How deep is the Lord we serve? I ask that question because once you know him, spend time with Abba God you must get back there in the living waters that you drink. Our Lord has abundant refreshing, healings and restoration inside Himself. He is my God, worthy, perfect and deeply desires to spend time with us. He desires us!

Until you get to this point with Him you are dry, without His touch of life, life of deep wells of living water life. Life beyond your belief. He is daddy! Abba Father! Life that only He provides of Himself into us. We drink Him in! He pours into us! We experience God of the pleasures!

God has a peace. Wonderful peace. Out of the this world peace. God is peace, love and so sweet. We experience sweet humans here do we not? Well guess what? You think they are sweet as humans, wait till you get this close our Abba Father. It takes only one experience of living waters and you must get back to him. God of the universe is breath taking! I say sweet, but the words cannot explain his presence. His power, love and presence will takes you places with Him, in this world and you will be acting, speaking and praising Him to everyone!

Many will not listen. Many will say you are nuts. Many will ignore this level of love. Many wonder what changed you, but they will not believe that the God of the universe has done this for you. God does it all. I spent years and years in the Bible, reading His words, waiting, changing inside, renewing my heart and then, belief springs deeply inside of you. This is the amazing phase with asking, seeking, knocking and finding Him! Yes, He can be found and this is what He is after, to be found! 

Finding my Lord is my purpose. His purpose was to tell me all about Himself! It is not about me at all, even though He changed me and has blessed me, but it is knowing Him in a relationship! He is Abba Father! Our daddy in Heaven! 





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