes when that awful image filled her eyes but they were tears of anger as well as grief but she fought it off and the bike sped on unsafe levels then with no warning a safety barrier stopped her when she came so close to ending it all, she waited for it to pass changed lanes and took the onramp to Old Saint Augustine Road then a right on Oldfield Road and another on Loretto then a dirt road where she dismounted and walked towards an oblong house wondering how to explain the situation to her grandmother. When the door opened she could feel her resolve ebbing as a woman filled in the doorway with crows feet at the corners of her eyes skin like parchment and liver spots on her hands and a port wine stain on the left side of her face. Kayla broke down and rain in to her grandma's arms blubbering. She looked over her shoulder expecting another person but saw no one else. When she was more calm she said. "You'd better sit down." She turned somber. "Why, where is she?" "I'll tell you in a minute." Kayla said, she closed the door and they walked down the laminate floor to a leather sectional sofa. She waited until her grandmother was relaxed then sat on the ottoman and said. "She's in the hospital nana. Her grandmother got up quick "How, what happened?" "Calm down." "She's is in the hospital and you're telling me to calm down?" Kayla put her hands on her shoulders and gave her a clear description of what transpired and when she was finished she reached in her pocket and removed a small obelisk. She didn't object when the lady took it from her and pondered its use. She explained how to extract the information then went to feed her stomach . When she returned her grandma a note telling her she'd be back. When she returned there was something cradled in her arms. She went around the couch, took the sandwich from her hands and presented it to her. Kayla puzzled. As if reading her thoughts Caroline said. "The barrel isn't actually normal but it does the job, I found it in an alley." Kayla removed the towel, gripped the handle in her hand. Grandmama turned off the safety then showed her how to use it. She aim it at a spider on the ceiling and when she pulled the trigger. There was a loud whine then the hard recoil knocked her on her butt. She got up from the floor, rubbed her back side and when she was able to stand up she saw a smoldering hole and bits of dead spider littered the floor. A smile grew on her face. Then she looked at the shiny chrome finish, caressed the barrel and said. "This thing is the bomb." She put the weapon away then they talked over a few beers as they reminisced over her sister, then after a good cry Kayla tossed the cans in the trash, kissed her grandma good night and went to bed. When she opened the door to her room she saw her sisters things on the bed, her eyes welled up with tears, she picked up a plushy and cried then wiped her cheeks with a paper Kleenex went to bed. The following morning she went down stairs to field strip the rifle then brought it outside and slip it in her saddle bag and returned for breakfast. At the front door she kissed grandma good bye told her she loved her then returned to her bike. waved goodbye and left. As she thought of her sisters injuries the dislike she harbored for these people evolved into hatred. Kayla took a left at the corner then a right at San Jose Boulevard. When she came to Famous Amos she pulled to the side of the road parked her bike, walked to the entrance and opened the door. And followed the wild aroma of hot syrup and sizzling bacon but the sounds of robotic legs combined with the monotone voices gave her pause. A red and blue android caught Kayla by surprise and asked to lead her to a seat. She wanted to tell it to bug off but followed it instead. After the gear head lead her to a table it left her to her lonesome. She sat down and perused the menu, everything looked enticing but the ham and waffles caught her eye. When the android returned Kayla gave her, her order along with a pot of coffee and a large glass of OJ. As she watched her leave a plan formed in her mind. It was disgusting that the androids who murdered her sister was permitted to breathe the same air as her and it festered in her mind. When the bot returned with her order she added sugar, clasped the mug in both hands and took a sip as the android returned with refills. Kayla picked up her glass of ice water got up and walked down then emptied the whole glass on its back and walked away while it malfunctioned. Kayla smiled in spite of herself but kept her satisfaction hidden until she paid her bill. "That will teach those nano-brains." She thought. When she was halfway down the street the head waitress along with a manager raced outside and one of them held a cell phone ready to call the authorities. When she saw her sisters face she turned the bike to the curb and unloaded everything on the sidewalk then wiped her mouth with a napkin and drove by Ace Hardware. 