Jungfroujoch, Switzerland



Visit to Jungfroujoch, Top of Europe @ 3,471 mtr.

Gleiche Gemüter suchen sich.
Similar minds seek each other. Great minds agree.

Boarded the train Jungfroujochbahn which glides through the magnanimous mountains stretching high in black and white, with a few laden with rows and rows of rich green fir trees. The green pastures are like a  carpet of green velvet dotted with yellow flowers. Amidst the mountains, from some secret passage a stream would flow, in its harmony singing a song echoing in the valleys and mountains alike.

But what take your breath away are the clouds coming out of a chimney, floating above the mountain tops. The mountain peaks stretches to get a fistful of the clouds and the clouds lower themselves in a vain attempt to kiss the river. The wisps of cloud stroll around the mountains to find the mischievous, gurgling, giggling stream, but the stream finds ways to hide in the nooks and corners of the mountains, escaping every time.

While this hide and seek continues, the clouds once in a while are filled with emotions so strong, turning the pristine white to an unseen shade of grey and fall sometimes as a drizzle or maybe a short downpour, reuniting with the stream eventually.

Atop all of this you have to explore the vast sea of white magic. Is there magic on Earth? It is! And it falls in the form of snowflakes; accumulating, layering as a white blanket.The Sun decided to show up making it a beautiful day to visit this magical land. You don't know what snow is till you throw a snow ball for yourself. A vastness of white and more white, leaving footprints not in sand , this time in snow. And the wind , yes the wind with the nip in the air, trapped some in my hair....


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