The story is a brief account of the beauty of the city of Istanbul and the hospitality of its dwellers to foreigners based on my experience. It is a city that accommodates all races. Therefore making the city a paradise on earth.

Like an eagle, I flew out of Nigeria in a bird's belly in search of greener pasture only to find myself in a beautiful city called Istanbul which is the centre of excellence in the Republic of Turkey. Racism was one of the factors that made me be as nervous as  a cat and as scared as a rabbit. But what I saw was amazing and contradicted what I was told back home about how the white race considers the black race as a bull in a China shop and discriminate against them based on their skin color. Since I was gullible and naive, I believed it hook, line and sinker. That was like buying a pig in a poke.I was welcomed with arms opened by the immigration and the city dwellers. They showed me love, care, hospitality and gave me a warm reception. This  briefly kept me in a state of soliloquy and I thought to myself that could the people of Istanbul be different from other white people. Now I have had the experience first hand.

The Turkish do not have time to look at skin color. They mind their business and time. Time is precious in the city of Istanbul. The people are dutiful and do their work without eye service but with diligence. They observe time and keep an appointment. Always walking very fast to be ahead of time. The young have respect for the old and the old observe that respect is reciprocal. The men have respect for their women and their women honor them. F or the Turkish damsels, their virginity is their pride. A special apple preserved for the man that is going to take them as a wife and has the authority to deflower them. 

The roads are well constructed, kept neat, beautified with flowers and artistic work with the streets inclusive. Adding more color to the beauty of the city are the fleets of exotic cars that assembled on the roads, the magnificent buildings, and the ultra modern complexes found in the city. The beauty of the Turkish damsels makes the city a paradise. Turkish damsels are beauties to reckon in esteem. They look so chic, fashionable, elegant, gorgeous, composed and conservable. The city is as clean as a hound's tooth and the dwellers very neat. If I were the president of Turkey which is a wishful thinking, I will change the name from the Republic of Turkey to the Republic of Neatness. The city and the people are neat to the core. Like the saying goes, " The world is not enough ", job opportunities in Istanbul is a different ball game. To secure a job one has to pass through thick and thorns. Nevertheless, the city of Istanbul is a land of freedom and impartiality for all races. Hence making the city a better place to live.


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