7:00PM she put the back of her hand against her mouth to stifle a yawn and went to look for a place to sleep. Up ahead was a liquor store and she went inside. When the proprietor was done with his last costumer she asked if there was a place where she could stay the night, he told of a place with satellite TV and free WiFi called the Evergreens and gave her directions. She thanked her and left. At Hood road she went by seedy homes then drove left. To her right was the sign with the name stenciled on it but instead of a showplace she saw a rotting roof, shattered windows and a lopsided staircase. It uneasy feeling in her stomach. She felt a raindrop on her head so she tossed caution to the wind and veered off the road and on to the gravel drive and parked next to a mildewed plywood fence. The kickstand lowered and a boot came down crushing stones under her feet and made a move towards the reception office. The door hung half off its hinges and the musty smell of mold hung in the air the first thing she noticed was the tiled floor littered with old coke cans, swarming with cockroaches. Kayla pinched her nose between thumb and forefinger as she eye balled the desk and approached it with caution. The computers were low quality held up by plywood and cinder blocks. She turned to leave and a dude stood in the doorway in his early twenties had closed cropped red hair, lanky wearing a Guy Harvey tee and faded denims torn at the knees. He wiped his hands on his pants and burped. "What's up?" He asked in a drawl. She wondered what was hidden behind his back. She swallowed and said. "I need a room for the night." He looked her up and down smiling showing rotten teeth. "And how long will you be staying?" "That subjects not open for discussion just hand me the keys and dismiss the small talk." She watched carefully as he went to the front desk, removed a key from on of the cinder blocks and swaggered toward her twirling the key ring round his index finger like. He got on her face and before he could kiss her she grabbed a hunk of his shirt, grabbed his middle finger and pushed it back all the way until the keys fell into her opened hand then head butted him and left the office. There was a rumble of thunder by the time she reached the staircase. The steps was warped and covered with pencil thin cracks. She tested one then took them one each hearing a soft creak at each step expecting them to give way. When she got to the top she sidestepped along the rooms using the wall as a backrest and looked below. She checked each room against the number on the paper until she came to the right one, opened the door then back walked inside, shut the door and locked it behind her. The ceiling leaked and the walls was covered with a green mold. Her face turned grim at the faded lace curtains and there was a distinct odor of pot in the air. Instead of the bed she chose the floor, grabbed a spare blanket from the closet and settled down for the night. Her eyelids drooped, closed then she turned over closed her eyes and settled in, switching positions but didn't notice the lock turning and footsteps approaching. Startled by the noise she waited until he was closer then went into action. She kicked his leg shattering his patella then punched him in the face and grabbed a shank of hair, looked in his eyes and demanded. "How'd you get in here?" Her eyes welled up with tears. "I-I-I've got keys to all the rooms, t-t-t-thought I'd got some fresh meat please don't hurt me!" Holding on to his hair she dragged him to the door, opened it and physically ejected him then slammed it shut and went back to sleep. The following morning she learned the pervert had gone to Saint Vincent Hospital to get treated for a broken noses and get a leg x-rayed, she wished she'd broken his other leg too. After she went downstairs to see if the scoundrel took anything from her saddle bags she went to feed her stomach and was directed by the smell bacon and coffee to a ranch house but stopped when she saw androids serving the people outside. She hid behind an alcove and waited until the nano-brains went inside then went to check out what they were eating. She saw flapjacks with syrup, scrambled eggs and bacon and blue berry muffins and her stomach growled. She looked for more robots then went inside and found a seat then tapped the touchscreen on the table and clicked the breakfast icon which brought up a conglomeration of culinary tidbits she entered her order and waited to be served. When her meal arrived she used the card her nana gave her and tried to catch the eye of the waitress. When the bot came she paid her bill and left satisfied. Kayla saw a three car collision in the rear view mirror then turned her attention on the highway then turned a corner, scanning for posters along the way that could help in her mission, she scoped a message on a traffic light pole. She placed both feet on the street and eyeballed it. It was filled with extraneous material but one item in particular caught her eye. She made a mental note of the address and then turned the bike left. As she turned down Beach boulevard she saw the place up ahead and stopped, dismounted and went inside. In the assortment of edgers, push mowers and lubricating oil was a man with scruffy red hair wearing an old shirt, she walked up to him and used the code words. "I need a replacement battery for my edger." The man looked at the customer he was talking with, excused himself to take care of Kayla. "I've just the thing follow me." Kayla followed him passing shelves of lawn care parts, replacement reels to a small office and locked the door behind him then turned and with arms folded asked "What have you got in mind?" her eyes narrowed. "Excuse me." He gave her a disarming smile. "Sorry sometimes people don't know where I'm coming from, I mean what weapons are you in the market for?" She took a moment then replied "Something that can stop a nano brain whose butt I want kick." He stepped away from the cabinet, got down on his knees, removed a rug,then opened a secret compartment and lifted an ordinance box. Opened it and stepped back. When she looked inside she saw laser