"RETRIEVE" Prologue



What if this isn't your only lifetime? What if i told you in the near future we can track your soul? Allowing us to know who you were in a past life and when you will be coming back after your death...




Author: Ted Davies 08/06/14







TimeLine:   Future 2055ad


The inevitable change from circuit board, microchip interface hardware computers to quantum, fluid based systems has revolutionized science. This has allowed for scientists to perform algorithms that could not be calculated earlier in this century. The past several decades, science and the world governments have mapped and discovered the life energy ie “the soul” that causes us to be alive and conscious. They also have understood that “the soul” being of pure energy survives death and reincarnates as part of its journey. The world has embraced this today and certain religions have fallen away because of this natural law of the universe.

 Two scientists, Dr. Max Sacher and Dr. Riley Sacher, twin brothers, have discovered an algorithm that can track a soul and determine, within a few years window, of when it will be reborn. Even if they don’t know where the soul goes before rebirth, this incredible finding can change the course of every person’s life. They have created a quantum computer, “Archimedes” to track and predict when a soul will come back to the earth plane and be reborn.

With the help of “Archimedes” the brothers design a system of retrieving, regressing, and prosecuting all major criminals that have never been brought to trial for their crimes in a past life.

Their main goal is to find Hitler and all members of the Nazi party that were responsible for the horrors of WWII…

The world governments have sanctioned

 Project: Retrieve as a main priority in finding criminals not brought to justice due to suicide or death, no matter what lifetime the crimes were committed. The nations in turn, have made a protocol of the “RETRIEVE” program. Every person born is documented and the process starts. The course of the protocol is to build a database within the quantum system until the person is 18 years of age. At which time this person has a mandatory physical checkup. Secretly, hypnotic regression is introduced to the subject. The regression intensely goes through past lives of the subject. The algorithm has already stated possible connections to this person’s past. Having confirmed with regressions, this person starts to show inherent signs of the past life in question. Understanding who they are and who they were the subject is now tried as the prior incarnation…The brothers start running a in depth diagnostic on the original algorithm with “Archimedes” help. Unexpectingly, finding an incredible, truth to the soul’s continuation, but more importantly they may have found its SOURCE…

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