pistols, magnetic grenades as well as hunting knives and assault rifles. "The more Benjamin's you got, the bigger the bang. She picked up a sphere with semicircular ridges and tested its weight. He nodded at it. "It's an EMP grenade, used to disarm drones. She saw 5 of them then asked. "What does five hundred get me?" He removed five grenades, stood up but stopped short of handing them over." Five hundred cash now or the deals over." Kayla removed some hundreds counted them and slapped them on his opened palm and as he walked away he said. "Nice doing business with you." As he counted out the money he said. "I'm sure you know the way out." She looked at the grenades cradled in both arms and with and slipped out the back. Outside she looked around, walked to her bike, stuffed the bad boys in her saddlebag, kicked the baby into action but stopped when she saw two senior citizens at the corn and went to inquire about a place to sleep, they suggested a place she thanked them gave them 50 dollars for their trouble and left. When she walked inside the place didn't disappoint, the floor had a clean red carpet, a walnut coffee table with magazines and newspapers and a breakfast area. She walked towards the desk clerk, paid for her room then took a lift to the second floor and walked to her room opened the door and went inside. It was lots better than that dump she left behind it had a clean bed, chrome ensconce lighting and a flat screen television with HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. She tossed her stuff on the bed and went to scrub the city's crud off then went to bed. The following morning she grabbed some breakfast then went out to do a little snooping. When returned she was totally worn out and disappointed she pulled off her clothes and slept in her sports bra and underpants. By Friday she was getting frustrated the SJSO hasn't seen the nano brain and neither have the folks. She sat at the foot of the bed to do some constructive thinking then went downstairs, grabbed an apple and a banana stuffed them in her bag and left. On I295 she took the onramp to State road 16 until she came to Ponce DeLeon Boulevard. A Kawasaki passed by on the right and a woman pushing a stroller on the right. Kayla turned left then stopped to ask a PSA officer if there was a robotics shop in thanked him, left the bike and walked the rest of the way. she remembered the formidable weapon her gramma gave her but rather then turn back she walk towards the store. An alarm announced her arrival. She walked by an amalgamation of LEDs and mother boards then went down a different aisle and stopped, pulled out a box, picked a few odds and ends then went to a cashier who put it all in plastic bags she paid then went to another store to buy a soldering iron, some soldering wire. When she returned to her room, Kayla dumped the contents then worked throughout the nights until the morning hours to put her creation together. By 0500 it was completed and fully functional then placed it gingerly on the table being
careful not to damage it. She pressed a button near the joy sticks and the drone went into stealth mode then sent it through the opened window. She watched the screen as it buzzed a bald eagle matching its speed then directed it face forward She watched as it closed in on the bird so she could see it's yellow beak and flew under it. Satisfied with it she recalled the drone then added a firewall and special antivirus software and an inexhaustible fuel supply. She entered the ashcans coordinates, sent it on its way then took a cat nap. At 0700 she was awakened by a message about her targets location. She grabbed a piece of notepaper and a pen to jot down the numbers then as she completed the last calculation the screen went dark. She wondered now if her target was coming to her. So as not to disappoint Kayla took a seat, set facing the door then grabbed her weapon and waited patiently but was disrupted by a cacophony of deafening police sirens and the crash of SUVs and travel vans. When she went to the balcony. She saw a full metal jacket flying from his wrists, shattering windshields and killed three deputy's. It hold its hand arrow and stopped a car demolishing it in the process. She wondered if she should wait the smelled the stench of lubricating oil and heard the whirr, clank, whirr of gears which stopped her cold then the door flew off its hinges replaced by a formidable adversary with a strobe light on top of its head. She grabbed the rifle, turned off the safety then fired. The beam penetrated it's defenses then faded dead away" Her stomach sank "oh crap!" She dropped the weapon and backed away as it came towards her holding out it's hands. Kayla searched for something to throw at it then felt pressure on her fingers and when she looked up a metallic hand gave a slight squeeze. as it applied pressure her eyes teared up. She remembered the grenades on her hip, pressed the trigger on one then attached it to his chest plate. With its attention diverted it she ran from the room down to lobby then out the door and half way down the street.Before she reached the Bridge of Lions there was a bright light followed by a clap of lightning and when she looked at her handiwork there was nothing left but a few arm flanges and a lower torso. When the police arrived assessed the damage she ran a hand through her sweaty curls, walked to her bike but before leaving she got the attention of the the men in blue and gave them her best salute then rode away.

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